The Show

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“Gentlemen!” his voice boomed into the small auditorium, filled to capacity with about 60 or so men

making the audience for the evening’s performance. “Tonight, we have a special treat for you to witness.

Tonight, gentlemen, we have a fabulous display for you.”

The excitement in the air could be felt even backstage, where I stood, naked and alone, anticipating the

forthcoming event in which I was one of the central players. Tony, the ‘Master of Ceremonies’ who was

presently addressing the crowd of horny men who had paid over £100 each to be members of the elite

audience, was also naked, and his fine muscular body rippled with menacing muscles across his big chest,

his strong arms, broad back and powerful legs, where his large cock hung pendulously downwards,

flanked by two heavy balls topped by a bushy black display of pubic hair which meshed neatly into the

hairs climbing up his stomach towards his chest.

“Allow me to introduce myself” he continued to the silent room, everyone present not wanting to miss a word he said. “My name is Tony, and I am what is known in the trade as a ‘Top'”. He then called me onto the stage. “Simon!” he called sternly, “Please come here.” I walked onto the brightly lit stage area, fully aware that so many men were watching me slowly walk forward, my nakedness and vulnerability clear for all to see. I stood next to Tony, facing the crowd. “Please turn round” he commanded, and I did so, showing my back to the audience. “Simon here” he continued “is what is known as a Bottom” and he lightly patted my backside with his right hand, stopping briefly to squeeze each buttock in turn. On the stage, I could see a bed, with ropes on one side, and covered with a thick mattress. Resting on the bed were two items, one was about 18 inches long, about 2 – 3 inches wide and it looked like it was made of leather. It had a handle at one end, and it resembled a barber’s strop. The other item was shorter, about 4 inches wide, 6 inches long, also with a handle, and it was thicker, about half an inch. It looked heavy and capable of inflicting extreme pain with relatively little effort.
“My role here” he said, sweeping the room with his outstretched arm to take in everyone in the room, “as the Top, is to apply a severe and very painful spanking” and when he said this he indicated towards me and again patted my backside “to the Bottom, and a very beautiful bottom it is, I think you will agree”. Everyone in the room murmured their agreement with his observation, admiring the round fleshy orbs of my firm bottom.

” I will be giving no less than fifty good, stern whacks to this lovely and willing bottom, and your role this evening, Gentlemen, will be to count each and every one, so that I, and the Bottom, are fully aware of each blow as it is landed. But, I would also point out that I am not just a ‘Top’, I am what is known as a ‘Screw Top’! Which means, Gentlemen, that once I have delivered the spanking, I get to screw the bottom, or to put it into more common usage, I will fuck him!!” and on this, a great roar of approval went up among the men in the audience, with loud cheers, shouts and applause that seemed to last for over five minutes.

“So, Gentlemen. To business. Simon” he ordered, “on your knees and stretch yourself across the bed” and he pointed to where he wanted me to kneel, which was the side opposite the ropes. I did as he commanded, obedient and subservient from the outset. I could see another man on the stage, also naked, a little on the flabby side, with his cock and balls almost hidden by his belly, but obviously erect and excited. “My assistant, Gerald” Tony said as he pointed with his open hand towards the second man, “will secure Simon’s hand with the ropes so that he does not get tempted to get up and run off once the spanking has started”. He laughed, and a nervous laugh ran round the audience too. Gerald then stepped forward, and tied my hands into two loops created in the rope so that my arms were tightly secured to each corner on the opposite side of the bed. This had the effect of stretching me over the bed, and making movement difficult. My waist was right on the edge, and my backside stuck out proudly from the edge of the bed, waiting for whatever treatment Tony was going to give it. I began to wonder just how hard this spanking was going to be, as, although I had received quite a few spankings previously, and found them to be intensely enjoyable, Tony was a very strong looking man, and he was an unknown quantity to me – I didn’t know how much control he had over his own desire, and whether he was likely to be dangerously sadistic. Still, I was here now, and there was nothing I could now do until my ordeal was over.

