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I was playing in the Saturday afternoon cricket match but on Sunday I had entered the mixed doubles tennis tournament at my company’s sports club. Sue my girl friend was on holiday with her family so she could not be with me.

The cricket game was fun, no one took it seriously, and it was a chance to meet staff members from around the country. After the match there was a drawing to see who would be partners in the mixed doubles tennis tournament the next day. I was drawn to partner Maria a clerk from Manchester. She was not at the club Saturday, apparently she and some of her friends had decided that they would explore London.

Sunday came and I arrived at the sports club just in time to greet the bus and Maria. I was surprised; she was at last twenty years old, for me being only seventeen that was ancient. She was a real good looker, perfect in every way, her brown hair hung down to her shoulders, her breasts were prominent and her legs perfect. We got talking and I found out that she had only played tennis twice in her life, the only reason she had entered was for the free trip to London with her friends from work.

We played in the first game and were soundly beaten. However, this did not matter for Maria and I had hit it off we were having a great time. After tea she suggested that as she was returning to the Hotel I might like to accompany her. Two girls Lucy and Anna were sharing a room with Maria; I was invited to their room to wait while they changed to get ready for a night on the town.

The Hotel room was not very big; there were three beds and a bathroom. I sat on the only chair while the three girls disrobed, they were not worried that I was taking in every site that I could. Dresses were removed, underwear was taken off, and nude girls were everywhere. I thought this must be what heaven is like as I had never seen that many tits and cunts before.

When the girls had changed we decided to go to a Jazz club in Soho, it turned out to be a great night; I was the only man with three beautiful girls. At the club we had a few drinks and then decided to end up in the Hotel’s bar.

Midnight came and the girls decided that as they had to get up in the morning to return to Manchester, they should go to bed. I was about to leave when Maria came up to me and said, “you don’t want to go now, do you? Why not stay with us?”

So up to the bedroom I went with the three lovely girls. Maria said, “you will be sleeping with me.” So once again I sat on the chair and watched as the girls got ready for bed. I had never seen so much bare flesh, none of the girls showed any embarrassment in parading their bodies in front of me. After they had finished changing, I went into the bathroom, removed my clothes but left on my under pants.

When I came out of the bathroom all three girls were waiting, they wanted to see the full Monty but I was a little embarrassed and slipped into bed with Maria. I soon found that she was not wearing anything, her lithe body was very close to mine and in no time she had removed my under pants. Her hands were all over me and we intertwined kissing and fondling. This was the best I had ever experienced. Luckily I had put a Condom on the bedside table, there was not much time to put it on as Maria was all over me. We must have been making a noise because the other girls started to giggle and asked what is going on, as if they didn’t know.

Maria was completely uninhibited, she sucked my cock until I asked her to stop. I wanted to have the real thing so to start I mounted her and she guided me in, I was in heaven this was my first real experience with a woman and it did not take long before that condom was full of my juices. Maria took it off and whispered, “I hope you have some more.” She went down on me again and gently roused me until I was at full strength again. Then she came on top so I could suck on her tits and experience another coming. After about half an hour of activity we were both exhausted and went to sleep.

I woke up early in the morning, at first I did not remember where I was but there next to me in bed was a naked Maria, my memory returned really fast. She was asleep but Lucy was awake and whispered, “come on over I want to keep you warm.” So I slipped out of bed and got next to Lucy. She was naked just like Maria and in no time she was feeling my cock. I took the opportunity, as any boy would, to satisfy her with my fingers while kissing her really big tits, paying special attention to the nipples, she was groaning loudly and I could feel her come as her juices ran up my hand.

Then Ann woke up, she said, “it’s my turn now.” So once again I slipped out of one bed into another. Ann went to work immediately, her mouth was all over me and it did not take long before I had reached the point of no return. While Ann was performing I was fingering her and we came at the same time. She did not spill a drop, she drank it down like it was cream and I was surprised that I was still able to produce any. After this I was exhausted but on looking over the room I saw that Maria was still asleep so I slide back beside her and immediately went back to sleep.

The alarm clock went off at 8 o’clock, Maria turned to me and began to cuddle and kiss. I had rejuvenated somewhat, luckily I had one condom left so I put it to good use as we went at it again. The other girls got out of bed still naked and went into the bathroom. Lucy called for Maria to come into the bathroom with me as they had something to show us.

Maria and I were still naked but we went into the bathroom where Lucy and Ann stood in the shower. Lucy said, “to save time, how about a mixed shower?” Well being an old Hotel the shower was massive, more that enough room for four people. So we all got into the shower and turned the water on.

What an experience, there were six hands all over my body, I was feeling breasts and hairy cunts. I managed to soap Maria from behind and as she bent over I inserted my member. The other girls chanted, “it’s my turn next.” So of course I had to oblige. I managed to ream all three girls much to their delight, they said that it was the best shower they had ever had.

We had fun but the time had come to say good-bye, the girl’s train left for Manchester at 10.30. I took them by taxi to the station. What a great weekend that was.

Peter Lincoln.

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