Dance it out

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She felt her heart stop when she saw him walk through the door. Her knees wobbled and her breathing seemed to cease, as he took several slow strides towards her. His hair was curled and his eyes never left hers, as he reached out and took her by the hand.

“Dance with me?” He pulled her close to his side, and led her to the middle of the dance floor. They were surrounded by other couples but all she saw was him.

The only music she could hear was the symphony that over took her mind whenever he was near, and she sighed at the feeling. His arms enveloped her and held her as if he were about to lose her. She buried her face in his chest and his stimulating smell filled her senses.

He held her closer to him, as he brought his hand to her chin, tilting her head up, and gently placing his lips to hers. He sighed longingly into the kiss, wishing that he could stay like this forever. She parted her lips and his tongue entered her mouth, gently massaging her tongue. He nibbled on her bottom lip, causing her to groan.

She pulled away from him, and looked him in the eye.

“Bathroom.” She said barely above a whisper.

She took his hand and led him out of the crowded room and up the stairs to the unused bathroom. He stepped inside after her, and turned to lock the door. He turned around, and saw her standing in the middle of the vacant room, staring at him with lust.

His heart pounded, and he grabbed her by the waist and pulling her to his body. He kissed her passionately, as his hands quickly undid her dress, and helped her out of it. She was wearing light blue lace underwear with a matching bra, and he whimpered when he saw her.

She took her hair down and began pushing his jacket off. Her hands made quick work of his shirt and pants, leaving him in nothing but his boxers.

He picked her up off of the ground and slammed her into the wall, making her yelp. Her hands flew to his hair, and began tugging as he placed gentle kisses down her neck and chest. She dropped a hand to his boxers and palmed his erection through the material.

He bucked into her touch and began sucking harshly on her neck, just below her ear. She pushed his boxers down, and he slid her panties down. He placed her on the floor, allowing her to rid herself of the garment as he did the same with his boxers.

He lifted her back to the wall, and she grasped his length, aiming It at her entrance. He moaned at the touch of her hand, and slowly moved his hips forward. She let her head fall back into the wall, as his tip entered her, stretching her walls.

He paused, allowing her time to adjust, but her legs pulled him into her quickly. His head flew back and a throaty groan escaped him. She was so warm, and tight, and wet! He loved it, and he began pounding into her quickly.

She sighed happily, as she felt his cock glide in and out of her tightness. He always hit the right places, and she tugged at his hair wanting him to move faster. He gripped her hips and began slamming into her, causing both of them to moan together.

She tugged his head backwards with his hair, and claimed a spot on his neck. He growled at the feeling, and pounded harder into her, his knees quivering violently.

She yanked hard on his hair again, when he hit the spot that drove her crazy. He pounded hard and fast into that spot over and over again, making her gasp for breath. Her moans filled the bathroom, as she wrapped her arms around his neck and began to shake involuntarily.

Her toes curled and her mind went blank, as her walls shuddered around his aching cock securely. Her eyes opened leisurely, as she felt him still ramming into her swiftly. His eyes were shut tightly and his mouth let desperate breaths escape as he tried to relieve himself.

She kissed his neck making him shiver, and began clutching her walls purposefully around his length. He moaned loudly, almost screaming when his body surrendered to the pleasure of her actions.

His body tensed and his knees shook uncontrollably as he released ropes of cum deep inside of her. His knees gave way, and he stumbled backwards, setting her down on the ground. She quickly began jacking his member, trying to get every last bit of his seed out.

When there was nothing left, she looked up at him. His eyes were closed and his breathing was ragged. He was beautiful. She reached up, bringing him down for a kiss. The kiss was hot, and filled with more than lust.

He brushed the hair out of her face, and smiled at her, placing a kiss on her nose. She giggled, and gave his hair one last tug, before walking over to her panties and dress, and re-dressing. He did the same, and it wasn’t too long before they were both walking down the stairs to rejoin the party.

He held her to his side, as they made their way back to the middle of the dance floor. He pulled her close to his body, as they began dancing slowly.

She reached up and nibbled on his ear.

“I love you Joe.”

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  1. Arenas

    good story, well wrote if you don’t mind me saying.

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