Watching being watched

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I was married and living in the suburbs of a major midwestern city. I worked in the city and to get there rode a commuter train. Sometimes after work I would stop for a few drinks to avoid to mad rush and crush of a crowded train. Well one night I stayed a little longer than usual and got higher than usual. Alcohol makes me horny and as I hustled to the station to get the last train of the evening I popped a huge erection. I made it to the train just before it pulled out and got a seat across from the stairs that led to the upper deck. Just ahead of the stairs is a seat and looking at an angle to that seat I saw a pretty good looking woman. She must have felt my eyes on her because she turned and took a quick glance at me. I was squeezing my erect and throbbing cock through my pants and I think she saw this because after turning from her quick glance I could see she was watching me and my bulge by looking at the reflection in the windows. She could see me but could not see that I was watching her in the reflection as well. The train began to move and we pulled out of the station. I kept my hand on my obvious bulge and began to stroke it through my trousers. To my surprise and pleasure she was still watching me in the window reflection. Being horny I thought this could be fun and luckily before I got carried away the conductor came through the car taking tickets. I see her give her ticket to the conductor and then she looks at me by the reflection again. I can see she is staring so I being to stroke my bulge in a very obvious manner. Remember she cannot see that I see her watching. So she is doing this major voyeur thing thinking I know nothing about her prying eyes. Knowing the conductor would not be back for some time and we being the only ones in the car my alcohol induced hard on took charge. Watching her all the time and loving her intense attention I slowly unzipped my zipper and exposed my bulge covered by my underwear. Now I wear sexy bikinis and these happened to be pink so they contrasted nicely with my blue suit pants. My pleasure is getting better because I am only one thin layer away from my now bulging and throbbing cock. I can see her gaze in the reflection is more fixed than ever as I stroke through my bikinis. I let this go for a while to see her reaction. She really seems to be enjoying the show so I decide to take the plunge. I reach into my fly, watching her all the time, pull my bikinis down and let my raging hard on spring out of my fly. She did not react in a negative manner so I took this as the green light to really give her a show and at the same time have myself a great orgasm. I wanted her to see my cock so I just used two fingers and my thumb to jack off. I slid down in the seat a little so my cock would be more visible in the reflection but not so much that I would lose my view of her through my hidden reflection. This was a perfect jack off. Being watched by some one who thinks they are not being watched. Well I gave her a real show and grabbed my cock with every jack off grip I had learned in forty years. I was stroking and squeezing back to hold off cumming so that when I did cum she would see a good squirt. It felt so good stroking, squeezing, being watched and watching. I finally decide to let it blow. Well she got one hell of a show because I squirted that load straight up higher than I had ever done before. She continued to watch as I milked the last drops out. I let my now semi hard cock lay on my pants so she could watch as much as she wanted. She must have been satisfied because once I went totally limp I saw her look away and begin to read the newspaper. This was my cue put my cock away and zip up. She got off one stop before me and as she walked by I looked at her and saw she was looking at my fly. I had to do it. I reached down and squeezed my crotch as she watched standing right next to me. We made eye contact and she gave me a knowing smile. She knew I was watching her the whole time!

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