When I had been previously approached by the Committee at the Club, the Chairman had said “You have been specially selected for a show we are putting on for some visiting guests from other like minded Clubs around the country. You have demonstrated to us your suitability for this role, as you seem able to take almost unlimited punishment to your lovely bottom, and you also have shown an amazing capacity for being fucked!” True, I had found an almost limitless capacity for good hard stiff cock in whatever hole they wanted put it, arse or mouth, and I was already interested and getting excited by what was on offer. They then told me that I was to be given a spanking by a guest spanker, and that he would fuck me afterwards, while the audience watched. I was more than ready for this and I eagerly agreed to their suggestion. Now, I was beginning to have a little bit of fear, mixed with excitement.

“And now, Gentlemen, you will see that I have two implements available for the spanking. Both of these are guaranteed to deliver a severe and very painful spanking to our bottom here. I will deliver the spanking in five separate sessions of ten, making fifty in all. Remember, gentlemen, to count each blow as it is landed, and please ensure that your count as loudly as possible, so that all of us can hear you!”

He then picked up the longer of the two implements, and swung it in the air to familiarise himself with the weight and use of it. “The first ten will be applied to the whole bottom, each blow hitting a different part of the target. The purpose of this is to make sure that the whole of the bottom receives an appropriate warm up!” With this, he took his position behind me, and I heard the grunt of effort as he raised his arms and brought the strap across my buttocks with a resounding “thwack!!” and I heard sixty odd male voices shout in unison “One!” before I actually felt the stinging pain shoot through my buttocks and into my genitals as the pain intensified and then slowly eased to a warm, tingling pins and needles. The pain felt like it was dead centre of my backside. Another grunt and the searing pain was higher this time and was immediately followed by a choral “Two!” from the audience and I could feel the burning pain across the top of my buttocks. I strained against the ropes holding my arms, not to try to escape, but simply to try to stifle the desire to cry out with the pain I was feeling, weighed against the urgent desire to plead with him to alternatively ‘stop’ and to deliver the next staggering blow, such was my excitement. “Three!” shouted the assembled men as first the pain in my lower buttocks, and then the sound of the “Whack!!” assailed me. I strained again, and then when I relaxed, “Thwack!!!” a fourth cutting blow struck diagonally across both buttocks and the men shouted “Four!” in a louder and more unified voice than before. “Five!!” . The noise hit my ears before the strap hit my buttocks, striping a diagonal line across my backside opposite to the previous blow. I clenched my fists as the pain burned once again into my loins. The noise from their excited shouts had drowned out the sound of the leather striking my flesh, and my head spun with delirious pleasure an
d pain mingled into one feeling.

I lay there expecting a furt
her blow immediately after, but there was a short delay as Tony steadied himself and took time to breathe from his exertions. Six, seven and eight followed in slow time, each accompanied by the corresponding shout from the men, the sharp sting of pain raising fresh welts in my flesh, and each one hitting first at the lower part of my bottom, then the centre and then the top. Each time the strap landed, I felt fresh pain, fresh pleasure and a fresh acknowledgement of Tony’s extreme skill in delivering pain accurately, deliciously and powerfully onto my aching bottom. “Nine!!” yelled the heavily breathing men, excitement and lust electrifying the atmosphere as another diagonal stripe was delivered from lower left buttock to upper right, burning, stinging pain numbing my senses and making me silently beg for mercy, beg for more! “Ten!!!” came the triumphant shout as the final one criss-crossed my buttocks again, and I thought I would pass out with the pain I could feel coursing through my body.

The pain and the noise stopped instantly as Tony took a short rest. He dropped the strap onto the bed beside my prone body, and then he gently caressed my buttocks, examining each one in turn to look for cuts to the skin, of which he found none. He truly was an expert in the art of spanking! “Gentlemen! I think you will agree that our bottom here has responded well to quite a harsh piece of treatment at my hands.” and the crowed roared its approval and applauded long and loud. He continued to stroke my bottom flesh, raising light goosebumps on my burning skin, and somehow soothing the pain that was slowly subsiding. Then, he suddenly took hold of my buttocks and parted them, revealing my anus for many of the men present to see. “And this wonderful little tight hole will, when I am finished with the punishment planned for this fabulous bottom, be receiving my rock hard cock and a fucking he will remember with passion and pleasure for a long time!” and again the crowd roared and cheered at the prospect of seeing him plunging his cock into my waiting and ready sphincter. “In order to prepare him for my entry into his holy of holies, I will put some gel onto it now” and he took a large tube of lubricant gel and put copious amounts of it on and around my arse hole, rubbing it well into my anal muscles. I found this pleasurable in the extreme and wanted him to fuck me now, but then I realised that I had only received one fifth of the punishment he had in store for me. I nearly fainted with the anticipation and excitement of it, whilst at the same time fearing greatly whether I would be able to stand any more pain if it was to be as great, or even greater than that which he had already inflicted on me.

