You Know You Want To

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They decided…almost simultaneously that they should venture out and grab something to eat. Neither one particularly cared for big dinner crowds…so they were going across town to a Deli. Then it was only a short walking distance to the park. It was a glorious evening…perfect for the occasion. He hailed a cab…opened the car door for her and as she slid across the seat she let out a surprised squeal as her skin came in contact with the cold plastic cover. He gave the driver the address and settled back in the seat…looking out his side window. She glanced all about taking in the view…lost in her thoughts. He leaned over and whispered…”Ah deja vu!” Then “doesn’t this remind you of something?” But before she could utter a sound…he leaned in close pausing briefly for the effect…whispering…”you know you want to!” Before he was even done speaking those words…her mind conjured up images that set off a chain reaction which culminated in her clit. He knew her secret desires…the uncontrollable sexual needs…the inner desires that rarely if ever are shown the light of day. He put a single finger in his mouth…wet it and ran it down the side of her neck…played it along her collarbone and teased around her cleavage…purposely going no further. His other hand which rested on her thigh…gently stroked but avoided her wetness. She twisted and turned sliding forward pressing…panting. She opened her eyes and immediately met the gaze of the cab driver. He had positioned his mirror for a much better view. She needed so many things at that moment but could not voice them. It was then that his hand shot quickly under her skirt. He ran a single finger lightly up her slit but did not push in. This was just enough to convey that he was well aware of her arousal and of what she wanted. But he was in control. He looked at her and asked…”Are you ready?” Her head was tilted slightly back…eyes closed…lips parted as her tongue slowly traced their pouty fullness. She looked ready! In one quick smooth movement he exposed her breasts and spun her around to land on his lap with her back against his chest. She stiffened in anticipation… this was her show to put on… to abandon restraint and allow exposure and vulnerability. The driver now had an excellent view and his eyes darted continuously between her and the road. He could hear her throaty moans and strained to see more. But just as suddenly as it had started the rider orders the driver to stop…
She was standing on the side walk…barely having had time enough to compose herself. He was at her side guiding her towards the steps of the nearest building. In a flash he had her top off before she could protest…much less stop him. He spun her around and she noticed people slowing down to have a look at them…he lowered them both down to sit on the steps. Yes she thought he was finally going to penetrate her. The thought alone sent convulsions through her body…she gyrated her hips looking for that connection. But instead he grabs her hair…pulls her head to his lips and whispered…” You want to cum now don’t you?”…His words caused her to cry out…her voice was laden with desire…with a yearning that was…by now…so intense…so exquisite it was almost pain…”YES!…Oh! Yes… please!” She was in a frenzied state of anticipation…her body on fire…her clit engorged throbbing to the beat of her heart. He used one hand to grab one of her erect nipples..squeezing and pulling it between his fingers. His other hand reached under her skirt and flipped it up to tuck it inside the waistband. She is fully exposed. His hand followed the contour of her body until it came to rest on her pussy…her body reacted and waspoised…when he touched her jewel…it was almost more than she could bear. She begged him for release…he inserts two fingers inside her and feels the incredible heat fueled by her desire. She gasps with pent up frustration and opens her eyes to look at him to plea with him. That is when she sees the people…watching. Before she can fully process that information… He completely surprises her…”Go ahead…use your own hand…get yourself off for me and for these people…they are all watching you.” Her hand shot to her clit like lightening…and she worked it furiously. Her sucked her nipples…kissed them…bit them he pulled on her hair…and when she finally reached that exquisite point of no return…her orgasm was so intense she shot out a stream of fluid with such force…it amazed him. Wave after wave of sexual delight flowed throughout her body. She collapses…spent…satiated. With that…the people turn their thoughts back upon themselves…He pulls down her skirt…she puts on her top and as they walk away…She hails a cab…glances at him and says…”Your turn.”

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