Just had to let it go

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Someone once said that I drink way too much. I told them to mind there own business and really never see them that much anyway. I bring this up because on December 31st 2002 I got in a tad bit of trouble. Some may say it was from the booze but what the hell do they know.

I love the way it frees up my spirit both sexually and mentally. The feeling I get, you know when you take the first drink or maybe the second one, makes me relaxed and more social. For instance, If I am out sitting at the pub and a man hits on me I usually just put him on ignore. When I had a few to loosen me up I usually talk to them and even give them my number for a future date.

I am a long legged beauty that stands about five feet nine with long blond hair that hangs down to the middle of my back. I have a tattoo that I usually show off with skirts or jeans that hang low and belly shirts to show off my navel ring. Of course I love to wear my heels that have to be at least four inches high. If I had to rate me from one to ten I would say I am a high eight although I have been called a ten.

One night my friend Barb told me about this new club she had heard about and asked if I wanted to go with her and check it out. Without hesitation I said I would and she said she would pick me up at eight.

The night finally came and I was dressed to the nines wearing my five inch heels with a short mini and of course my signature belly shirt and was heading out to a club with one of my girl friends. She was dressed with a one piece dress, black with a plunging neckline, showing off her double D’s. I wasn’t that blessed I only had 35 C’s but had no complaints as of yet.

We arrived at the club and headed right for the bar. I ordered my usual, Long Island Iced Tea, and she had her Jack and Coke. We looked around and noticed all the men checking us out and really didn’t expect anything less. Men are men and that was expected of them, but they all were buying us drinks and I was feeling no pain after a while.

Barb was talking to her new acquaintance Frank and I was asked to dance by some of the guys but was reluctant. Barb asked me what was wrong and I said I was having a blast. Barb then told me that some of the guys here thought I was coming off like a stuck up little rich girl. I just said that I wasn’t ready to talk or dance yet and she then went on with her flirting with Frank.

All of the sudden a gentleman was heading in my direction smiling from ear to ear and introduced himself to me as Hans. I remembered what Barb said about me seeming to be stuck up so I held out my hand to shake his, “My name is Sharon”, I said in a flirting voice. He took my hand and kissed it and asked if I minded if he sat down and I said I would like that very much.

After a few more drinks and some very steamy conversation he asked if I would like to ride to the coast and walk on the beach. I thought that was so romantic and shook my head yes. I went to tell Barb but she was nowhere to be found.
Walking to Hans Vet in the parking lot I heard moans of passion as I passed Barbs car. We just smiled as we passed her and Frank screwing away. Hand in hand Hans and I arrived to his car, got in and drove off into the night.

I wasn’t drunk per say but was very mellow and agreeable. Hans pulled into a long driveway and I wondered why we were stopping but didn’t really care. Hans opened my door and said we were here. I asked him where and she smiled and said it was his home.

As we entered there were about thirty people dancing, drinking and having a blast. Hans introduced me to a few of them and we headed towards the bar. I never saw a bar like it in anyone’s home before. Hans had the bartender, yes his own private bartender make me whatever I wanted while he had a martini. We headed out the back door and it was so beautiful. His home was right on the beach and we took out shoes off and walked and talked for at least twenty minutes and then we stopped. He turned towards me and came closer to me, placed his arms around me and kissed me. I pulled away and looked at him for a second then we kissed again only this time with all the passion we could muster up. We fell to the sand and as I reached inside his shirt feeling his chest so did he. He started squeezing my tits in such a way that it drove me wild. It was a gentile touch but yet firm as he stopped once in a while to gently tickle my nipples which sent me into a orgasmic fury. He reached to get a touch of my wet pussy from under my skirt but I moved his hand away. I wasn’t ready and as I looked into his sky blue eyes I told him that. He got up and said he did really ask if I was ready or not. I looked at him as if to say I didn’t understand what was going on and he grabbed my arm and escorted me back into the house using a bit more force then I was used to.

