The Redlands Kingdom

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I found myself face to face with a blond man with the lightest blue eyes telling me that I was an object of his fantasies as I cover my half naked body with my hands. I see myself, strangely half dressed staring at his tanned and muscular body. I responded boldly, eyeing his masculine frame, “Well, you look good enough to eat!” He blushed! I was surprised. And the next thing I knew, we were in the stables and my skirt was up my waist, and he was completely naked. The door was wide open and who knows who was watching but we didn’t seem to care. How we ended up there, I have no clue either.
I was kissing him passionately, my hands on either sides of his cheeks pulling his face close to mine. His tongue was wreaking havoc in my mouth, playing, teasing, twisting with mine. His hands were all over my naked buttocks, holding me up, kneading them almost roughly, and I liked it! I was groaning, it sounded so loud in my ears. His large, hard cock was throbbing incessantly between my thighs. I gyrated my hips, sliding my wet folds over it, almost like a hot, wet kiss, up and down it. God, I exclaimed as a wave of pleasure washed over me. He reached down and guided the plump tip of his penis into the opening of my vagina, lightly grazing over my hardened clitoris. I moaned into his neck and ran my teeth over it. He jumped in surprise, thrusting himself deeper into me. If he was aiming for gentleness, I would not have any of it. I reared up and thrust myself down on him and sat myself all the way to the hilt. He groaned loudly and grabbed my thrusting hips, trying to slow me down. I would not have any of that either. It seemed that I have been waiting for this for a long time.
He could not still my wildly twisting hips so he moved forward and leaned me against the wall, his hands on either sides of my hips. I leaned back against the aged wood for a wall and looked into his light blue eyes. He was so hot tonight it seemed like his blues were melting into clear silver gray, glittering in the late afternoon, it was almost predatory. His mouth was bared, teeth flashing white against his gleaming tanned golden skin.
I thrust my hips up and down, riding him like a newly broken stallion. He answered back with unleashed fury, gentleness set aside, forgotten. My wet folds caressed every single inch of his pulsating phallus. He felt so hard and so big inside me I felt myself stretch to accommodate every part of him. I pulled on his short blond hairs to bring his face back to mine for a hot kiss. Wet lips met in abandon, tongues intertwined, teeth almost chattering with each other. God, his tongue is just as long as his weapon down below. I took it between my teeth and grazed it as he thrust in and out of my mouth just as his hard cock thrust deeply in and out of me. The old wooden wall was hard against my back but I didn’t care. All I had in my mind was this wild stud nailing me to that rough wall.
The sound of skin slapping against skin was drowned by the loudness of my moaning. I didn’t realize I had stopped kissing him but was hugging his upper body against me as I groaned in his ear. I ground myself against him, rubbing my clit against his hot body as I revel in his hardness, coming in and out of me, getting faster each time. My clit was the key to unlocking a treasure that unfolded almost immediately after a few grinds on his body. I groaned aloud, “Ahhhhh…Ahhhhh.Oooooooooo GOD!!!” I moaned aloud, my legs tightening around his thrusting hips. My fingers dug into the skin of his shoulders as waves after waves of ecstasy washed over me. My inner muscles clasped his velvet covered steel tightly, squeezing him as he thrust in and out. He groaned as his hands tightened even more on my buttocks and he pulsated deep inside me to an even impossibly bigger size. Amazing! I thought hazily. I can feel him getting close. I pulled his face back to mine and kissed him, thrusting my tongue to his bared teeth, in between nipping and pulling at his moist lips. I rotated my hips on his hot staff as he ground so hard against me that I think I will have bruises down there as well as my back. Who cares anyway? I was beginning to come again! Anchoring my legs on his slim hips, I pulled him to me, matching him thrust for thrust.
The intense quivering of my orgasm must have set him off. His thrusts came harder and faster, his member throbbing to the beat of the pulse on his neck. A growl coming from deep in his throat made its way between his lips as I milked him of his essence. He exploded wildly, deeply. I felt the searing heat of him, almost scalding me. I squeezed him and he gave me drop after drop of his heat, his hips grinding me to the wall and to himself. He was so deep inside me I could not tell where his body ends where mine started. I didn’t realized I was pulling at his blond locks as my climax crashed over me, over us. He didn’t seem to care either. His harsh breathing cutting loudly in the semidarkness was testament to that. Both our bodies were still racked with tremors, aftermath of our explosive climax, as I crumpled, weak and sated. He caught my slipping form swiftly in his big strong hands.

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