The Trophy

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The TrophyrnrnrnrnIt is a Thursday night and I am working late as I had so many times before, the office is quiet, no one really around except a couple of others staying late to wrap up projects and the night security watchman. rnrnYou are the newest guy on the floor and trying to impress the boss, so you are staying late as well. I rarely pay attention to anyone on in the office, but you are young, new and HOT! You walk into my office to ask me a question. I look up at you from over my computer screen, feeling a flash of heat come over me as I stare at you, but not wanting to let on. I quickly answer your question and return to my work, as if to dismiss you. rnrnAs you leave my door I let out a huge breath, finding my heart is beating rapidly. Wow, I am so excited over it that I can’t even focus on working.rnrn I get up and go down the hall to the kitchen to get a drink of water from the cooler. You are standing in the kitchen heating up your dinner in the microwave. I am standing there filling my glass and you brush past me to exit the kitchen, you grab my waist and brush your cock up against my ass ever so slightly as you go through. I tried to ignore it, but as you looked back at me, I slipped out a grin. rnrnI return to my office and continue my work, every once in a while remembering how u felt up against me. rnrn The next knock on my door is the night watchmen letting me know he is going to do his final rounds on all the floors. rnrn “Okay Sam” I say.rnrn I hear the elevator door close and I slide my hand down the top of my pants and into my panties, rubbing furiously at my clit, leaning back in my chair, head tilted and eyes closed, still excited from feeling the bulge of your pants against me. rnrnMy door was a slightly open and I didn’t realize that you were standing there, watching me through the crack. As I sat up and opened my eyes, I saw you, and I scrambled to make it look like I was working, as you walked through the door. rnrnYou looked at me and said, “I saw what you were doing you naughty girl, and I liked it” rnrnMotioning down to your crotch area. As you motioned to it, my eyes follow to see a huge bulge in your pants, only making me hornier. rnrn”And maybe if you’re lucky I will let you suck on it” you say with such arrogance that I tell you to get the fuck out of my office. rnrnNow you have pissed me off and I think to myself (that’s too bad, because he is hot, but after that, I’d rather fuck the night watchman). Time has quickly passed and it is after 10 pm. rnrn”Damn” I say to myself, “I better get home”. rnrnI pack up my work and grab my purse, then make my way down the hall to the elevator. As I get into the elevator and the door is right about to close, you stick your hand in and open it, getting in the elevator with me. I lean up against one of the side walls and you lean up against the other, right opposite of me, staring at me, from top to bottom and back up again. Studying my body, which is wrapped tightly in a business suit (black tight skirt, and black blazer), a white button down blouse and sheer silky pantyhose that lead down to my black leather heels. I shift around a bit, uncomfortably. You notice that I am uneasy and you like it. You come over to me and grab both of my wrists, pinning them up against the elevator wall by my head, you lean in close to me and whisper in my ear rnrn”Now what are you going to do? It’s just you and I in this elevator and you are going to GET IT” rnrnI look at you with a bit of fear in my eyes, as you are so aggressive with me, I try to squirm out of your firm grip, but that just makes you hold on harder. You raise my arms above my head and hold both of my wrists there with one hand while your other hand slides up my legs. I try to clench them together, but you manage to pry them apart and your finger is now sliding up and down my slit as you lean in and suck on my neck. rnrnFor a split second I find myself lost in the moment, but then I realize I don’t want to fuck you. I try to push you away. You press yourself right up against me, tearing off my blazer and un-tucking my blouse, reaching up to grab my tits. I can feel your huge cock in your pants pushing into me. You start to kiss me, and I kiss you back, our tongues twist around in each other’s mouths. rnrnThe elevator has reached the parking lot floor and the doors open. I manage somehow to push you off of me and I run for my car. You catch up to me and throw me down onto the hood of one of the car’s in the lot. Ripping my blouse open, you expose my big round tits, quickly pull my bra down and start to suck on my nipples, pressing on my shoulders to hold me in place. Slowly you kiss down my body, all the while holding me down, as you reach my stomach your hands move down to my waist. I squirm to get away, you move your hands to my legs and pull me back down, you reach up and rip my panties down, exposing my tight wet pussy. rnrn First you lick the exterior of my pussy lips, slipping your tongue into my hot hole as you pass it and then back up to my clit, flicking it roughly, nibbling on it. rnrn You slide a finger into