Just Off the Beaten Path

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As I stroll along the path I can feel the eyes of passersby drinking in the details of my body. I am wearing a short pale blue silk dress. The sun causes it to shimmer and it appears that I have no clothes on. With each step and sway of my hips a tinkling sound can be heard. That would be the Ben Wah balls. I carry them around with me quite often. There is something very erotic about their movement and my control holding them in.
My movements also cause friction between the silk and my skin. It feels like unseen fingers play upon my body. They seduce my nipples…teasing them…insistant that they grow. They jut out. Firm. Erect.
The silken fingers sweep across the cheeks of my ass and they are both flushed with excitement. My pussy is alive unable to resist the flood of erotic sensatiions that consume me.
I look for a bench just off the beaten path. I sit down…back straight legs crossed at the knee. I close my eyes and tilt my head slightly back and with a flourish I slowly fan myself. When the mood strikes me I shift positions. I scoot my ass to the edge of the bench. I uncross my legs and spread my knees apart and then cross ankles. One hand continues to fan and the other controls a magic wand. I click it on. And with a faint hum it is alive. I slowly slide it in my pussy…one nib massages my G spot and the other works my clit. At first I sit still as though unaffected by my manipulation. I can contain my arousal for quite some time. But the moment of the reward…is of course the purpose of my actions. I move so that both feet are flat on the ground. I push down with them as if I am trying to lift my ass off the bench…this causes the muscles in my cheeks and inner thighs to tighten thus intensifying my orgasm. As it takes hold I ease up as I throb and tighten again before it fades. I cum several times then reach my peak…my entire body consumed with intense sexual excitement…I ride the wave and for a time I am lost in its power. Then I find myself once again having to relinquish its hold.
I sit and let my mind and body settle. I rise and slowly walk back along the path. I see them now…my audience. I see the looks…
that’s what feeds my desire.

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