Our Third Date

Clark was sitting across from me smiling his sexy smile as I told him about my day at work. It was our third date and he seemed content to end it the same way we had ended the first two, with a hot and heavy kiss at my front door. I, on the other hand, had not been with a man in over a year and planned to end that streak if it killed me.

“I can tell you love your job. It shows when you talk about your residents,” Clark said. His dark brown eyes danced when he spoke.

“I do…most days,” I laughed. “Enough about my life, what about you? How was your day on the farm?”

“Hot,” Clark said without much thought.

We were in the middle of a heat wave. It had been 100 degrees for over two weeks. I knew the heat and drought were probably putting a strain on his family and kicked myself for bringing it up.

“Well…I say for tonight we forget about the stresses of farm life and the stresses of nursing and pretend we are heirs to a family fortune and this is our favorite happening club,” I said holding up my Cosmo.

Clark laughed as he looked around at the bar. We were in a corner booth and besides us the only customers were an old man playing a poker machine and a business woman eating a salad and talking on her cellphone.

“Where are all of our gold digging friends?” he asked.

“We left them at our other favorite club. We wanted to be alone,” I teased.

“Well then we picked the right place.”

“I think we could probably climb up on this table and go at it and nobody would even know,” I thought out loud immediately regretting my words as Clark’s face turned red and he shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

God, why did he have to be even hotter when he was embarrassed?

“I am sorry,” I said.

“No I was just wandering how you read my mind,” Clark said peering at me with lust filled eyes.

My heart raced as I realized he was as horny as I was.

“Oh,” I smiled as I stood up and joined him on his side of the booth. I had barely sat down before his lips crashed into mine. Our kiss was filled with desire. Our tongues danced back in forth in each others’ mouths as our hands began to wander. Clark’s hands wandered up my back, under my shirt, as mine were exploring his hard abs.

“Sorry to interrupt,” the waitress said “Did you want another drink?” she asked collecting our empty glasses.

“Yes,” we both said embarrassed.

We turned to face the table realizing she would be returning any minute with our drinks. Clark put a hand on my inner thigh and began caressing it. A low moan escaped my lips without permission as my already wet panties began to drip.

“You are making me so hot,” I whispered as I nibbled on his ear.

“There you are,” the waitress said setting our drinks down. We did not even bother to thank her. We were too distracted by each other to care about alcohol. Clark’s hand slid up my thigh, into my panties. I guessed by his guttural moan that he liked the feel of my freshly waxed wetness. His fingers slid up and down my slit. I slowly ran my hand down his abs until it was rubbing his bulge through the wrangler jeans he was wearing.

Clark’s lips found my neck as he continued to finger me. “You want to head back to my place?” he whispered against my skin. His hot breath sending shivers through my body.

“I don’t think I can wait that long.” I groaned. “I will meet you in the bathroom.”

I stood up, adjusting my skirt. I walked toward the bathroom. Clark threw money on the table to pay our tab and leave a tip.

“You leaving?” the waitress asked as she returned to the table.

“After a trip to the facilities,” Clark answered.

I entered the women’s room. There were no stalls just one toilet, a sink, and condom vending machine. I held the door slightly open and waited for Clark to come around the corner. The set up of the bar hid the bathroom from staff’s view ,making sneaking into the women’s bathroom a little easier for Clark.

Clark stopped outside the door and looked around before pushing the door open and entering. With one quick movement he shut and locked the door and slammed me against it.

His hands were under my shirt rubbing my breasts through my velvet bra as I worked on the button of his pants. As I pulled his pants below his waist his erection bounced free. I bit my lip as I took in the sight for the first time.

He was bigger than I expected. His cock was thick and hard standing at attention. Pre-cum dripped from his large mushroom head. I licked my lips as I licked my hand and took him in my hands.

Clark propped himself up against the door over my head as I slid both hands up and down his shaft. His eyes were closed and his mouth agape as he struggled not to loose control. Clark leaned into me as I worked him over. He kissed my neck, his hot breath causing goosebumps to rise overĀ  my entire body.

Clark lifted me in the air and wrapped my legs around his waist. With one hand he held my ass while the other slid my panties to the side. He held his tip at my entrance for what seemed like an eternity as he looked into my eyes.

His dark eyes were clouded with lust and I was sure mine mirrored them. Clark put his lips to mine kissing me hard as he finally thrust into me.

I moaned into his mouth, thankful that he had kissed me as he entered otherwise I was sure my screams would have given away our bathroom encounter.

Clark filled me so completely. We thrust against each other in perfect time. Clark raised my shirt, nibbling on my nipples through my bra. I scratched at his back as I felt the the first waves of pleasure coming over me. It had been so long since I had a man inside me that I was not surprised at how quick the feeling rushed over me. Clark felt my body tensing and my breath catching and slowed his pace.

“No, don’t stop, ” I begged.

“We are not going all the way here. This his just a preview,” he breathed.

“Please I need it,” I was usually the kind of girl that would be embarrassed to beg, but his touch felt so good. I needed more.

“It will be worth the wait. I promise,” Clark said as he circled slowly inside me before pulling out completely. I released a pained sigh as I felt the emptiness his departure left behind.

Clark smiled his damn sexy smile at me as he tucked his hard, wet member back into his pants.

“You go out first and knock if the coast is clear,” Clark said.

My knees were so weak I could barely walk. I stepped out of the bathroom to find the area deserted so I knocked on the door. Clark exited the bathroom and took my hand leading me out of the building.

The parking lot was just as deserted as the bar so I pushed Clark against the building and kissed him hard, our tongues fought for dominance as our hands once again explored each others’ bodies.

“Right here,” I said

“No I want to take you somewhere where I can take my time and explore every sexy inch of your body. I don’t want to rush to the finish line. Is that okay?”

“How can a girl argue with something like that, ” I smiled. Damn why did he have to be so sexy.

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