"I Don't Like You"

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I Don’t Like YOU” (Chapter1) by Uglygurl4

She had them eyes. You know those cold-hearted bitch eyes. She not only could but defiantly would rip apart anyone, who stood in her way. Yet, all he could think about was fucking her. Holding her body close to his. Running his long finger across her smooth ass. “What the fuck are you looking at cunt”, a calm husky female voice awaking his daydream. “Aww…nnno…ot…thing,” he answered back lightly stuttering over his own words. “That’s a fucking lie you cunt!” She yelled back charging for his face. “I hate motherfuckers like you bitch!” She furiously yelled while her fist charged for his face. ” Well, I am letting you know. I’m not the kind of bitch you can stare at and then expect to fall all over your dick!” He couldn’t speak- more shock then anything. As she walked away, he watched leaving with his eye darken.

“That bitch got problem,” he thought to himself. Most females would jump at the chance…well…to jump on him; he just didn’t understand it. Yet, his dick was solid as a rock and he was back at dreaming about her naked flesh surrounding his.

“Yo, Dave man she hit you pretty hard didn’t she,” Lance his bud laughed at him. “Yo, fuck her man! Don’t even worry about her she’s a fucking rug muncher anyway. Let me introduce you to some real ass man.” “Lance did everybody saw her hitting me.” “Fuck yeah man, but forget her dyke ass”, Lance reassure his wounded friend patting him on the back.

“Girl, ladies and of course sluts, this is my very hansom, but somewhat shy friend- Dave,” he looked at his friend smiling ear-to-ear. “Dave needs to have fun. So of course, I can in return get laid. If anyone so kindly would take him off my hands,” with that he gave his friend a quick push in the mist of the crowd. “Just make sure, you’re not a crazy surpressed lesbian”, and with that the crowd laughed turned to stare at Bif. She flicked the whole room off not even bothering to looking back at them.

Cunts were now surrounding him. Cunts with tits and willing pussies. Yet, his mind wondered back to her. He was now fucking these cunts on some stranger’s bed. Sweating, but thinking of her. Getting suck off, but thinking of her. Cumming, but still thinking of her.

Now, he was fully dressed in Lances car headed back to their apartment.

“Man I’m proud of you, not that I didn’t think you had it in you”, Lance told his friend.
“How many did you banged”.
“Four,” Dave answered back like it was nothing.
“Man, you better sound a lot more happier than that especially since it was me, who put in a good name for ya.”
“Naw man, I’m grateful. But, by the way, what is the deal with the girl, who gave me this eye.”
“I can’t believe you man. You just laid four fresh spring chickens and all you can think of is that cunt!!!”, Lance protested. “Dave some times you can be a total pussy. Maybe I should dress you up in a little dress and call it a day,” as he breathed hard.

They drove in silence for a while then Lance said, “Her name is Bif,” paused for a sec. “She’s…pretty out there ya know. A so-called feminist, more like fem-nazi. Man that lil’ bitch is always doing stuff like that just smacking a fellow just for looking. But if you ask me, she’s asking for it, you see the way the little hottie dresses,” he said biting his bottom lip. “What would any give to fuck her, but yet she rolls deep. She got members of her family that would slit your throat for fun. I guess craziness runs in the family,” he shrug it off. “And… Dave no pussy in the world is good enough for you to end up in a body bag, dude.
“No man, I was just wondering that’s all,” Dave said like he was trying to convince himself

“So, is she gay?” He asked hoping his friend would just answer without any sarcastic remarks.
“Who knows,” Lance said shrugging his shoulder up.

In like that, they walked up the stairs of their apartment, not speaking another word to each other. Dave took a long shower as he thought “She’s a real bitch, but God her voice was sexy- not high or whinny, like most girls. Her voice had a tone to it, pure hot honey. That outfit was in someway very masculine, but overall feminine. Her face was well-defined every feature spoke volumes from her almond shaped eyes to her dainty nose and pouty lips. Her neck was long contoured- leading to her breast generously sizes. Her waist was short, but tiny hips spreading like the sea. She had short little legs, but they were strongly curved, and he imaging how it would be to have them wrap around him or spread over his shoulders.” He would love to tame her…to make her beg for his cock. He wanted to hear her beg for it- yell his name in the middle of a climax. And he would. To be continue….:)

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