Forward to the moon

Posted in: Exhibitionism

Driving down mainstreet west palm beach in my black leather interior, red convertible, sports car you turn the radio down and look towards me. You say, “I have something to show you…” Seeming as I’m driving I can’t look but you insist. When I feel the time is safe I steal a peek. You have half undone your skinny jeans and are wearing no panties. Did I mention the convertible top wasn’t up…

You were teasing me as I drove! My bulging pants almost hurt so I undid them. When I looked back over, you had lost your clothing to the back of the car. And my hand instinctively reached over and softly massaged your clit while probing your hole. Then I inserted a finger then two while watching where I drove. You moaned and reached over to me pushing my pants off and replacing my hands with yours. With your other hand you pulled me out and stroked. Both of us moaning and deeply breathing down mainstreet… then you screamed out in pleasure and came inside the car. This made me lose it and I came all over your hand. You are now leaving Jupiter. Forward to the moon.

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