After a pause of a minute or so, he stood, and took hold of the second implement, the shorted, squatter and thicker one. “And now, Gentlemen, I will deliver a further ten spanks to this delicious bottom. These will be in rapid succession, so I would like you all to keep up with me when counting!”. He then stood behind me, and placed his left hand on the small of my back, his one knee on the bed beside my waist, and he brought the paddle down, hard and fast, across the centre crack of my buttocks, delivering ten rapid fire strokes in as many seconds. I felt the intense pain, different from the previous treatment from the strap, harder, deeper, striking more flesh per blow than before. I heard the breathless count from the audience, which drowned out the deeper sound of the paddle as it assailed my wobbling buttocks time and again, without let up – “One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten!!” and then they cheered, long and hard, whistling and applauding, whooping and shouting for more, while I just lay there, gritting my teeth, and, despite myself and the restraining ropes, wriggling and writhing my hips to avoid further punishment. My bottom was now glowing red hot, I was sure, and the pain slowly subsided from a burning flame of pain to a stinging throb in my rear end.

I felt Tony get up from the bed and he dropped the paddle next to me while he again stroked and caressed my fleshy buttocks, soothing them from the pain that remained in my memory and in the seething flesh that I could not reach to comfort for myself. He stroked me lightly, and I was eternally grateful for the relief he gave me, and I could hear the crowd again settling into silence. “More Gel, I think, to easy my entry into him in due course. Gerald!” he called, and I saw the movement of the shorter, squatter man as he came behind me, took the gel, and put a large amount onto his fingers. He then spread my buttocks wide and the audience laughed and cheered as he put the gel onto my anus and rubbed it in. “Put some inside him also, Gerald” Tony ordered, and Gerald moved his hand to put more gel onto his fingers before pushing one finger, then a second, inside my anus, forcing more gel inside my bowel, He pushed and pulled with his fingers, giving me a highly pleasurable finger fuck and making me gasp with pleasure and lusty excitement, in ready anticipation of the eventual fucking I was going to receive from Tony’s cock. “Enough!” shouted Tony, and Gerald immediately withdrew his fingers from me, leaving me wanting more and dreading the next stage of the spanking show.

“The next ten spanks” said Tony, slowly and languorously to the crowded room, will be five to each buttock – hard and severe. Let us see how our lively bottom reacts to this, shall we?” and the crowd again burst into life with cheering and shouting. “Give it to him good!” shouted one man “The best you can give!!” shouted another. “Let’s see him writhe and scream for mercy” added another. I felt that Tony didn’t need encouragement from this crowd, as he was more than capable of meeting their demands without it. He again picked up the paddle and stood directly behind me, between my open ankles and close to my bright red and aching backside. He delivered five first to the right buttock, each time hitting a separate part of my flesh, raising fresh spasms of pain in different areas of my bottom with each blow. The blows were hard, and full swing from around his head, landing with exquisite pain each time, as the crowd counted “One! Two! Three” Four! – fucking hell!! “Five”! and again the loud cheers of the baying crowd deafened the sound of the paddle striking flesh, although the pain was intense and made me wriggle and pull against the ropes in pointless effort to escape the pain. A brief respite then the left buttock received an equal measure of pain with devastating accuracy and power “Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! – holy shit!! Ten!” and again I struggled in vain against the searing pain that was being pounded into my aching backside. I lay there with tears welling in my eyes, my bottom throbbing and stinging relentlessly, and the sound of the crowd yelling their excited encouragement for Tony, the author and source of my extreme pain and anguish.

Tony dropped the paddle onto the bed and again started to massage and caress my aching bottom with his hands, stroking away the burning pain and easing my agony with his tender touch. He again put some gel onto his fingers and slid them up the crevice between my cheeks and onto my twitching anal muscles, deftly sliding his finger briefly in and out of my hole before removing his hand and again stroking my glowing flesh of my bottom and squeezing my buttocks gently but firmly.

