what a night

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a friend asked me to substitute for him as an erotic stripper one night.i said yeah why not!it might be fun,he told me it was for an exclusive womans group,cool why not..moving forward to that night” when i got to the home where the party was,i knocked,and was let in…wow there had to be at least 30 woman there,all very glamorous,and sexy…i started to get a little scared,but they were very friendly.the woman hosting the party was at least in her 60s,very hot for her age i thought..she handed me a drink,and told me to relax.she told me she had a g-string,and a robe for me to put on,so she led me to the a bed room,and said “dont be long”..i could hear loud music start,and then the woman came through the door,and asked to look at my cock,i,was like “ok”,so i showed her..she replied..”very nice”….then she led me to the big room,where i was to do my thing…it was loud!,all the woman were yelling and laughing.suddenly the music went off…she drew three names from a bowl.each one called came up with thier chair,sat down in front of me.the one on the left was in her thirties,the one on the rightwas in her 20s,and the one in the middle was in her 50s,and was very muscular,wearing a skirt that was slit up the sides,awsome legs,and thigh high stolkings.the woman holding the party came up to me and pulled my robe off…started rubbing my body all over..pulled the g-string off!!!grabbed the microphone,and said…the first one to make him cum gets a prize!!!!!!!!!i, think i was in shock!!she said they had two minutes each,or untill i came…i was tripping at this point..each one took thier turns,i was rock hard,and lots of precum was flowing…all the woman in the room were yelling “suck his cock”. make him cum!!!as they grew closer,after what seemed like forever,i could not cum..then suddenly the woman in the middle scooted her chair back,i thought she was mad…then all of the sudden…she brought her knee up to the right side of her face,and put her leg straight up in the air…her foot was in front of my face,her toes were pointed(talk about hot)she had very nice feet!!.i looked down and she was rubbing her pussy,man it was soaking wet.and fully shavedthe other woman in the crowed were now yelling for me to suck her toes,and so i did,with pleasure..now the host of the party was joining in on the fun..she was rubbing my balls gently,while the other two were sucking…anther woman came out of the crowd and pulled the womans stolking off!!!and told me to start licking the bottom of her foot,man..it was soft,and tasted good..well guess what!!…i came hard!!!,and i kept cumming…pretty soon some of the other ladies..wre up there licking up,and playing with my cum.man there was tones of it…..ive never cum so much,they were even feeding it to each other.after i was done,they had me go down and eat out the woman,whos feet i was licking.then the host told me to fuck her good.the woman came up and together took off her clothing..i put my cock in her,and gave it to her slow and deep,while the other woman were rubbing her body all over,one even came over and licked her clit while i was inside of her,she had so many orgasms she couldnt move..then thy told me to cum in her mouth..she smiled and said “its really sweet”.and thats about it..

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