Being a Very Helpful Nurse Part 2

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Part Two

I said to Philip that I would love him to repay the favour. I went and locked his room door ensuring that we would not be disturbed.
I sat on his bed and let his hands explore my body. He started by unzipping my nurse’s dress and moving his hands over my bra. He caressed my breasts within my bra, his hands found the clasp and unlocked it exposing my nice breasts for him to play with. He moved closer to me and started to fondle one breast with his had as he sucked my other breast, letting his tongue roll around my nipple. This was sending tingles down my spine. While he was sucking I slipped my arms out of my dress giving him more room to move. He noticed my pleasure and helped me slip out of my nurse’s dress leaving me sitting on his bed in just my pink g-string. Which was wet from my juices, Philip took note again of my wetness and removed my G and bending over he moved his head between my left and started to slide his tongue into my wet pussy while he was flicking my clit with his fingers. I started to arch my back in pleasure, my hands moved down to stroke his hair encouraging him to continue. His tongue continued to move in and out of my pussy making me moan my juices were running everywhere. Philip was happy that he had managed to prepare my pussy, as there was more instore. I moved to get more comfortable as he moved on top of me and put the tip of his hard cock at my opening….. But he didn’t insert it. He let it sit there while he teased me. He leaned over and kissed me gently. I could taste my juices on his tongue. We were letting our tongues intertwine when I felt his cock slide up the length of my pussy. I let out a moan.. I was afraid some one might have heard. But no one came looking. Philip didn’t seem to care as he slowly slipped his cock in and out of my pussy nice and slow making it last. I encouraged him to go faster, he started to speed up, I moved my hips in sync with him so I could feel his full thrusts. I started to moan in pleasure “more” I pleaded with him. “HARDER” I begged. He continued to thrust his hard cock in my pussy, harder and faster he grinded. He could feel my pussy tighten around his pussy, sensing I was going to cum he slowed down. Slowly thrusting his cock in my tight pussy. In and out nice and slow, my pussy became even tighter around his cock as I started to moan “I’m cumming, I’m going to explode”. Philip started to alternate his thrusts with a slow one followed by a hard and fast one, making my juices explode all over his hard cock at the same time I felt his juices enter me. He removed his cock from my pussy and bent his head down to lick up all my juices. We then finished by sharing a long and passionate kiss.
He said thanks for helping through his treatment for cancer, and he didn’t know how he would have survived if I wasn’t there to cheer him up. He further thanked me for helping him understand that he was still a man, and that he could still please a woman.
I only hoped that we could have an encounter like this next time he was in for his treatment

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