The crowd were getting restless – partly I think because they wanted to watch more action of my backside being pounded by this expert in pain and pleasure, and also in anticipation of the forthcoming fucking to which I was soon to be subjected. “Gentlemen, then next ten whacks will be again with the longer implement – and they will be delivered with pinpoint accuracy to exactly the same spot for each blow – that will be just above the centre on this luscious and bright red backside! Observe!” he commanded, as he picked up the threatened tool, swung it high above his head and then brought it down with devastating agony across both cheeks
of my backside, precise
ly where he had promised. I jumped forward from my prone position with the sudden excruciating pain that seared across my buttocks, as I heard the throng yell “One!”. I came to rest in my usual position and then I heard the sound of the second swing of the strap and the collective shout of “Two!” before the same spot on my bottom stung and burned with agonising pain. The shout of “Three!” made me jump before the actual pain arrived and scorched the same tender spot on my behind. Tony was deadly accurate, and demonstrating all of his masterly skills in delivering the ultimate spanking to me for the howling crowd of men. When the fourth blow landed across the same sore and aching part of my flesh, I shouted “Four!” along with the crowd, although my shout was lost in the mattress of the bed as I forced my tear filled face into it to stifle my cries of pain and lust driven desire. I felt myself jerk as I anticipated the next blow, but the strap didn’t come, until I relaxed for a second and then felt the pain as the next blow bit into my buttocks to the echo of “Five!” from the crowd.

I knew that to struggle was useless, and that if I stayed in position, the next five blows would soon be over = or so I hoped. I heard, rather than felt the next one coming, and then my whole body jumped with the torturous agony as the strap lashed my tenderised and aching bottom a sixth time. The shout of “Six!” was quickly followed by “Seven!” as the strap again bit into me, taking me by surprise and making me convulse across the mattress, seeking escape where there was none. I was amazed at how accurately Tony was able to hit the same spot, and how intensely wicked the pain was searing through my backside. I lay there, unable and unwilling to move as the crowd counted down the final three blows from this penultimate session, clenching my fists and gritting my teeth to stifle the pain that each vicious blow forced through my weakened body – “Eight! Nine Ten”. The triumphant chorus of approval went on and on – applauding, shouting and cheering while I lay there in absolute and total agony under the storm of spanking blows Tony was delivering. In the pause that followed, I again felt Tony’s hands caressing and stroking my inflamed buttocks, trying to offer some easing of the pain I was suffering. Then he put his mouth next to my ear and said “Can you hear the crowd’s appreciation? They are cheering not for me, but for you! You are taking the most severe punishment that has ever been witnessed by many of them. They applaud my efforts but they truly admire and respect you for your ability to take so much punishment. Just one more set and then I will fuck you – good and hard and long – as a mark of my own respect and admiration for you”.

The crowd again grew silent as Tony said “For the final phase of the spanking, I will demonstrate my skill by using both implements – one in the left hand and one in the right, spanking the bottom simultaneously in a final flourish of pain and ecstasy.” The crowd cheered even louder and, spurred on by my belief in what Tony had said, I resolved to take the final punishment without a whimper, even though I knew it would be excruciating in the extreme. Tony took both implements from the bed and stood behind my waiting bottom. The crowd were silent as he started to flex his mighty muscles before beginning the last part of my spanking. As first the strap hit my right buttock and the crowd yelled “One!” I started to count down from ten inside my mind. The pain was ferocious but before I could react the paddle struck my left buttock causing equal measure of pain and a cheer of “Two!” from the crowd. Tony must have planned to hit me forehand then backhand with each implement because no sooner had the paddle left its mark on my left buttock than the strap followed and placed its evil kiss on top of the spot the paddle had just left. “Three!” they shouted and before the sound had died in my ears, I felt the back of the paddle strike hard and heavy on my right hand side to the shout of “Four!!”. This pattern followed all the way through, with first the strap and then the paddle delivering two hard swats to each buttock in turn to the echo of the crowd’s counting “Five! Six! Seven! Eight!” Then there was a pause and I though I must have lost count. The crowd were still, and then suddenly I felt the lash of the strap for the last time across both buttocks and the scream of “Nine!” led to burning paralysing pain searing into me. When I heard “Ten!” and felt the heavy paddle hit my buttocks dead centre, I forgot the pain as I knew that very soon, I would be feeling Tony’s big hard cock being pushed into my waiting and eager anus and the pain was almost forgotten. The crowd, however, cheered, applauded and whistled their appreciation and approval of Tony’s efforts and my own ability to receive such a powerful and violent spanking without screaming for mercy.