my eager pussy hole and start to push it in and out as your tongue pleasures my clit. I can’t help but to lean back and moan. “Mmmm.” It feels so fucking good that I have almost forgotten that I don’t want to fuck you. rnrnI reach down and start to slide my fingers across my nipples, pinching them a bit, getting them nice and erect. I try to pull you up to suck on them, but you ignore me and work frantically on my soaking pussy, sliding another finger in now, making it two. rnrnYou reach down and grab your cock, jerking it as you eat my pussy, the harder you slam your tongue in, the harder you pull on your cock.rnrn My pussy is now swelling with desire and you can feel it. You grab me and pull me up, so I am now sitting on the hood of the car, you reach your arms around me and with your dick still in your hands you look at me and say,rnrn “Now I am going to tear into your tight little pussy with my huge cock, and there is nothing you can do to stop me”.rnrn Somehow I find myself VERY turned on by this and I tilt my hips back to allow you access. I lean back, my ass half hanging off the hood now. You step in closer in between my legs, your cock still in your hand, and you rub the tip of it up and down my slit, teasing me. rnrnYou all of a sudden ram it into my little fuck hole, I jump as you do. rnrn”Fuck it’s too big.” I say, “Take it out.” “It hurts.” rnrnBut you just grab me by the waist and pull me down until your cock is buried deep into me. rnrn”Owwww, fuck!” I scream. rnrnYou get even more turned on, knowing that your cock is probably the biggest one that has ever been inside of me and that it is tearing my pussy apart. You lean in and start to kiss my breasts, making the pain of your large cock pounding in and out of me a little more bearable, until I am finally fully enjoying it.rnrn You stand yourself back up and grab my waist again so you can get better traction and fuck me hard…I moan uncontrollably as our bodies connect and separate in such ecstasy. rnrnJust as you feel that I am about to cum, you pull it out, grab me by the back of my head and force me down to my knees. Your rock hard cock is right in my face, and you say to me rnrn”Suck my cock you naughty girl.”, “Taste yourself off of it, lick it clean.”rnrn I take it into my hand and bring my mouth over it, licking the head at first, and slowly licking my way down your shaft to the base and then back up again. As I reach the top, you grab it and shove it right into my mouth, my lips wrapped tightly around your shaft, my tongue sliding around as I bob up and down on it. My hand reaches out and cups your balls firmly, I kneed them as I take you deep into the back of my mouth. rnrn”Ohhh fuck.” You moan as you lean back a bit.rnrn “Mmmmm I’m going to cum.” You say. rnrn”Oh no you’re not!” I say back to you, “Your going to fuck me again!” rnrnI get up from my knees. You spin me around and bend me over the hood, you spread me legs far apart and you shove your dick into my pussy so hard that is lifts me off the
ound. I let out a squeal and you continue to ram my pussy so fucking hard. rnrnWe hear a door open. (Oh shit the night watchman). I look back at you and say,rnrn “Stop, Shhh.” rnrnBut you just look at me with a devilish smile and thrust yourself so fucking hard into me, it forces out a scream. You tell mernrn “No fucking way am I going to stop, I am going to fuck you raw and he can watch for all I care”. rnrnAs you finish your sentence, you grab me from the top of my waist, you pull me down thrusting your cock in my tight pink pussy . I moan uncontrollably, as you rip me apart. I can feel your dick throbbing in me, filling me completely.rnrn I moan even louder. As I start to gush some of my pussy juice onto your buried shaft. I let out a scream, you reach forward and grab a fist full of my long blonde hair, pulling it. rnrnAs I turn back to look at you I notice the night watchman from the corner of my eye, he is walking along the perimeter of the parking lot and can see us perfectly. You see him also, you wave at him and continue to fuck me. He keeps watching and asks me if I am okay. You yell back to him, rnrn”She is better than okay, she’s fucking awesome, and I’m good to, thanks for asking!” rnrnAs he backs off into the shadow’s you lean in and bite on my back as you continue to fuck me ragged. I clench my pussy down on you and I cum, A LOT.rnrn” OmGGGGg!! ” rnrnI manage to let out in between breaths as you keep slamming into me. rnrn”Ahhhhhhhh!” rnrnI hear you say, as your dick explodes and fills me with your hot sticky cum. rnrnYou pump into me a couple of more times, I collapse my body down, you go limp over top of me, kissing my neck as your body sticks to mine. We take a minute to catch our breath and we quickly pull ourselves back together. rnrnYou grab my panties up off the ground and shove them into your pocket. I look at you inquisitively. You smile and say to me “My trophy”. As we both go to our car’s we realize that the night watchman has just witnessed the last half of our encounter, we both look at each other a giggle, get in our cars and drive off our separate ways.

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