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After what seemed like a long week, Friday finally came, Bob and his wife Tammy arrived at 6:45. We sat and visited until I observed the clock showing 7:01, and the time came for them to pay up on the bet.
I looked at Tammy and said, “I’m hungry, go fix me something to eat, and I don’t want you wearing any clothes while you’re my slave.”
“O.K.” Tammy replied.
Tammy started to the kitchen and I said, “Take them off, right here in front of us.”
Tammy pulled her top off exposing her tits, which were about a 36c, nice round with pointed nipples. She then wiggled out of her jeans, exposing her cleaned shaved pussy, and her firm little ass.
Ashley had her eyes fixed on that tender pussy, when she said, “Fix me something to eat too. Bob, that goes for you too, get them clothes off, now!”
Bob took his shirt off, then his shoes and socks, then he pulled his jeans off, revealing an eight inch cock, I saw Ashley licking her lips as she watched Bob’s cock.
Ashley leaned back in her recliner, and told Bob, “Give my feet a massage while I wait on the bitch to fix the food.”
Bob started rubbing the bottom of Ashley’s feet, Ashley just kind of leaned back a little more and said, “Don’t forget to get between my toes!”
Ashley looked at me and said, “I’m really not hungry.” I agreed, so we called Tammy to come back in and told her we wanted to see her suck Bob’s cock. Bob laid on his back on the floor and Tammy started sucking his cock it only took a second for Bob to get hard.
I could see Bob really squirming, so I said, “Bob, lick Tammy’s cunt.” So, they changed places, and Bob started licking that clean shaved pussy. Ashley said, “This really sucks, just watching.”
She started removing her clothes; I thought I’m not going to be a party pooper so I removed mine. I told Tammy, “Lick Ashley’s cunt while Bob’s licks yours. So with Bob laying on his back with Tammy straddled his face, Tammy put her face in Ashley’s cunt and started licking and sucking on Ashley’s pussy.
After watching this, I was ready to explode, I got behind Tammy and eased my cock into her pussy from behind, and told Bob to keep licking her clit, I pumped and pumped that juicy cunt, I then swelled up and dumped my load as far in her pussy that I could.
Then Ashley said, “Get on your back bitch!”
Ashley then moved between Tammy legs and started eating her cream pie.
I told Bob to fuck Ashley from behind, He moved up on her and penetrated her cunt, and started fucking her like there was no tomorrow.
I then put my dick in Tammy’s face and told to start sucking until I got hard again. I could tell Ashley was having a time being fucked by Bob while she sucked a fresh fucked cunt. I could feel Tammy moaning as she sucked my dick, and I could tell she was cumming, Bob was making a face and groaning as he dumped his load into my wife’s cunt. I was getting hard again by now, so as soon as Bob emptied I moved behind Ashley and replaced Bob’s dick with my dick. I slammed my dick as hard as I could into Ashley’s just fucked cunt. I started fucking her long and hard, I slammed harder and harder, when I heard her start moaning, she then started squirming and twisting and humping me back the best she could, as she was cumming I dropped another load into her cunt, I could feel all the cumm easing out and running down my balls.
The weekend continued much the same, just one super fuck session after another. By the end of the weekend we decided that we should be Bob and Tammy’s slaves the following weekend…….
We really enjoy your commits so Please leave Them……………

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