Then, suddenly, the room was quiet. You could hear a pin drop. I lay there panting heavily, surprised that I had been able to receive such a spanking, and proud that I had fulfilled the expectations of the Club the Committee and the audience. Then, I remembered why they were so quiet. Tony said in a strong voice “And now, Gentlemen, I will treat this very willing and amenable bottom to the finest shagging that I can muster!” and he knelt between my open ankles, parted my buttocks and pushed more gel onto and into my arse hole. Then he slowly introduced the swollen head of his rigid cock to the well lubricated opening of my anus, before pushing, gently but firmly forwards. I felt his knob head pushing against my tight anal opening, and then I consciously relaxed so that he could enter me with a slight push of his hips. The crowd gasped, as I did, when he first entered me – them from excitement, and me from lust filled expectation. Then he slowly plunged his hard shaft of meaty cock in, an inch at a time, then withdrew a little, then another inch, repeating this until his full ten inches of rigid cock was embedded deep inside my bowels. I let out a groan of pleasure when I could eel him deep inside me, and then audience responded with applause and calls for him to “Give it to him good, Tony!”

Tony didn’t need such encouragement, as he was proving himself more than capable at ‘giving it to me good’. He pushed deep into me then drew his cock slowly back, letting me feel every inch of him as he pulled out of me as far as the swollen head of his cock, then plunging it back into me until the thick pubic hair on his groin tickled the stretched entrance to my anus and I could again feel him deep inside me. He pulled and pushed in this manner for several minutes, not rushing and letting me savour every centimetre of his glorious cock. Then, after what seemed like a quarter of an hour but was probably less (although not much less!) he started to speed up slightly, and he began rhythmically pounding his belly against my buttocks as his cock came out and into me at a faster and faster rate. I felt the air being pushed out of my lungs with each urgent thrust of him into my bowels, and he speeded up until he was frantically pounding and ramming into me, squeezing my buttocks harder and pinching them as the intensity of his fucking neared a climax. The crowd were now roaring and cheering him on, deafening me with their shouts of encouragement, I could feel my own climax starting to build with the force of his fucking into me, but then he suddenly started to slow down, until he almost stopped. I could feel his thick shaft being pulled out of me and I desperately wanted him to continue. I whispered lustily “No! Don’t stop! Please!!” and tried to push my hips back towards him to keep him inside me, but I felt him slide out and the cool air tingled against my exposed anus. Tears welled up in my eyes as I felt cheated of the fucking I felt that I had earned, but then he pushed himself back into me a couple of inches, and then pulled out again, repeating this a number of times, so that he was entering me again and again, each time like a fresh cock being pushed insid
e my ass. I star
ted to gasp at this new experience, and was really starting to enjoy it all over again, when he returned to his strong and forceful fucking action once more, speeding up to his original frenzy until I could again feel his full length up to the hilt inside my bowels, his belly slapping against my buttocks and his hard hands squeezing my sore buttocks with the emotion of his thrusting into me.

After another five minutes of this frantic action, I felt his cock swell as if all the muscles were tensing for the final push, and then I heard him groan and he started to shoot his sperm in jet after jet of hot cream inside my intestines. He sprayed my insides with what felt like gallons of hot juice, thrusting into me with each fresh spurt. The crowd were now roaring and cheering, applauding loudly as his climax was evident for all to see. He didn’t stop plunging until al of his cum was spent in me, and he then slowed down, still pushing into me, until the last drop came inside me and he was fully exhausted. He rested his slowly shrinking cock inside me while we both lay there panting for breath, and then, after a short while, he withdrew his now limp cock, and stood up to the rapturous acclaim of the audience.

I lay there a while longer, listening to the crowd’s appreciation of both our efforts, getting my breath back and expecting to be untied and presented to the crowd for their acknowledgement. Then I heard Tony addressing them once more.

