The Weekend Part 2

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Rainbo knelt on the floor waiting for Zeke to finish his meal. She was feeling light-headed from the bottle of champagne that she had finished almost by herself. Zeke finally said,”Go to your drawers and get your leash, four lengths of rope, the spreader bar and the paddle. Make it quick!” Rainbo got up quickly and staggered a bit as she scampered to the drawers to fill her masters order. She returned to the room to see Zeke standing on the balconey looking out at the beautiful glistening lights of Las Vegas. It was a very private balconey Rainbo thought as she kneeled behind her master. “Get up slave” Zeke snapped. He took the leash out of her hand and attached it to her collar. “Come look at the view Rainbo. Isn’t it something?” Rainbo said,” It is sir. Just like a million stars and dazzling colors everywhere. I have never seen anything so beautiful.” “That is wonderful Rainbo, I want you to really take it in. Come here. Bend over and put your neck on the railing here”. Rainbo did as instructed placing her collar onto the metal railing. Zeke pulled the leash down so that her collar was tight against the railing, then he wrapped the leash around the rail and tied it off in a knot. Rainbo was now bent over unable to move her head any direction except a slight turn to the right or left. Then Zeke ordered her to spread her arms out along the railing which she did. Zeke took a length of rope and wrapped it around her right wrist and tied it to the railing, then proceeded to wrap the rope around and around her arm almost to her shoulder, then secured the other end. He did the same to her left arm and Rainbo found that all she could now do was to wiggle her fingers. Zeke came behind Rainbo and said,”spread your legs wide”. He took the spreader bar and hooked it to her ankle cuffs, so that she was now spread and bent at the waist. She could still move her legs forward or back a little as needed, but if she moved back to far, she would collapse forward, so she found the most stable position she could and waited for what was to come. She looked out over the city and it seemed to give her a calm feeling even with the predicament she was in. Zeke left the room for a while and Rainbo could hear him rummaging around in the drawers looking for whatever he needed next. She heard him return to the balconey and he leaned down and pinched one of her nipples and whispered in her ear “I love you slave” just as he snapped a clamp onto her nipple. Rainbo winced at the sharp pain, but knew better than to cry out over a minor bit of pain such as this. The other nipple recieved the same treatment and weights were attached to each clamp, pulling Rainbo’s nipples hard and distending her breasts. The pain of the weight was more intense than just the clamps themselves. She heard more rustling behind and felt the bite of three more clamps with weights. One on each of her pussy lips and the third on her most sensitive place, her clit. Rainbo let out a scream at this one and recieved a sound swat on the ass from her masters bare hand. She jolted, which sent the weights swinging in a pendulum type motion, bringing greater pain to all her clamped parts. Rainbo realized that she must remain absolutely still if she was to relieve the pain of the moving weights. Rainbo found it hard to understand how she could be so hot and wet given this treatment, but she was, and it happened every time with her master. Her cunt was dripping wet and aching to be filled. She knew that all this was leading to an intense orgasm and it was worth it all for that final release. To be continued……..

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