Mason & Dorling go dogging

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Mason guffawed. Captain Moss turned a steely stare at the officer. Undaunted, Mason doubled up, slapping the desk knocking the encumbrances asunder and guffawing louder.
“Shut the fuck up Mason”.
“Yes Sir, yes SIR” the detective clicked his heels, adopted a ramrod stance and saluted. The Captain sighed in resignation; if only this officer wasn’t one of his better performers …!
“One fucking glorious day officer Mason I’ll have ya ass …”. Dorling’s murmured “Ooooh” and her leering grin told the Captain to accept defeat; he would never win with this pair and rued the day he had made them partners.
“Get ya ass down to transport Dorling… NOW!” He ordered.
Mason tittered. “But Cap’, Dorling? Driving”?
His superior sighed and pointed to the door.
While his partner was put through her paces at what Mason called kiddy-car school he was restricted to the mundane tasks of traffic and minor misdemeanors; tasks more befitting an inexperienced rooky cop. And quite naturally he hated it and hated the ribbing he received from his pals in the precinct, so he was in no mood to find her occupying the drivers seat of their vehicle.
“Outta the fucking car Dorling, ya don’t get ya fat ass in the left seat of my patrol car!”
She sat there staring ahead, unmoving. “Easy or hard it don’t matter to me officer, I am senior here and what I say goes”. He drew his weapon.
She looked at the gun then at him. “If you are as expert with that as you are with ya lil weenie then I ain’t got no fears”, she grinned derisively.
Dorling sighed, there was no way her chauvinist partner was going to let her drive just yet, but her opportunity would come.
“Put the goddam weapon away Mason before you hurt yourself or the Captain sees you”.
Their partnership had endured long enough for each to get used to the other’s habits and moods and Dorling knew that his sulk would end at their first opportunity to grab some food.
Sure enough as they consumed what could only be described as an all-day-breakfast, mainly because the pair seemed to eat breakfast all day, Mason was back to his old, caustic self.
“Chief wants us on stakeout tonight” he mumbled through a mouthful of brownies.
“Tell him to go swivel, we don’t do stakeouts, that’s for the numbnut rookies”. She wiped her mouth on her sleeve.
“Oh we do…”, he started. “Since when”, she interrupted. “Since you couldn’t explain to the Captain’s satisfaction how you came to be skinny dipping in a stream at after midnight while on duty”.
“Oh…well ok… what ballsaching job is the Cap’ punishing us with”?
“The park down on Long and Fortune, problem with vehicles and noise. We gotta leave the patrol car outta sight and wear civilian clothes as we don’t gotta scare people off till we have the evidence”.
“Hey! This ain’t right Mason! You are tugging my pants up my crack here”!
“Ok, Ok, you wanna argue the point with the Chief, you do it! Just make it clear that I ain’t the one arguing!”.
“Fuck you Mason, if this is one of your stupid notions…!”
She scrutinized his face for any of the usual signs that he was up to no good; nothing. How was a stakeout gonna work with them in full view?
For the rest of the afternoon they did what they normally did. At the usual end of the shift Mason steered towards the place he called home in order to change into civilian clothes. As it was now well known and accepted by most that the two detectives were more than partners only at work, Dorling would have a change of clothing available at Mason’s place.
“Hey!” Yelled Dorling.” We’re on duty ya ass wipe”. Mason continued to climb into his beat up Honda compact.
“Get ya ass in here and let’s get moving, Cap’n insisted we keep a low profile”.
She looked long and hard at her partner before entering the vehicle; she couldn’t be sure but something wasn’t quite as it should be.
Dorling instinctively reached a hand to her to her crotch as the vehicle careened along the highway. Inevitably his driving would result in her being almost cut in two by her skimpy underwear. Mason knew no other way to drive, unlike the controlled manner she had just learned. Instead of the coarse material of her uniform her fingers touched the thin cotton of a dress.
Mason looked across and grinned, “can’t ya leave ya choochie alone for just five minutes?”
Despite desperately trying to look aloof, a grin creased her features.
It was already dark as the compact approached the area of the park; it looked quiet, normal, except for an unusual number of people on foot.
“Leave the car outta sight, you said Mason”.
He didn’t reply but drove off the road and into a wooded area. “Leave the patrol car outta sight is what I said. This ain’t no black n white!”.
There were other cars in the small clearing where Mason stopped. At each one a small gathering of people. They appeared to be jostling for position to see through the windows. Dorling wound down the window to better hear what was being said.
“What the goddam hell goes down here? She demanded. “Sounds like some kinda sex show”.
Mason wasn’t listening, he was walking towards one of the vehicles. As she ran to join him he turned, pulled her close and muttered “Call me Chuck, I’ll call you Doris”. Her mouth opened but before she was able to draw breath he snapped, “Just do it!”.
“What’s showing? Mason asked of a teen.
“Aw nothin’ much, they jus started. But it’s hot in the pickup and they are asking for another guy to join in”.
Dorling grabbed her partner’s arm and stopped him in mid-stride on his way to the pickup. “Dogging, goddam dogging! There ain’t no criminal activity going on here. You brought me to watch people fucking in cars?”
“Don’t shit ya panties Dorl… Doris, I didn’t bring ya here to watch this bunch of beginners. We outclass them in every respect. I just thought I’d bring my gal to show ‘em how it’s done”.
Dorling’s mouth opened and shut rapidly but no sound came out. She stared at Mason. Finally she found her voice, and it was loud. “Ya brought me here to show how much better than them we can fuck?” The area was suddenly silent, all eyes were on her. Her face already coloured from screaming turned bright red.
“Mason, you imbecile”. Her voice lowered her voice to a hoarse whisper. “We are police officers, we will be crucified for being here as voyeurs! You cannot be serious about fucking to an audience!”
“When did that ever stop you Doris? He emphasized the name and grinned. “Skinny-dipping?
 Driver training got ya being a goody-two-shoes? Wouldn’t dare to…?”
“Not in this city buster! Blast it down the turnpike and I’ll show who don’t dare”.
Dorling didn’t even want to begin to wonder just how her partner could drive unerringly to this place and know they would find a scenario almost identical to that they had left an hour earlier.
The journey had involved Mason describing in lurid detail all that he had seen on the nights that he had been without her company. Despite her lingering suspicions Dorling found excitement rising in certain parts of her body, and admitted to herself that her partner knew she would not fail rise to the challenge of a dare, particularly one involving some sexual activity. No matter how she worded it, Mason ignored her demands to know just what orders he had received from the Captain.
Instead of an urban park this place was an out of town supermarket car parking lot, and in the darkness it appeared that cars were widely and thinly spread out.
“I see no crowd Mason. No voyeurs”. Dorling felt almost cheated. Mason’s detailed descriptions of what he’d seen and her own diddling en route has raised her expectation as well as her libido.
“It’ll happen Doris… bet ya booty it will. Just follow my lead till ya get the idea. Mason took her hand, pulled her to him, bent his head forward and kissed her with a tenderness that took her by surprise.
“What the…” she didn’t finish.
“Shaddap ‘n’ save some of ya fire for later Doris, ya gonna need it!” he chuckled.
“Hey ya real old huh?” the teen didn’t realize just who he had addressed.
“One step nearer and i’ll have ya balls for breakfast” Dorling snapped.
Mason pushed her roughly against the car and began kissing her passionately, which took Dorling somewhat by surprise as his recent lovemaking had been a little lackluster. She returned his passion in equal measure.
 … continue?

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