House of Worship, part 1

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Their bodies glistening with sweat, gliding across each other, Keira and Sin made love with every ounce of passion they could muster. Today’s locale was the bell tower of the local cathedral and the couple had been going at it for about 45 minutes now when the bell rocked to and fro, but no sound came; Sin had the foresight to remove the clappers. They had been in the missionary position for a while and Sin thought a change was in order. He sat up, his back against one of the short walls of the tower and pulled Keira onto his rigid cock. She was facing him but mainly saw over the tower’s wall and was able to spy the calm scene of the town, which she did while gyrating with Sin’s cock inside her. Sin felt nothing but pleasure as Keira’s tight pussy hugged his penis while she moved and he could feel the shudders escaping her body as well.
Keira was getting close to climax and she sped up, increasing her own pleasure as well as her partner’s. She almost froze as she heard the knocking on the trap door that they were on top of, but Sin grabbed her by the hips and kept her going. The knocking continued as someone tried desperately to see why the bell was not making a sound, and it was the thought of being caught that spurred Keira’s orgasm. She grabbed Sin’s shoulders and thrust herself down upon him, her body trembling from the pleasure. After a few moments of stillness, Sin whispered to her that it was time to “wrap things up” and Keira knew what this entailed.
Keira got on her hands and knees and thrust her ass upward, revealing her smooth, pink snatch. Sin wasted no time, shoving his penis inside Keira and fucking her senseless. This was normally done if Keira came first as it did not waste time, especially when the couple were on the verge of being caught. More banging came as several people were trying to gain access to the bell tower, but Sin had locked it well. Sin felt a feeling of immense pressure building inside him, pulsing and pounding, wanting to be let loose. With a final deep thrust, he exploded inside Keira’s tight vagina, emptying everything he had. Keira could feel the warmth of his semen inside her as the two held the position for a few moments until Sin caught his breath.
“So,” Keira started,”how are we going to get down?”
Sin gave her an incredulous stare, “Get down? I’m busy thinking about where we can do it next!”

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