When My Wife's Sister Jenny Came To Stay (#1)

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I hope this story get you as horny as they still get me.

I’ve always considered my wife’s younger sister Jenny to be like my own little sis. We always had great laugh and I’ve always spoiled her (and of course she knows that she has me wrapped around her finger). We have often curled up on the couch before watching television or if we’re sitting around talking she would often stand behind me while I’m sitting down and she’ll run her fingers through my hair. This type of thing would not be uncommon and as such nobody pays to much mind to our closeness, including my wife and up until recently there has been nothing to notice. However, in the last year my cute little sister in law (who’s now 16 years old) has started to grow into a young woman. Jenny competes in hip-hop and freestyle dancing competitions. This dancing has her tight little body in fantastic shape. She is athletic, supple and extremely flexible. She constantly dances around the house doing moves, splits and leg lifts. She has long dirty blonde hair to the middle of her back, the cutest smile and the bluest of blue eyes. Her chest has developed and now is heaving out of her 28 B-Cup bras. Much to my delight I’ve come to notice that since acquiring her pert little breasts she is taking every opportunity flaunt them. This ranges from constant bending over in low cut tops to pressing and rubbing her ‘assets’ against me quite regularly. This leads me to my story.

My wife was having her sister and two nieces down for a girly night of snacks and watching chick flicks. They then planned a trip into town to do some shopping the following day. I was already at home when they arrived. Jenny was wearing a white vest top with spaghetti straps and a pair tight blue jeans. Over the course of the evening while we prepared dinner, she proceeded (as is common place these days) to do her best to show off her tight little body to me. It wasn’t long (about 1 min) before I knew that she was wearing a little lemon coloured bra and thong to match. After the dinner I started surfing the net and beside rustling up and serving the snacks, I steered clear of the girls for the night. At about 23:00 I went into the living room and sat myself down on the corner sofa beside my wife and the other 3 girls. As it was getting late my wife brought her to nieces up to put them to bed. Jenny had changed out of her jeans and was now wearing a pair of thin black leggings. As we chilled on sofa chatting and watching the tv she was doing leg her leg lifts. It was clear to see she wasn’t wearing her g-sting anymore and through her thin leggings I could see the shape of her pussy lips. I was trying not to stare but I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She had to have noticed me looking but she never let on. After about ten minutes my wife returned to the room and sat down beside me. Jenny edged her way up the couch. “If I lie up here will you rub my back my back” she asked. “Go on then” I groaned (as if it was an inconvenience). I was expecting her to lie up beside me but she lay right across my lap nesting her pert tits right on to my crotch. A slight panic set in…my cock was already on a semi from looking at her pussy lips through her leggings. How would she react to feeling my far from flaccid member in my shorts? How would I be able to stop my cock from swelling into a fully blown hard on? I was trying hard to concentrate on the television while I sat there running my hand up and down her back. As I traced my fingers from the very small of her back and up to her bra strap all I could think of was her soft, supple skin and tight sexy body. It was no use…I could feel my cock swelling up with each heart beat. My heart was racing…she now had to know I had a hard on; there was no way that she couldn’t know! “Oh no”, I thought as she gently leaned up slightly from my now throbbing member. I presumed she had felt my cock and was now going to move back down the sofa and there would be this horrible awkward moment…but no. Instead she adjusted herself so her tits were right on my hard on and lay back down and then proceeded to keep adjusting herself so her tits kept rubbing my cock. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I’m sitting on my sofa beside my wife as her 16 year old sister lies across me rubbing her tits against my now pulsating cock. My guilty little pleasure lasted about 15 minutes before my wife suggested we call it a night and go to bed. I allowed them both to get up before me as I tried to let my throbbing hard on subside. I could barely sleep a wink as my mind raced with the thoughts of what had happened but the best was yet to come.

