Let's Work Out

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Lisa loved men and they loved her. Everywhere she went men checked her out and she loved it. She never needed to flirt, just her looks alone garnered her attention.

She joined an athletic club and loved walking around in her skin tight work out clothes she wore her ass hugging pull on shorts, that displayed her well-toned sexy ass which was two perfect high cheeks, her whole body was fit and nice, her legs were lean and toned, her abs were flat, her hips were even and smooth and rounded, her waist small and very pinched in, her breasts were high and round and stood out. She had long silky brown hair with red and gold streaks in it. Her eyes were big and green, she had a very sexy, feminine, pretty face.

Quite a few men noticed her at the gym, she had a habit of doing long, sensual, cat- like stretches before she would run the track. Often one or more guys would just happen to be in eye view of her opened legs as she sat and spread them and touched her toes. Or they would be close by as she stretched her sleek calves while she held onto the wall.

Her nipples would sometimes harden from the attention of the men’s lustful eyes on her and they definitely hardened from running.

She was at the gym really late one night, it was just her and two other men, the owner, Jim and one of the trainers Eric.

They were remarking on how dead the gym was. Lisa told them that this was going to be the first time she was going to take a shower there, this peaked the guys interests and Jim said she should take a nice long one.

She started to the showers and feeling horny and exhibitionistic, she pulled down the back of her shorts and mooned the two guys. “Oops.” she giggled as she looked back at them. They just smiled hornily.

“Damn, she has one nice ass!” Jim declared.

“Yeah I’d love to fuck her!” Eric exclaimed.

“You and every guy with a pulse!” Jim said

“I have an idea, you go in there, act like you accidently walked in, see her reaction and tell me what happened” Jim smiled and agreed.

Lisa was in the shower all wet and shiny from the water. Jim walked in and just stood and looked at her feminine, toned, sexy figure, she had her back to him. He was getting really hard looking at her.

Lisa saw him reflected in the tiles and she got bolder she started jutting her ass out to him, she could see he was smiling, she pushed her ass out further revealing her pussy. He was grinning and licking his lips. She took the bar of soap and started rubbing it on the upper part of her back then she slid her hands down and rubbed her ass with it, the lather was foamy and bubbly and thick, dollops of it ran down her ass cheeks and on her thighs.

Shewas getting off on his peking at her, she loved it, she had a major crush on Jim, and she knew he checked her out a lot, so this was very exciting to have him standing there in the entryway just watching her.

She turned around and smiled at Jim. hE stood and eyed her with lust and desire. She was wet and that was not from the shower. She smiled at him, he just looked up and down her body, he looked at her round glistening breasts, her sexy torso, her pussy which had trimmed short dark hairs, her legs were long and her quads were defined but lean. She took the soap and rubbed it in her hands getting it all frothy, she put it back on the shelf. She rubbed that foam over her rock hard kind of long nipples, the foam sat delicately above each sexy point, she then ran her soapy hands over her waist and hips then to her pussy, she turned around and let the water rinse her soap off. Jim could take it no longer, he stripped quick, his hard dick was really ready for action. He walked over and got behind her, his cockhead poked on her ass cheek.

“Mmmmmmm.” she cooed as she felt his manhood so stiff and needing her pussy’s attention.

Jim reached around and over her and got the bar of soap and in his big rough hands he created a huge glob of bubbly foam, the whole time his cock was pressed against her silky wet firm ass. He took the soap and rubbed her neck, he massaged both sides of her neck while rubbing his cock on her ass, then he moved his hands down over her breasts, “Mmmmmmmm nice tits!” he said as he felt their fullness and firmness over and over he circled them, held them and squeezed and bounced them in his palms. Lisa pressed her ass back into his cock and groin and moved her hips in circles rubbing round on him. These circular motions were making her pussy get even more saturated with her own lubrication. His hands worked down her hard body right to her pussy, the soap was practically gone. He reached up and over her and he repositioned the shower head angle and changed the force of the spray to a thicker harder spray, he pulled her backward to him as he leaned back, her back was tight against his chest, her ass tight against his groin and cock, her pussy was aimed up at the spray of the water, he used one finger on each hand and pulled her lips apart, wide apart, the water sprayed in her slit, massaging her clit “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned and trembled as that water forcibly pulsated on her hard horny clit. She orgasmed that water was so intensely hard and sexy on her exposed clit, when she orgasmed she said, “Yesss yesss yess!” he pushed one finger in her slit found her hole and got in there and wiggled, “Yesssss shit yes!!” she groaned. This made his cock throb knowing that he was controlling her orgasms. He let her go and kind of squatted, he was very strong so staying in a squat like that was no problem for him, he grabbed her tight around her hips and guided her backwards onto his cock, her weight was light on him, sexy and feminine and light, but heavy enough to swallow his cock and allow him to feel her tight ass on his quads, his cock poked it’s way into her pussy and he got in that tunnel, his cock felt the heat and dampness of her and it got slightly harder, she was super tight inside. Lisa rode him backward like that up and down she bounced on his cock they were both grunting as her pussy pulled on his cock, she had one of those pussies that felt like it was sucking the cock deeper in her, he felt as did she. Up and down she rode, her pussy sucking his cock, a couple of times she was so eager in her bounces that she pulled her pussy completely off of his cock and she accidently banged on his cock with her ass when she quickly sat down .He would just push her up and tell her to stay still, he would play with her pussy with his cockhead, rubbing back and forth on her, teasing her hole feeling it pucker for him then he’ld reinsert himself and get back to the hard serious fucking of her pussy, they did not last long he came pretty fast as he held her super tight down on his lap, she wiggled her ass on his thighs, “Ohhhhh shit! Ohhhh fuck, your pussy is squeezing my cock, shittt!” he moaned as she purposely squeezed his cock tight with her pussy muscles, he was super deep in her, she moved back against him pulling his cock backward the sensation was hot. Jim reached around and rubbed her clit over and over he rubbed it, she purrred his name over and over as he expertly brought her to a very intense orgasm, her pussy did a super tight grip, he had never felt a pussy grip like that, it was like his cock was being strangled, it released him after a few sexy seconds and all this warm wet lubrication of hers just bathed his cock. “Ohhh baby, you are sooo fucking hot!” he groaned as he felt all of that.
They stayed together like that for a few more moments, Lisa slowly stood up pulling his cock with her tight pussy muscles as she got up, he looked to see her fine ass, part of his cock shaft visible underneath her ass, then more and more of his purple/red shaft and veins were exposed, then the underside of his head, them verrry slowly his cock head popped out of her tight wet warm little pussy hole.Her lips were wrapped silky around that head while she released him out of her hole. He watched her stand up her full sexy
body from behind exposed to him all wet and shiny.
He stood up to
o and pulled her close to him he got them both under the still spraying shower and with the water spraying over their shoulders from the sides, he kissed her; hard, hungry, satisfied kisses, almost like thank you kisses, thank you for satisifying his body, thank you for sharing her body, just thank you for an amazing intense fuck. They left the shower, they dried off and dressed and she kissed him and left, she waved bye to Eric. Jim came out, soaking wet hair, wearing a big smile and said to Eric, “She reacted just fine!”

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