Getting Into Her Panties

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Layla had heard that Mr. Peters was a pervert. Mr. Peters owned the lingerie shop in the strip mall, his items were gorgeous sexy pieces, all the girls and women in town shopped there all the time, not only did he have great merchandise but the prices were really great.

But there were whispers that he peeked in the dressing rooms while women changed. No one ever caught him in the act, but it was a rumor that just would not die.

Layla was very pretty she was about 5’6″, her figure was curvy yet very toned. She was very pale skinned alomst alabaster, her hair was very pale brown with a few blonde streaks, her eyes were a soft pale green,she looked sensitive, but she wasn’t she was a tough woman. he was most definitely pretty she was 32 and in her prime. But she had a very kinky exhibitionistic side. She was the girl who took college courseand sat in the front of the lecture hall wearing no panties. She liked to slowly lift herskirt up until the professor, be it male or female could see her ass from the side if she crossed her legs and just a hint of pussy. Two professors one male one female showed intense interest in her and whenever shewore her skirts they lectured in fropnt of her catching glimpses of her partial nudity.

Layla also enjoyed flashing truckersas she drove on highways, she would wear a wrap dress and when she saw a truck she’ld pull alongside, if the guy interested her, she liked horny looking guys, the more perverted their expression the better. So if she liked the trucker she would unwrap her dress revealing her nude horny body, often she’ld speed up, the trucker would often speed up and keep pace,this thrilled her so she would masturbate sliding her fingers all over her bare wet pussy, pushing her finger in her hole then pulling it out then finger fucking herself while the trucker would watch, undoubtedly with a nice hard on.

So when she heard Mr. Peters was a pervert damn she got wet. She fantasized everynight imaging all the horny scenerios that might take place, she would rub herself to such intense orgasms thinking of him thatshe often bucked her hips as she laid in her bed and she screamed out, “Shit! Yess! Fuck me Mr. Peters!”

Soon her fantasies were no longer satisfying she needed him. So on Thursday night when most businesses in town were dead, Layla went to Mr. Peter’s lingerie shop. She had never shopped there before, but she was damn horny and ready. She walked in, the bell tingled on the door. Mr. Peters came out and smiled. “Hi how can I be of service to you?” he asked.

“Ohhhh I need a nice pair of see-thru panties, the kind that fully cover my bottom but I want my crack and cheeks visible.” Layla said.

Mr. Peters gulped slightly and pulled on his shirt collar. “Well, we have just the paaaaanties”,( he dragged out the word panties as he smiled at her), just the paaaaaanties that you desire.”

He walked to the rear corner of the shop and he took a pair of see thru peach panties on a hangar, he held them up and put his hand inside them and rubbed his hand in them back and forth.

“Mmmmmm those look perfect. How do they feel against the skin?” Layla asked.

“You can try them on in here.” he pointed to the dressing room, “and you can see exactly how these paaaaanties feel against your flesh.”

“Mmmmm sounds good to me.” Layla said and as she took the panties she rubbed her hand over his hand.

Layla went in and called out for him. He quickly came over she drew the curtain back and standing in her bra and pants she told him her zipper on the back of her pants werestuck and could he unzip it. He lookedaround the store and quickly tugged on her zipper and it released. As hestarted leaving she quickly pulled her pants down exposing the whitish, smoothest roundest bare bottom Mr. Peters had ever seen. He just looked and smiled. She removed her pants and bent over in front of him, now her bare very full lipped pussy was staring at him, her lips were so full and big he wanted to touch them, kiss them and rub his face and cock all over them. He stayed there just looking at that sensual display of femininity. She knew he was looking and she decided to give him a treat, she could move her lips, by constricting her pusy muscles inside it made her lips move. “Ohhhh dammmmmmmmmn, look at that!” he said. She made them move a lot. He could not take it any longer. Hequickly ran to the front door and turned the “closed” sign around. He hit the lights until only the back room lights were on. He came in the dressing room and removed his clothes. He stood there, hard cum tipped dick in hand, looking at Layla’s raw nudity and he said, “I gotta fuck those big pussy lips, you’redriving me nuts!” So Layla laid down on the floor on her hip and revealing her pussy from the, side, her wet shiny, huge pillow lipped pussy. Mr Peters acted like an animal he sniffed her pussy over and over and he madesome weird horny guttoral sounds, he licked at those big lip that puffed out between her thighs, Layla moaned feeling his horny wet slobberly tongue prod her, she was in sexual ecstasy when he rammed his dick in, she lifted her top thigh closer to her breast so he could get in deep and did he ever he rode her pussy shaking her body with the thrusts, in and out hard and furious he was grunting and moaning, he started to cum and pulled out and quickly flipped her onto her tummy and somehow he wedged his cock under her in between the slit of those huge lips and she started humping his hard on under her he came and she clit orgasmed within seconds of his goo shot. He climbed on her ass and laid there and humped her, his sticky hot cock sliding up and down her wet with sweat ass.

Layla caught her breath, composed herself and said, “I’ll take three pairs of those panties!”

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