Melissa's Tales ch8

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Angela and Candice could not wait to be fucked by the great dames. They had switch positions and were spread eagle on the couch. The dog, Change, was licking Angela cummed filled pussy. The dog wet nose touched Angela’s cunt sending her into another orgasm. She stroked his head as she came. She saw Candice in the same position shit it was so hot. She could not wait for the dog dick to go into her cunt. This was Candice second time being fucked by a dog but she had made up her mind that when she got married was buying two dogs.

The girls then got on their knees as Joel the dogs’ owner put their penis into the girl, as the dogs rested their paws on the girls’ shoulderd. The girls were getting a pounding like they never had before girls were already cumming as they felt the dogs dicks getting bigger inside them. The dogs penis was so warm and hot inside their cunt.

“OOOOOHHHHHHHH FUCK!” Angela yelled as he felt the dog still growing inside her cunt.”Shit My PUUUSSSyyyyy!” The dog had her pussy in over drive and there was nothing she could do to stop until she finished. The dogs balls were slamming into the girl’s bunghole hard and fast. The extra push against their asshole was extra stimulating. Their ball were even hot. Her tit were getting stimulated from rubbing against the couch fabric . Angela was cumming for the third time the dog was hitting her cervix. That was really getting her pussy going the dog was about to cum she could feel him pounding harder and that when she felt the most powerfully spay of cum she ever felt it felt like something was spaying inside her body and she felt the dog turn inside her. Candice came at the same time they were both tired and laughing with the dogs inside them. They came again as the dogs pulled out of them.

Joel and his brother both started fucking the girls in the ass. They were fucking them hard with their seven and a half inch dicks. They had the girls sitting on the panting dogs as they fuck them. Angela tits were jiggling as the man pounded into her ass the dog fur was stimulating her clit and nipple as she came the cum was soaking into the dog’s fur. The panting was extra. The girls were getting wore out they pussy was still leaking from the dogs and ocher’s cum. It looked like open her where there pussy’s were. Angela understood why Candice like fucking dog’s now, her pussy was still cumming!

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