He pulled me through the party like a rag doll dragging up the stars into what looked like his bedroom. He tossed me onto his bed and started undressing. I started crying but he slapped me across the face and told me to shut up. He slapped me again and tied me to the bedpost. He left the room for a second then came back with a huge knife and started cutting off my clothes piece by piece. A few minutes I found myself laying there naked and Hans standing over me holding the knife. He slowly started rubbing the tip of the knife over my sweaty body not saying a word. Up and over my breasts and back down again. I asked him to stop but he just kept the tip of the sharp knife running up and down my body. I asked him again and again but after a while I really didn’t want him to stop/ My body was tingling from my head to my toes and my pussy was dripping so much that the bed was soaked in my juices.

Hans stood there and asked me if I was ready now and I shook my head yes. I watch him take his clothes off and saw he was stiff. His cock was only about five inches but I just wanted it inside me. Hand walked over to me and as he stood there I knew he wanted me to suck it. I stared at it as he moved closer to me and finally my lips got a taste of a real man. As he gently rubbed the back of my head I slowly started sucking his cock. I would stop and tickle his dick with my tongue then take it all in my mouth again. I would pump slower then fast, over and over until his cock would throb from excitement. I wanted to squeeze his balls in my hand as I sucked him but my hands were still tied up so I sucked them instead. Every so often would look at his face to see that he was enjoying it. The more he was in ecstasy the more horny I was and he stopped and asked if I was ready to be fucked like I never was before and I shook my head yes waiting for him to climb on me. He walked out of the room which surprised me but came back in a minute.

Two men followed him and stood on each side of me. One held my legs opened as the other tied my legs to the foot board. Hans just sat there watching the two men manipulate me sexually. As one licked my pussy the other played with m y tits. I yelled stop but found myself getting slapped again. I felt the pain but at the same time found myself letting go, giving in to the idea that I was getting raped.

One man climbed on top of me and started fucking me hard. With each thrust he gave me I felt my pussy pulsate more and more. I never been fucked like this and welcomed it now. As the man fucked me faster and faster the other stood over me as I sucked his cock. He was much bigger then Hans and that didn’t matter I wanted it.

Hand walked over to me and started untying my hands and feel as the two men continued there wonderful assault on me. The two men then flipped me over and hoisted my ass into the air and one entered me from behind. Bam, Bam, he pumped into me and I let out a scream with each thrust. The pain and pleasure was so great I was almost in tears but found myself wanting more and more, harder and harder.

The two men were about to cum when Hans called them to his side. They stood
over by him and kept asking me how bad I wanted it. I begged them to
make me cum but they laughed at me and then the door swung open again and four more men walked in and started fucking me again and again and again. Three hours of intense sex and it all the sudden stopped as fast as it started.
Hans called the others over to his side and I found myself being watched by seven naked men.

Hans calls out my name, I look in his direction and he asks me if I would masturbate for them. My hand reached for my pussy and I started rubbing my clit. Each man took turns asking me to do things to myself and I obliged them. “Deeper, harder, slower” the guys requested and I was into it and on the verge of a huge orgasm. Louder my moans became with each touch of my cunt. I was lapping my pussy and rubbing it spreading the juices over myself as my fingers slid in and out of it so graceful. I put on a great show for the boys but it had to come to an end because I was at the point of no return. It was time for me to let it loose and the guys knew that. As I came they stood around me and masturbated until they all shot their hot juices all over me.

I sat up and one by one tasted each man as he stood by me. Hans was right. I was never fucked like this nor would it ever happen again like this.

Hans showed me to the shower and got me something to wear and then took me home. I think about that night a lot when I am alone and never told another soul about it. I sometimes soak in a hot tub and touch myself just at the thought of that night. As for Barb, she still thinks I am a virgin and doesn’t bother with me too much these days. I never seen Hans again but I think it is better that way. A once in a lifetime thing.

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