“Thank you, Gentlemen” he said in between breaths, “and now for something that Simon here wasn’t expecting.” I held my breath, wondering what he was going to say or do to me now. “My assistant, Gerald, always stands silently at the side, watching,” he continued “and no doubt enjoying my work, but he never gets the chance to take part.” I gulped at the implications of what he was about to say. “So tonight, Gentlemen, I am going to change that. Gerald here will provide our willing and very loveable bottom with a further twenty spanks, after which, if you feel he deserves it, he will get to fuck Simon’s ass to pleasure himself.” The crowd broke out into another burst of hysterical applause and cheers. I strained at the ropes holding me tight, but Gerald had made sure that I would not escape from them. I could see Gerald in the corner of my eye walking to the back of the stage, where he picked up a slipper, with a heavy rubber sole on it. He flicked it lightly in the air to demonstrate its flexibility and weight, and I could see that his cock was like him, shorter and squatter than Tony’s, a thick fat sausage of meat that was growing harder and fatter with each step he took towards me.

Gerald then knelt on the bed facing my head and between my secured and outstretched arms. He dropped the slipper onto the bed, then took a handful of my hair and lifted my head up so that I was now staring directly at his swollen purple cock head. He then moved himself forward so that his cock was touching my mouth and he pushed it inside my lips and onto my tongue. “Suck it!” he commanded in a loud voice, which was met with another chorus of approval from the audience. I sucked on his cock, but movement was difficult because of the position I was in, so my lips and tongue had to do the hard work of sucking his cock, which was getting harder and stiffer inside my mouth. Then he started thrusting his hips in and out of my face, pushing his cock deeper into my throat and fucking my face slowly and patiently. After a minute or so of this action, he pulled out of my mouth, and let my head drop onto the mattress.

He then got off the bed and walked round to stand behind me. He picked up the slipper and again the crowd went quiet, so as to hear the stinging sound of the slipper as it struck my bare and aching flesh of my buttocks. He shouted “Count!” as he brought the first one down across my tender buttocks, and the crowd echoed “One!” with enthusiasm. He then beat each buttock in turn, hitting me with all his strength and making me jump as each blow landed on a fresh part of my skin and he beat a dancing rhythm of pain into my bruised and battered backside. The crowd shouted each number in turn as he delivered every one of the promised twenty blows across my bottom, causing fresh rivers of anguish to course through my body. The sound of the slaps of the slipper were sometimes even louder than the “Twelve!” “Thirteen!” Fourteen!” I could vaguely hear from the throats of the lust crazed crowd, but the pain was in equal measure with each consecutive blow that landed, making me jump and writhe under the constant assault on my buttocks.

When I finally heard the crowd shout “Twenty!!” and the pain tingled steadily across my backside, I heard Tony shout “Well, Gentlemen? Has he earned the right of a further fuck?!” and the crowd roared “Yes! Yes!”. Upon hearing this, I felt Gerald’s rough hands on my tenderised buttocks as he slowly parted them to reveal my already ravaged hole to his ramrod stiff swollen cock. I felt his legs press against mine and then his cock was pushed forcefully into me, and his fucking started immediately in earnest, as if he was ready to come straight away. However, I was wrong, as he kept on pummelling at me, his cock delving deep inside me with each thrust, his belly slapping against my buttocks and his balls colliding with mine as he penetrated deep inside my ass. He fucked me relentlessly like this for about ten minutes and I once again started to feel my own climax building as he pounded in and out of me. Then, without warning, I felt him come with stream after stream of hot juice inside my bowels and he squeezed my buttocks painfully as he reached his climax. When he had finished shooting his cum inside me, he withdrew and thanked Tony with genuine gratitude for the chance to spank and fuck me.

Then, as I lay there panting, but still wanting my own orgasm, I heard Tony again address the audience. “Gentlemen, I would like at least three volunteers to come on stage and give young Simon here even more of a fucking. I don’t think he has had anywhere near enough and I can guarantee that he is eager to receive as much cock as you can give him!”. My breath stopped in my lungs, as the prospect of being repeatedly fucked, effectively gang raped, dawned on me. How could Tony have known my innermost thoughts at that time? Yes, I wanted more cock, yes I was eager to be fucked again and again – but how did he know? I then heard a shuffling of feet, the movement of seats, and the voices of many men grunting their acceptance of his offer. I also heard other men cheering, shouting and applauding as the show was to take an unexpected development.

