My Favorite Concert

I was at a concert for one of my favorite bands, trying to make my way up through the dense crowd of people before they took the stage. Luckily, there were two opening bands that I had little interest in, that would give me time to work my way to the front. It was extremely hot because I was packed in so tight with everyone else. It was a sea of people, sweating and drunk. All I could think about was getting from where I was to the steel barricade in the very front that would mean I was as close as I could be.

There were a lot of girls, but I wasn’t really noticing them. Halfway through the first band’s set I realized that through some miracle, by dancing and jumping around I’d managed to be right next to a very hot girl, wearing a bikini top and a pretty short skirt. Something started to churn in my lower stomach, and I kept sneaking peeks at the girl. She was pretty, with big, round eyes, and very full lips. She had light brown hair, and her breasts were big, but not huge, as she was a petite girl, maybe four inches shorter than me, and I’m not too tall myself. Everyone was jumping around, there were so many people that I was being pushed and pulled in all directions, everyone trying to be in the same place at the same time, and I lost sight of her as the first band finished up.

I missed seeing her, but I decided to press on, to get to the front of the crowd. Not five minutes into the next band’s set, I saw her again, this time she was a few feet away, and there were quite a few people between us. I worked my way over near her, because I had thought of something. If my hand happened to brush under her skirt, surely it couldn’t be held against me, on account of there being so many people and so much pushing and pulling. So my hand kind of drifted down there, and I touched her lips through her panties. For only an instant, I felt her warm, moist panties (to be honest, every part of every person’s body in the pit was warm and moist, but her panties were soaked). I quickly pulled away, and started to feel ashamed. I had done something pretty wrong, I thought, even though she didn’t seem to have really noticed at all.

A few minutes later, I kind of got caught looking at her, and she smiled at me. After another minute or so, I realized that there was something on the front of my pants, and it had been there a lttle while. It was her hand. She was undoing my button, and my zipper. She maneuvered herself behind me and took my cock out of my boxers, and started jerking it up and down. It was all slippery from the sweat, and it felt great. I reached around and started fingering her, and she moaned in my ear. She was tugging my dick faster and faster, and I realized people were starting to look at us, because the second band had finished. We both nervously stopped, and I pulled my pants back on, and we kind of turned separate ways.

I looked up and saw an opening through which I could get right up into the front, right up against the steel barrier near the stage. I grabbed my new friend’s hand, and pulled her with me. It took a little working, but I managed to squeeze her in front of me, up against the barrier. There was the force of a thousand people pushing us forward, and she must have felt my cock ready to burst pushed up against her ass, because she was smiling. I reached around her front, and started touching her tits and her fuzzy pussy. I fingered her until my fingers were dripping, and then I stuck my hand up her skirt and grabbed her ass. I realized she was wearing a thong. I traced my finger down the inside of the thong, and I pulled it over to one side.

All she said was, “Oh my god, yes.” In fact, that was the only thing she had said up till then. I worked my dick out through the fly in my pants, and I rubbed it down her ass crack, feeling my way down her ass, and then I felt them, her soft lips, squeezed shut because she was standing, facing away from me. I moved back as far as I could, to get her to bend over a little bit, and I pushed myself into her.

It felt great. At first I fucked her slowly, to avoid bringing attention to us, and a little while later I lost all inhibition and started pumping her hard, to the beat of the music. She moaned, but I could barely hear it. I felt it though, then she started to shake a little. She grabbed my hand tight, it was flicking her clit like crazy, she stopped breathing for a second or two, and then I felt a gush of liquid run down my balls and legs,

She screamed, “Fuck yes!” Luckily the band was playing, or we’d have been thrown out for sure. She reached around and grabbed my cock, pulled it out of her puss and started jerking me off under her, still to the beat of the music. I told her I was going to come soon, and she said, “I want it all in my pussy.” She put the head right on her hole, and kept jerking me off, rubbing me against her lips as she did it. I couldn’t take any more, and with one big thrust I pushed my cock all the way inside of her, and shot a huge load into her pussy.

She massaged my balls from between her legs as I kept pushing until I was completely soft. My hands were clutching her left breast and her belly, and as the band stopped playing, I slowly pulled myself out of her. I’m sure a few people saw us, but they didn’t say anything if they did. Everyone was filing out now, we were still sort of clutching each other. She turned, gave me an open-mouthed kiss, and walked away. I could see my jizz dripping down her inner leg, past her knee, and onto her sock. I never saw her again, but after the show I found something in my pocket: her very moist thong.

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