Speed Thrills

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I was jumped in my car and headed for the nearest free-way. It wasn’t long before I spotted a Cree cab dualie with heavy tinted windows. So I slowed down and got ready for the show…
This time I had on a skimpy little see-through number that barely covered my ass when I was standing. No panties. Black stilettos and a smile. I had my lube tube…vib and 10 inch dildo.
I prop my left foot in between the steering wheel and the door…there’s just enough room for it to rest on the dash.I start stroking my clit. Its already plumped up any way. I lube up and decide on the dildo first. I am just working it in as I pull up along the crew-
cab. I slow down to match its speed…keeping my eyes straight ahead as if I do not even notice that I can be seen.I pull my toy out slowly and push back in just as slow…in…out…in…out. I pull it out all the way…pause…then thrust it and pump it several times hard and fast. Then slow back down and thrust at a medium pace. Out of the corner of my eye I can see both side windows roll down at once. So I leave the dildo half in and half out and as I glance over to the truck…I see the faces of six men. I bring my hand up to my lips and stick my fingers in my mouth suck on them and as I slowly pull them out of my mouth I flash a smile and speed off.
Soon I spot a convoy of four big rigs. I lube the vib and my ass working it slowly in. I hit the power button but turn it right off…because I don’t
want to come just yet.
When I ease up on the first rig I see he is already checking me out with his mirror. As I pull along side I make eye contact…smile and pull out the dildo so he gets a good look then I start banging my pussy…I push it all the way in and stroke the vib a few times.
But I have to back off so I look up at trucker#1…blow a kiss and catch up to #2…#3.By now I am so worked up that its time for the climax… I just catch up with #4 and look what we have here…the rigs driver door has a glass insert and the man has his meat in hand.
I start pumping hard and fast…backed off…hit the vib and that put me over the edge. I had several orgasm going down the freeway doing 55 beside a big rig. I blew trucker a kiss and took off …When I looked in my mirror so I could change lanes…all four rigs were flashing their headlights…I signaled with my tail lights…got off the freeway and headed for home. Smiling.

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  1. Kenneth

    Mmmmm I love to drive the highways now , knowing out there woman enjoy that type of Masturbation.

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