The Costume Party

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I have yet to meet a female who I could trust enough with my secret and would do me up in makeup well enough that I can be passable.A fantasy I always get around Halloween is where I have a female friend who I could confide in about my secret for dressing up or crossdressing.That she would do her best to apply makeup in such a way that I could be passable.The idea here is that Sandy does me up in makeup and perhaps even provides me with a costume or accessories to one I may have chosen myself.We go to a halloween party that one of her friends is having.I do not drink alcohol so I would still be nervous about dressing up and being around others.I figure with the theme of the party,it is the one time of year that I could justify dressing up.Periodically I have to use the washroom and at one point I use one downstairs in the basement.After sitting down in a feminine way,I happen to notice a hole in the wall and realize that it is a gloryhole when a guy puts his cock through it.I have always liked the idea,so I turn on the toilet seat and slide my lips over the cock and start to suck it.By the way,I do enjoy sucking cock.I slurp and suck away on the cock until it explodes in my mouth,I gulp and swallow each burst of cum and make sure I get it all by gently sucking and licking it clean.Once I am done sucking it off,the cock disappears and another appears.I suck it off too.I spend a grat deal of time in there,sucking several cocks that are put through the hole.I do not know how many I could suck off.My previous limit was seven in one night,but that was over several hours of being down on my knees in a conservation area.After a time when the cocks stop appearing through the hole,I decide to exit the washroom.I seek out Sandy and tell her about how naughty I was.It turns out that she heard about some slut who several males got sucked off by.She tells me they all thought it was a female who sucked them off.Little do they know who the little slut was.

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