The Sex Shop

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I woke up feeling incredibly horny and wanted it to last for hours so I did not masturbate. I did what I always like to do when I make my fantasy a reality. My tits are gigantic 40 DD, they can be a little embarrissning sometimes but usually it’s the greatest turn on. My waist is only 22″, genetically lucky. The contrast is huge it makes my tits look even bigger than they are. My nipples also are unusually big, when they are hard they stand out around two inches.
Anyway, I was feeling particularly horny (yesterday) and decided to wear my tiniest little white see through cotton t-shirt that barely falls past my nipples, (my neighbors, both men and women, love it when I garden in it). I thro on the t-shirt, my tits hang down like I said all the way to my waist not because the sag just because they are so huge. They look like melons hanging out from the shirt but it is a great look. I put on my very low waisted jeans ( if I had cunt hair you would see it they are so low ) and ran out the house to the sex shop down the street.
They know me there because I buy all my porn there and sometimes go to the back and watch some of the new stuff that comes in with staff and customers. I left the house and went to the book store first because I makes me so horny when I know everyone is looking a my tits. I make sure to put my shoulders back to stick them out as much as possible. My jeans now are sooking wet, I love it and am ready to cum but I want to wait. At this point I wish I had worn my mini skirt only about 8″ long, so that I can play with my pussy a little, when I know someone is starring.
I went in to the shop and was greeted by everyone, Kittie was working, her tits are almost as big as mine we always joke about it. She told me that she had received a new dress that I would love and that I had to try it on. The shop was croweded so I had a great audience, men and women followed me around we were all horny, and loving it.
The dress was a great stripper dress and tried it on, she always likes to help me on and off with my clothes, I love that about her. The fitting room is just one large room, no curtains everyone is in there together. Men sitting with their mistresses everyone watching everyone, this is my kind of day when I am feeling horny.
The dressing room has a wall were you can watch movies if you want while changing in and out of clothes. Kitty said she had a great new flick she wanted to try out and everyone was game for the show. We all stripped naked, tits, dripping pussies, hard huge cocks, we all decided to masturbate while watching. We stayed for hours, I love to see women with tits as huge as mine playing with their pussies and men with huge cocks jacking off. Men who really get into it and jack hard and get their cock to spray cum over all of us.
I love to watch a straight man get excited over another man’s huge cock and suck it.

I had a great day, bought the movie and the dress and can’t wait to go back.

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  1. John Holmes Jr

    I would love to jack off my 14 inch cock and shoot my cum all over your tits!

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