“Twelve of you, I see!” said Tony. “Please be patient, you will each get your turn” he promised. “First of all, Gerald and I will move Simon on the bed and give you all a more comfortable position in which to fuck our willing bottom.” and on this he and Gerald moved me onto the bed, with my arms still tied, and placed a couple of pillows under my hips, raising my buttocks high in the air and putting me in a ‘V’ shape over them. They then tied my ankles separately to the corners of the bed, so that I was spread eagled and secure, unable to resist and struggle against the forthcoming gang bang. I felt one of them put more gel onto my weakened anus, and then I felt the first man climb aboard and insert his stiff cock into my waiting hole. He started to fuck with enthusiasm as he lay across my prone body, lifting and dropping his pelvis to fuck my ass as his chest hair tickled my back and shoulders. He fucked me for several minutes, grunting his efforts into my ear while I lay there taking all he could give me. Then he lifted his chest and supported his weight on his hands while he sped up his thrusting and finally he came, groaning and grunting his lust into the auditorium, He received a round of applause, which stopped quickly as he moved off and I felt a second man climb between my wide open legs and lean his weight onto my hips as he slowly pushed his erect member into my available hole. He start
ed fucking straight away, pushin
g hard, as if he was trying to penetrate deeper inside me than he was capable of. He fucked hard and fast, and quickly shot his load to mingle with the other juices welling inside my bowels. As he moved out of me and off the bed, I saw a man come to my head and he lifted my head to take his cock in my mouth. While he fucked my mouth and I sucked with as much energy as I could, another man climbed onto the bed and entered my ass hole. I was now being double fucked, and if it was a competition in energy and effort, the man inside my arse was winning. He fucked me with long hard strokes, taking his time to get his (and my) pleasure for a long time. While he was fucking me, I was made to suck another two cocks, each one coming deep in my throat and making me swallow their salty cum juices. When he had finally finished fucking me, and he had loosed his hot juice all inside my ass, he slapped my buttocks hard with his hand and then pulled out of me. The sting of his smack was little more than a tickle when compared with what had gone on previously, but it thrilled me all the same.

As my most recent cock owner jumped off the bed, he was instantly replaced by another man who pulled my butt cheeks apart, rubbed more gel onto my anus and then pressed his big hard cock steadily inside me. He was big, so much thicker than any of the others, and I could feel my sphincter muscles being stretched wide open as he pushed and prodded his huge cock into me, slowly easing more and more of it into my aching anus. When he was finally inside me, he started slowly pushing and pulling back, riding my ass with steady thrusts, and I could feel my climax building quickly as the contours and ripples of his shaft of meat grated on my insides. I sensed that he was fully inside me when he started pummelling me hard with his hips and his cock rode me heavily, pushing my body forward with the power of his lunges. More cocks were pushed into my mouth, one at a time, for me to suck as I was fucked hard and long by this monster cock. I remember swallowing no less than six separate loads of cum from each of the cocks I was sucking while Mighty Member continued to attack my ass with his staggeringly thick and rigid cock. As he carried on thrusting into me, I felt my own cock twitch as I released a long stream of my own juice onto the pillow and mattress, reaching a fantastic climax under the relentless onslaught of his magnificent cock. Still he pounded at my hole, hammering my prostate with his cock, and after about eight minutes of this, I felt him pinch and squeeze by buttocks as he built up to his tremendous climax. Finally, he plunged deep into me and released his long stream of hot sperm inside me, washing the walls of my bowels with his sticky cum. At last he finished coming, and I felt his pull slowly out and move off the bed.

I lay there exhausted from his fucking of me, but I was not finished yet! I looked over my shoulder, and I could still see at least six more men with big hard cocks all waiting their turn to fuck me. My head dropped onto the bed, exhaustion and excitement mixing together in my mind. I then realised that the men whose cocks I had been sucking were other members of the audience, and not from the twelve ‘volunteers’ Tony had got from the announcement. I lay still, waiting for the next cock to enter me. After a short while, I felt the bed move again, and another man started rutting into me, his cock urgent and stiff. And so it went, with one man after another fucking me, each beating their meaty manhood inside me, fucking me until I thought I would pass out. Each one fucked me to the best of their ability, and each one managed to make my fucking last for at least ten minutes before coming inside me. One man after another entered me with their thick shaft of rigid cock meat, and fucked me long and hard, pulsing in and out of me repeatedly, ramming my inside with their swollen cocks until I was delirious from their fucking. I was awash with hot sticky sperm, my anal opening was stretched and sore from repeatedly being entered and fucked, my insides were tender from the friction of so many cocks, and my head was reeling with the ecstasy and delirious pleasure I was having from so many anonymous cocks in one night. When all six had finished with me, and there were no more men queuing to have me, Tony called to the fully satisfied audience “Thank you, Gentlemen. I believe that you have had a show the like of which you have never seen before.” and the audience cheered even louder than before, cheering, whistling and whooping like banshees. “Gerald will now untie Simon to give him his freedom” and upon that Gerald moved quickly to the bed and undid the knots that had so successfully restrained me and prevented any movement or thoughts of escape.

