Bourbon Street Flash

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This was my eleventh Mardi Gras and for the past ten years I have managed to fill a suitcase with beads I have “earned” flashing in the French Quarter. I have managed to keep myself in good shape by running three days a week and working out at the Gym three times a week. Being a 5’7″ blue eyed blonde, even with a little sag to my breasts, I still managed to turn a few heads.
It was the day before Mardi Gras and we headed out to watch a couple of parades. On our walk on Canal Street I decided to try a new drink called a “Zombie,” it was a little strong but good and I made it last for the entire length on the parade. We caught many beads at the parade and on the return trip back to the room I managed to get another “Zombie” (I liked the glass). After dropping off the parade beads we headed down to Bourbon Street for a little more adult fun. I had on a tank top but needed to wear a light jacket over it because of the chance of rain. The first thing I noticed was several groups of men in suits, suddenly realizing that not everyone had the day off and these men were on their lunch hour. I saw a group of about eight men with some very nice beads surrounding this young college girl trying to talk her into flashing. One of the men saw me approach and I offered to flash for a set of the beads he was wearing. He asked if he could take a photo and the deed was done and I had my beads before any of the group knew what happened. He was like a kid in a candy store, he could not wait to show the other men the picture he had just taken (those digital cameras are sometimes a pain). He pointed me out to another one of the gentlemen in the group, a very handsome man with gray hair and a way about him that told me he was “The Boss.” He walked over to me and asked if I was interested in any of his beads. I smiled and told him there might be something there I liked. He told me he wanted a picture of his own and asked if I would “flash” for his camera. I lifted my top and he got his picture, but as I reached up to remove the beads from his neck he reached under my coat and ran his hands up my sides until he reached my breasts. He was on the outside of my tank top and because of the way my coat was covering his hands no one could see what he was doing. He squeezed my breasts firmly, but was not rough, and he pushed them together. The beads were tangled and I was working to get them free when he looked at me and said “We are just here to have a little fun, is that OK?” I just smiled and said “Sure” which I think me took as a go ahead to proceed under my shirt. He ran his hands up under my tank top and just cupped my breasts in each hand. He squeeze them a little firmer now, almost to the point of pain but stopped just short of that. I was excited and embarrassed at the same time for what I was allowing this total stranger to do to me right in the middle of the street. By now I had managed to free my set of beads and needed him to remove his hands so I could back up. He asked if I would like a second set of beads for being such a “good sport” and as he did he ran his thumbs over my nipples. I don’t know if it was the “Zombie” or the fact that I was standing in the middle of Bourbon Street in the middle of the day with this handsome stranger stroking my nipples but my knees started to shake and all of a sudden my underwear was wet. I could not believe I came that easy. He asked again if I wanted a second set of beads and I told him No, I really had to be going. He slide his hands out from under my shirt and no one, even my husband who was no more than five feet away, knew what had happened. I made my way over to the sidewalk and told my husband that I had sneezed and that had made me pee so I needed to go back to the room to change my underwear. He asked if I could wait just a few moments while he got a picture of this girl flashing and off he went. As I stood there I looked over to see my handsome stranger in the middle of his friends showing them the picture he had taken and I could tell my his hand motions that he was describing his little adventure under my shirt. I could tell by his smile that he had enjoyed himself very much, but unless he reads this he will never know just how much I really enjoyed our encounter.

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