I awoke the next morning as my wife was getting ready. I could hear her calling the girls to get up. She continued to get ready and I could hear movement in the next room as the girls got up and also started to get ready. I dosed back of to sleep and only awoke again to hear my wife calling Jenny to get up. I heard Jenny’s response, “I’m not coming; I’m just going to stay in bed”. I was fully awakened by this but pretended I was still asleep. Soon after my wife came in to tell me she was heading into town. “See you later” I mumbled, as if she had woke me from my slumber. I heard the door closing as my wife left and I crept from my bed and opened my bedroom door leaving it slightly ajar. Now all I had to do was wait. As Jenny was in the room at the end of the hall I knew that she had to pass my room to go anywhere in the house. If she was to go down the stairs or return to her room she would not be able to avoid seeing into my room. My cock was rock hard once again thinking of what had happened the previous night. I lay in my bed with the covers pulled from me exposing my engorged member. I was gently stroking my cock imagining how Jenny’s body would look naked and how her tight little pussy would taste and feel. I was so fucking horny. About a half hour had passed when I heard movement from the next room. I raised my right arm up covering my face but I was still able to see through one barely open eye from under my arm. Jenny walked by my room not noticing me as she passed and started down the stairs. Bingo! She noticed me and she was stopped on the stairs staring at me as I lay there naked with my big swollen cock resting half way up my stomach. She slowly seated herself on the stairs. I could see her looking in at me through the banisters. She had been sat there for what must have been a couple of minutes when I noticed her breathing becoming heavy and laboured. It was only then it hit me; she was masturbating…and she was really going for it. I could see she had her hand up her top up and was rubbing with her nipples and I could now hear the squelch as her fingers darted in and out of her moist pussy. Her breathing was getting so heavy that it was turning into a quiet moan. This was too much for me. I was dying a death…I needed to cum and bad. I moved my arm from over my face. She stopped and manoeuvred herself out of sight. I stretched both my arms out above my head and let out a yawn as if only awaking from my slumber. I decided that I was going to just pretend that I didn’t know Jenny was there. As far as I was concerned she had gone to town with my wife (I was only after waking up after all!). There wasn’t a sound of movement; I knew she was still at her little perch on the stairs. I reached down and started to stroke my cock with my right hand as my other hand played with my balls. I was stroking slowly and letting out some soft moans as I thought about Jenny’s firm little breasts rubbing against my hard cock the night before. From the corner of my eye I could see her barely peeking her head up watching me. I could have came right there and then but I wanted to put on a show for her. I moved my body so that it was positioned at a diagonal angle on the bed. This would give Jenny a better view when I blew my load. I started to stroke a little faster and my breathing was getting heavy as she sat there peeking through the whole time. It was all getting too much for me; I could feel a hot load welling
from way down
in my balls. All this sexual excitement and no release…this was going to be an explosion. By now I was in full flight. I had one leg outstretched and had the other foot planted on the bed and was using it to raise my torso up to give jenny the best possible view. My whole body was tensed up now and my muscles were ripped. I was breathing really deeply now as I pumped my cock with a vengeance. This was it, I let go a loud moan as the first huge creamy load squirted all up over my chest. I pulled my foreskin skin all the way back exposing my throbbing purple head as I let another load go on my stomach. My body was juddered with the intensity of the orgasm as a few more squirts rolled down my hand and into my belly button. My body released from the tension I slumped back onto the bed satisfied that Jenny had just witnessed what was one of the greatest wanks I have ever had. I lay stretched out on the bed for a couple of minutes to gather my thoughts…my head was on cloud nine. I sat up and moved to the side of the bed making sure not to look in Jennys direction. I then stood up and went into the en-suite bathroom to get some tissue. I could hear movement as I cleaned myself up; Jenny was creeping down the stairs. I put on my bath robe and went downstairs to get a drink. Jenny was sitting in the kitchen with the tv on. I walked in and looked at her with surprise. “I didn’t know you were here” I said. “Yes”, she said “didn’t really fancy going into town”.
“Are you up long?” I asked in a slightly concerned quizzical tone, as if I was trying to gauge whether she would have heard my intense and rather loud wanking session. “Got up a while ago, I’ve been watching the tv since. I think I’ll go back to bed though” she said so very casually as she switched of the tv and walked off up the stairs as if nothing had happened.

I got a drink of water and went back upstairs. Jenny had the room of her door closed. I wondered if she was in there finishing of what she had started on the stairs. “I’m going to have shower Jen, talk to you in a bit” I called. “Ok” came the reply from her room. I walked into the en-suite and switched the shower on, then walked back into my room closing the bathroom door behind me. Jenny’s bedroom door was right beside mine; I walked to my bedroom door and stood listening. After a couple of minutes I heard Jenny moaning. She obviously thought I was in the shower and was really letting herself go. Just the sound of her working herself over was enough to get my cock rock hard again. I started to stroke my cock again listening. I pumped my cock harder as Jenny’s moans got louder. She was cumming and so was I. As she peaked I let a spew of cum go all over the landing floor right in front of Jenny’s door. I left it there in the hope that she might see it. I sneaked back into the bathroom and went about having my shower. When I got out of the shower Jenny had gone back downstairs. The cum was still there glistening on the wooden floor but it looked as though she had walked through it on her way. To this day I’m not sure whether she noticed my cum there of not. I went down and rustled up some breakfast for me and Jen. We just watched tv as had our breakfast and chatted away like the whole thing had never happened. My wife returned shortly after with no idea of what had transpired while she was gone.

I’ve had this story written for some time and considered posting it for a while now. I also now have another experience to share about Jenny. So, I figured I get this one uploaded and see if there is much interest. I have never actually physically or intimately touched Jenny (that she knows about) as it would be something I would always fear may come out in the end as she can be a spiteful little bitch. I will post another encounter in the coming month or so.

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