Working Together

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I met Pam at our Ohio base office. I was sent there to help out for a couple of weeks. We worked on a new project together becoming fast friends. After the third day there we were talking over our quick lunch. I told her I was already tired of eating dinner at restaurants alone.She said she loved to cook but didn’t like to cook for herself so she invited me over for dinner that night.

After work I went back to my motel showered and changed clothes stopped at the store for a bottle of wine. I arrived about 20 minutes early. Pam answers the door in a towel and wet hair. Come in Sue I’m really sorry the store was packed, I got home I put dinner on and just stepped out of the shower now. No problem Pam go finish up I’ll pour us some wine. Great Pam says. I watch her as she turn towards the bathroom. I pour myself a drink and down it quick.

Ten minutes later Pam come out of her room smelling fresh and sweet and looking very sexy in a sundress.She sips her wine and she checks dinner out. About 45 more minutes till dinner ready. So she suggests we go out on the back deck and chat. We talk about everything, life,men, sex, as we drink more wine. Dinners ready we eat, clean up and grab another bottle of wine and head for the deck.

We chatted about everything. Before I knew it was almost 11 PM. I stood up a little fast and almost lost my balance. Pam went to help me and I turned and her hand ended cupping my breast.She gasped and I moaned.The next thing I know were kissing tongues deep into each others mouth. Pam breaks away first and ask me to stay the night. I smile and said I’d really like to.

Pam leads me towards her bedroom where there’s a huge king size bed. She ask’s if she can take off my clothes for me. I smile and tell her I’m all hers. Pam slowly unbuttons my blouse kissing where each buttons opens. Driving me crazy. She pushes my blouse off and suck a nipple into her mouth through my bra .I want to touch her so bad but I wait. She undo’s my bra and my 36 cc spill out ……..oh yes she says…so beautiful. I reach for her breast and she says not yet baby…..please I say…. she unzipped my jeans and tugs them down noticing I’m not wearing any panties. She moans………..Pam slowly’s kiss her way down ….mmmmmmmmmm I like shaved pussy…

I sit on the end of the bed and Pam pulls my jeans off. oh baby your r so wet. I can see your juices……I slid my own finger inside my self as Pam kisses the inside of my thighs…as I slip my soaked finger out Pam sucks it into her mouth……… taste soooo sweet………Pam bury’s her face in my pussy sucking, licking, finger fucking me as I cup my tits pinching them………..I lift my pussy her tongue going deeper…….her finger fucking me faster……I finally cum in her mouth………..

When I finally catch my breath I tell Pam it’s her turn…… I sit up in the bed Pam still on the floor I help her up and pull her in for a kiss….my hand sliding under her sundress……..finding her panty less…and soaked…….I slid my finger back and forth….she’s so wet……Pam pulls off her dress…..she’s gorgeous… I rub Pam juices….soaking my fingers…. i rub the wettnesson her nipples,then sucks them clean… making her squirm….I can smell her….I slid back onto the bed and lay down and tell her to sit on my face…..she slid up my body and finally get wear I want her .Her hott pussy over my mouth….my tongue going deep…..sucking, licking fucking her sucking her sweet nub until she cums in my mouth…….so sweet and warm………..

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