I lay there for a further minute or so, gathering my strength before I shakily stood up and faced the crowd. My arse was so tender and sore, bruised and purple from the spanking I had received. Tony asked me to turn round to show the crowd the damage to my buttocks, and when I did so, they all gasped and applauded, cheering and calling my name in appreciation. When I turned back towards them, Tony said “And now, as a final expression of our great admiration for you and your wonderful bottom, Simon, I will invite you to sit on my lap” and he sat on the bed. I noticed his cock was hard again, and standing erect and proudly pointing towards the ceiling. He pulled me gently towards him, holding me facing him, and eased my legs apart with his feet. He then pulled me forward, and I sat astride his legs, lowering my body onto his protruding cock. He entered me, this time from the front, as I allowed my full weight to rest on his lap and his cock to slide fully and deeply inside me once again. He lifted my thighs on his forearms, and his cock slid up to the hilt inside me. I put my arms round his neck to support me while he started to push up and draw back, bouncing me lightly on his stiff cock while his hands supported my body by cupping my buttocks and lifting me to allow the full length of his cock to penetrate me. I rode his thick cock like this, enjoying every second of it, when he suddenly stood up and carried me around the stage, still impaled on his cock and still riding me up and down on it, spreading my ass cheeks wide to make the hole tight and the view for the audience as clear as possible. As he walked round with me riding his pole, the audience again cheered and clapped to show their appreciation of our joint efforts. He fucked me like this for a good ten minutes, pushing deep into me and drawing back to the swollen head of his cock before plunging it back deep into me. I bounced on his cock with gratitude and pleasure, and when he was close to coming, he whispered in my ear “Now, I am coming!” and he squeezed my parted buttocks tight together, making a fleshy channel for his cock out of my ass cheeks and he pushed up hard inside me as I felt the hot cum juice flow yet again into my bowels. I clung tightly to his neck as he ejected hot sperm inside me, and as the flow of spunk slowed, I pulled back and looked at his dark eyes, with great affection and gratitude. He smiled at me and then kissed my mouth, his tongue dashing round, piercing my lips and wrestling with my tongue. He kissed me with great passion and fervour, and I knew that this was probably the last time I would see him, so I returned the passion with my own kiss. The crowd was roaring behind me as he again sat down with me still sitting on his diminishing cock. He lowered my legs and withdrew from me, the audience again applauding and cheering. Tony then stood up, and he and Gerald then waved to the crowd and walked off the stage, leaving me alone to accept the plaudits of the cheering audience. I sat there for a while longer until the audience started to get up and leave the room.

Eventually I was alone, my backside still stinging, sore and bruised, and my ass hole wet and slippery from all the cum juice that was now leaking from me onto the bed, and the taste of salty cum still in my mouth and thr
oat. When I stoo
d up to leave, the Chairman of the Committee came into the room and approached me. “Well done, Simon!” he said, genuine approval in his eyes. “That was one hell of a show, and you will be please to know that we have it all on tape, every single blow, every single fuck, every single cock you took in your mouth. We knew you wouldn’t disappoint us. We are very proud of you.”

I should have known that my ordeal would be captured for posterity, and for the continued enjoyment of the Manager and the Committee for days, weeks, even years to come. I wondered………what would be next for me in this amazing Club I had joined?

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  1. MasterHank

    Although I’m normally not into spanking my subs, I enjoyed your presentation of a masterful performance. I felt a need to be the one on stage delivering each blow. Of course the highlight would have been thrusting my hard cock deep into your tender, warmed ass. I hope to see more stories from you but for now I need to stroke my throbbing cock that your story has caused.

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  2. Texas Kurt

    Great story. I was straining at my briefs and had to start stroking halfway through. Thanks.

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