Surprise Birthday Party! Part1

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Always for my birthday my hubby gave me a day of pampering at my favorite spa. Mud bath, massage, manicure, pedicure. facial, waxing, hair cut the works. It’s usually the most favorite thing about my birthday. Except for this year.

My hubby made the appointment later in the day then he usually does. He said they were really booked up. They really pampered me today. My hubby must of told them it was my 30 th birthday. He even told them to do my make up which was unusual. After I was done the manger told me to follow her. I did. We walked into her office and she handed me a garment bag, lingerie box and shoe box. I looked at her with a questioning look. She laughed and said that my hubby had dropped the outfit off earlier in the week and asked her to have me change into it before I left the spa. He must have drop the lingerie box another day because I don’t remember it being here she said. She showed me a room to change in.

When I open the garment bag I gasped. The outfit was gorgeous. It was a ivory crotched skirt and halter top to match. The lingerie box held a pair of tiny ivory thong panties with beads. And in the shoe box was a pair of matching tie up sandals. I put on the panties first and wow. The pearls rubbed against my pussy and ass, they felt wonderful. I put on the outfit feeling very sexy. The color brought out my tan even more. 15 minutes later I walk out of the room turning both male and females heads. I thanked the manger and left.

I looked for my cell to call my hubby and thank him but I couldn’t find it. As I drove home I thought about the night ahead and what he might have planned for us. I pulled into the garage got out of the car and walked into the house.

There must have been 60 people yelling happy 30 th birthday Beth. I was so surprised I had tears in my eyes. My hubby walked up to me and handed me a glass of Champagne and said Happy Birthday baby, gave me a very deep hungry kiss.And told me I looked gorgeous. I thank him with a kiss and a promise for more later.

I mingled with everyone and drank more champagne. We ate some food and I opened my presents. I was feeling a little warm so I went outside to get some fresh air. I was walking towards the pool and came upon a couple having oral sex in one of the lounge chairs. Her legs were over his shoulders and he was eating her good. She was pinching her own nipples and moaning loudly. I just stood the and watched. I could feel myself getting wet. I sensed someone behind me and turned around. Remember when I did that too you in the same lounge Beth? Do I ever Jim (smiling). Did you like my present? The scarves are beautiful that you and your wife gave me. I’m not talking about the scarves! I’m talking about the panties! The panties I asked. Yes I bought them for you.Oh yes Jim I love them. He slid his hand between my legs and pulled the beads across my swollen pussy. Almost making me cum. He wrapped his arms around me and I could feel his arousal behind me and he asked me if that was what I wanted him to do to me…..ooh yes I said. He asked what else I wanted him to do to me and I told him everything that I wanted done. He whispered in my ears that he’d do all and more. And he told me he had another surprise for me later after everyone left.

The party went on for a couple more hours and then finally everyone left. Jim’s wife had to work the midnight shift so she had left earlier. All that was left was myself, Jim and my hubby. My hubby grabbed the bottle of Champagne and took my hand and lead me outside by the pool where Jim was waiting. Soft music was playing and the torches were lit it was so romantic by the pool. Jim and my hubby was sipping Champagne and watching me. I slowly started stripping my clothes off and was dancing between them. All I had on were the panties. I bent over in front of my hubby and he sucked the beads into his mouth pulling on them. Making me moan. He let go and I danced to Jim bending over for him. He slid his tongue inside my ass licking and licking. I grabbed both of their hands and lead them to the lounge chair the couple earlier used. Now for my real present I said!

I watched as the both stripped in front of me. Both had great bodies. Jim cock was bigger then my hubby’s but I enjoyed both of them the same. They both started kissing different past of my body driving me crazy. They were touching and kissing everything. Soon my hubby slid in between my thighs and started eating my pussy and Jim slid his cock in my mouth I had died and gone to heaven. I came twice in my hubby mouth before Jim finally came in my mouth. We all kissed and switched palaces. I started sucking my hubby off and Jim eat at my ass. Then sliding his tongue deep into my pussy making me cum the same time as my hubby came.

I suggested we all go up to the bedroom. All 3 of us took a shower together washing each other kissing and touching. As they both dried me off I felt very pampered and horny. My hubby laid in the bed first and I straddled him taking him into my ass then laying back as Jim climbed on top and slid deep into my pussy. They both started sliding in and out moving faster and deeper fucking my hard in both holes driving me crazy with want. I felt my hubby cuming first, then me and then Jim we all collapsed together me in the middle and both guys on each side on me. Thank you, guys what a wonderful present. Baby your night has just begun!

stay tuned for part 2

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