A party I'll never forget

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I was in the mood for some fun. It was Friday night and definitely time to party! An acquaintance had invited me over to a party that she was having and I thought why not. The weekend was young and the week had been long.

I dressed up in a top to show my cleavage and tight jeans to show my pert little ass. Hot and ready to go I went to check out the “party”.

I arrived and things seemed to be in full swing. Full swing didn’t seem to be overly exciting. Most people seemed to know one another and weren’t interested in meeting new people. I found my own friend in a few shots of rum and began to relax.

The alcohol hit me all of a sudden and I looked around for the nearest washroom. My legs were weak and someone came to help me out. I leaned on them as things got a little blurry. I let myself be led to anywhere that would let me get my head together.

The next thing I knew I was in a dark room. I was placed on what seemed to be a bed of some sorts. What was going on? I could feel something put in my mouth and my hands were quickly pinned to the bed. I had a dildo in my mouth! It was pressed against my mouth and there was no way to get it out.

What the hell was this? What had been in that drink? My clothes were quickly removed and suddenly I felt tongues running all over my body. There were two mouthes tasting my nipples. I felt myself shudder in spite of myself. They licked and flicked at my nipples and I could feel the electricity running down my body. I involuntarily began to moan and suck at the dildo in my mouth.

Quickly it was removed and a real cock replaced it. I still couldn’t call out for help.I could do nothing but suck the shaft that was pounding in and out of my mouth.

I could feel someone touching me. My pussy was on fire. Fingers were dancing around my box. I was dripping. I couldn’t stop myself. I found my body beginning to shake. The cock in my mouth was beginning to pulsate and it shot its load into my mouth. I was on fire and had to have every drop. As soon as I was finished, another cock took its place.

At the same time the fingers entered my pussy. First one, then two. Someone was fisting me. Oh my God! How could it feel this good. I was so wet. My body was shaking. I could feel my juices running down between my legs.

Another hand found those juices. It began to lubricate my ass. No! I wanted to shout but the cock continued to fill my mouth. A finger slid into my ass. It burned for only a second and then it felt so good that I only could moan with the second finger. God this was too good. A cock in my mouth, lips on my breasts biting me just to remind me they were there, a hand fucking my pussy and now the fingers in my ass were replaced by another cock.
It was too much. They pounded me and I took all I could. My body shook and quivered as orgasms came in waves. I felt the cock in my ass squirt all over me. The cock in my mouth was next. I was filled with cum everywhere. I was weak. I don’t remember anything else until I awoke later on a bed in a strange room dressed but feeling very satisfied!

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