Shell Shocked

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Mike really didnt feel like going out tonight but his best friend Tim insisted on dragging him out. So somehow a guys night out from what Tim told him ended up with them at Tim’s girlfriends apartment. Toni answered the door and hugged both of them, then let them in. Mike wasnt sure how he felt about Toni but she made his friend happy so he didnt care. Toni’s roommate Shellby came into the kitchen where they were deciding on snacks and Mike had to do a double take, even though she was wearing baggy sweats he could tell she had a body on her. Shellby grabbed some pop and went into the room where the tv was. They all followed suit and soon were watching some movie that he couldnt remember the name but it was a good change from doing nothing on a saturday night. Eventually Tim and Toni started making out so Shellby and Mike took turns making stupid comments about the movie and of course the two making out. When the movie was over they put on another movie and started watching it. It was only 9pm.
Shellby nudged Mike, “You bored?”
He gave her a what do you think look and she chuckled and got up and went into her room.
After a few minutes she came out and Mike definitely was glad. She had changed into black leather pants skin tight but along the sides they were split and had lacings bound tight to her thick thighs. A tight mesh shirt revealed a nice black bra.
“Lets go.”
“Go where?”
“Does it really matter? Anywhere we dont have to watch TnT blow up all over the couch.”
Mike gave her a puzzled look and she rolled her eyes “Thats what I call them… TnT”
He cracked a grin and shook his head. They left the apartment and went out to the garage and got in her car. ……….

Shellby turned the radio on and Mike was still a little unsure of where they were going. But it did beat watching his best friend make out with his girlfriend. Shellby drove in silence for a while listening to the music. They drove around a few streets he knew and eventually ended up in the club district.
“Am I dressed ok for wherever you’re taking me?”
“Yea dont worry your’re dressed just fine.”
They drove around for a few more minutes then she pulled into the parking lot of a run down looking club. Mike had never been in this club before, as a matter of fact he didnt even know this one was here. Shellby turned off the car and got out, stretching her back Mike couldn’t help but admire her breasts as they strained against the mesh shirt.
“Come on lets go in now.” Shellby lead the way, full hips swaying in front of Mike.
She led, he followed. At the door a bouncer hugged Shellby and joked with her, yet gave Mike the evil eye. Then they went through the doors into the club….

Once they stepped into the club past the double doors guarded by the security guy it became apparent to Mike that Shellby had brought him to a strip club. At least at first glance, it took him a minute to realize there were a few more things going on then he normally saw in the strip clubs. For one the strippers all were built thick, instead of skinny like most of the clubs he used to go to. Shellby led Mike past the regular area to what appeared to be the VIP area, there was another security guard at the doorway blocking it. Shellby leaned in giving the overly muscled guy a long hug and he opened the door grinning at her, yet glaring at Mike as he walked past. Once they were in the VIP area, Shellby led him over to a booth. He sat down kind of puzzled for a minute, why had Shellby brought him here?

Shellby was dancing to the music and started slowly seductively dancing for him. He found himself staring at her figure noticing how she was built, curved in all the right places. She ran her hands over his body unbuttoning his shirt, running her hands over his chest and thighs. He found himself staring into her grey eyes as she leaned in and brushed her lips over his. She then sat on the table that was in front of him and he could see that the outside of her thighs wasnt the only thing encase in lacings. The lacings continued on the inseam of her pants all the way up to her crotch, where it looked like they came undone for easy access. She sat legs spread, pussy in his face damn near, resting her elbows on her knees meeting his eyes steadily.

Mike was trying to figure out how he managed to end up here in this situation. Shellby slid her hands up the insides of her thighs, his eyes steady watching her every move. Slowly she unlaced the crotch of her pants, leaning down she took one of his hands in her hand and guided his hand to her now exposed pussy. He slid a finger inside her, she licked her lips. He glanced at the doorway wondering about the guard, then he noticed that at another booth not far from where they sat another couple were going at it like rabbits. He chuckled to himself. Shellby reached down to his crotch and unzipped his zipper.

“fuck me”

that was all she had to say. He stood up and she handed him a rubber which he slipped on quickly, she pushed him back down and straddled him slipping him inside of her. Slowly she rode him, his hands slid to her back cupping her ass as she rocked her hips on his. After a while she stood up and bent over the table, looking back at him. He entered from behind, reaching around and grabbing handfuls of her breasts as he pounded into her flesh. It was a while before he realized they had an audience so he decided to give them a show. He ground into her and pulled her up so they were both standing. He could feel her cumming, the grip getting tighter as he pounded his way to orgasm

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  1. swagsta

    Impressive story, I liked this very much especially how the female took the lead, more please

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