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The thought had crossed my mind a few times. But I always just kind of shrugged it off. It wasn’t “personal” enough. I wouldn’t be able to see the results…The looks…The excitement…The seduction.
I wouldn’t feel that rush that I get from exposing myself to strangers. It’s never been about the risk of getting caught. I mean…I want to get caught in the act. That’s the point.
Well when I aquired a webcam and some related software I hooked it up. So the stage is now set.

I come into view having just got home after a hard day at the office. Throw down my brief case pull off the top and drop the skirt…standing there in a black lace bra and panties. I let down my hair…kick off my heels. Then disappear from view momentarily…I return with a drink… a bowl and case. I stretch out on a lounger sipping my drink. I reach over to the bowl and draw out a banana…peel it and absent-mindedly put it up to my mouth. Instead of taking a bite I suck it in pushing it slowly down into my throat past the gag reflex. I swallow and feel with my hand how the banana gets gripped and pulled down. I imagine how a cock would respond…

I know how I now respond and pull the fruit out setting it aside. I slide the straps off my shoulders down each arm and remove the bra. My nipples…already erect…tingle and strain further. I take one…then the other and twist…like a dial to be fine tuned.
I stand drop the panties. I open the case…bring out the rings and insert them through each piercing. My nipples now bound to remain at attention.
My hands then find their way to the warmth growing between my legs. One seeks the entrance and slowly pushes in while the other hand tweaks and pulls on the main attraction.
Wet and ready…lets get on with the show.
I attach a dildo to one of the mounts on the lounger. I then ease myself down in to it while still standing…then pull up…drop down…up down…up down…faster…I could cum right fuckin now…but I pull completely off…breathing hard…hot…I pick out another dildo….smaller…thinner…lube and add it to the mount.
Poised above the duo I guide my body down allowing for the double penetration to be complete. At first I slowly bob up and down…it is an amazing feeling…but my brazen desire soon gives way and I begin rocking back and forth…again and again… then just when I am about to cum..I click the vib switch…and all hell breaks loose…I switch from rocking to plunging up and down fast and deep. The first orgasm grips me…I ride it til it almost subsides. Then I rock…catching the wave back up to the top…plunging to another orgasm. Then again start to fall. I do this five times. But for the final ride I turn off the vib and rock until the last faint throb starts and just before it fades…I bounce up and down…wildly… head thrown back…eyes barely open…I glance at the webcam
as I climax. It consumes me beyond the others…juices spray out…I am streaming. Live!

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  1. Kenneth

    Mmmmm Breeze, Tell what site I can watch you on, I just might join yo, it is so erotic to watch each other.

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