Wife Ganbangs at Swinger's Party Part II

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Wife Gangbangs As A Sex Slave – Part II

Ron pulled her close and pushed her little black suede micro mini up past her hips. He didn’t have to hike it up much, Barbie was wearing the tiniest miniskirt I had ever seen, it just covered her ass cheeks and when she bent over you could see that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Barbie had always kept her bush neatly trimmed, but tonight she had shaved herself completely smooth, no doubt at Ron’s request. She was smooth as a baby’s bottom and she was already sopping wet as Ron pushed a couple of fingers into her sodden pussy and finger fucked her in front of the crowd. There were perhaps 30-40 people gathered around, a few couples, but mainly a bunch of horny, hungry guys that hooted and whistled and applauded as Ron fondled my wife. Ron reached into a small duffle bag that had appeared on the bar and pulled out a leather collar and leash, which he fastened around my wife’s neck. He snapped the collar into the D-ring and marched Barbie onto the dance stage.

There was my wife dressed in thigh high black leather high heeled suede boots, with her matching little mini skirt hiked up over her hips exposing her naked, smooth shaved pussy for all to see. Ron pulled up her top exposing her pierced nipples which by now had become hard and erect. Barbie had taken her time getting her makeup just right, a bit overdone I thought but appropriate for a slut about to get fucked. She had applied long black false eyelashes and her green eyes flashed with intensity. Her blonde hair was cut into a page boy bob and as Ron paraded her around she looked like every man’s walking wet dream.

Then Ron introduced Barbie to the crowd say…….”I present you Barbie. She’s our sex slave for the night and is going perform for us. She’s available for anyone, for anything”. The crowd erupted in applause and wolf whistles. I began to wonder if Barbie hadn’t gotten in over her head this time. I couldn’t help but be turned on however, and I found myself sporting a big boner.

Before I could give it any more thought, Ron announced that Barbie was going to perform at the Gloryhole, a large plywood box had been constructed and painted black, stood at the corner of the room. Someone had crudely painted the word Gloryhole in big letters with red paint across the top. There were 3 small holes that had been outlined in red paint cut at waist level in the front on the box and a small door that opened on the side. Ron marched Barbie over to the door of the box and helped her inside. Inside there was a small padded stool on which to kneel so as to put the occupant’s face level with the holes that had been cut in the front. A single bare light bulb was suspended from the ceiling of the box, illuminating the inside.

Ron was 1st in line and unzipped his pants and pushed his stiff cock thru the center hole. A big smile lit up on Ron’s face as my wife obviously wrapped her lips around his cock and began to suck him off. A couple of other guys took up position on either side of Ron and put their stiff cocks thru the holes. I could only imagine what Barbie was presented with. 3 large cocks with which to suck. She obviously took good care of Ron’s cock as it wasn’t more than a couple of minutes and he shot his load into my wife’s mouth. Barbie had never let me come in her mouth and here she was performing like a true slut, sucking strange men off thru a hole and letting them cum in her mouth! The thought of which made me even harder. Ron glanced back over his shoulder and motioned for me to get in line that was forming in front of the glory hole. I walked on over and got in line. Ron opened the door to the gloryhole and went inside. It must have been a little cramped inside for 2 people, but he managed to get inside with Barbie. I wondered if Ron was bi- was he going to suck cock too? But only one mouth appeared at the holes……….big full pouty lips that were red and luscious……….obviously my wife’s. Several men shot their load into my wife’s waiting mouth before my turn came. I wondered if my wife could recognize my cock thru the hole, would she even care? As Barbie sucked my cock I began to visulize what Ron was doing to my wife as she sucked cock after cock. Was he finger fucking her from behind? Maybe he had recovered enough and was sporting a hard on and fucking her doggy style while she sucked cock after cock that were being thrust thru the holes. Suddenly I couldn’t hold back anymore and shot the biggest load of my life directly down my wife’s throat, she swallowed it all……..something she had never done before. Barbie spent nearly an hour in the Gloryhole and sucked off over a dozen guys before Ron gave her a break. He told her to go freshen up in the ladies room and meet him at the bar in 15 minutes. Barbie’s hair was must up her make up and lipstick smeared and traces of cum were in her hair and on her face. She didn’t even glance at me at she walked past towards the ladies room.

Barbie spent the full 15 minutes putting herself back together. As she approached the bar, I could see that she had done her best to touch up her makeup and get the cum out of her hair………a fresh coat of glossy lipstick adorned her lips. Just as she made it to the bar and approached Ron, 3 black guys walked in. “There you are”, said Ron, “right on time”.
Barbie, you already met, Herman, my driver…….he’s brought a couple of “friends”, I think it’s time you got acquainted. So that was it. The kinky bastard wanted to watch these 3 black guys fuck the hell out of my wife. Well, that was going too far……..I started to get up, but Barbie gave me a look that froze me in place. “Well, I’ve always wondered if it was true about what they say about black cock……..guess it’s time I found out!” She gave Ron a wink, licked lips and strode over to Herman and his two friends. She rubbed up against Herman while reaching out with both hands and checking out each guy’s :package”. I started to get up again, but a hand on my shoulder pushed me back down. It was Ron and for an older guy he was surprisingly strong. Ron said, “look, I know how you gotta feel, but it’s Barbie’s choice now………..let it go”. I took a sip of my drink and took a deep breath, “yeah, you’re right”, I said. Ron then said, “now Herman and his friends and I are going to take Barbie back into a private room and we’re all going to have a little fun………remember, I told you she can say “stop” anytime she wants and we’ll obey her wishes”. We won’t do anything that she doesn’t want done”. I said, “yeah, I know”. (But that was what was bothering me……..I knew Barbie, once she commits to something, she doesn’t let go…………she’s very, very stubborn…….I knew she committed to see the evening through…………so I knew anything short of physical harm was unlikely to get her stop). Ron said, there’s an adjoining room with a one-way mirror, it’s soundproof and there’s a speaker in there so you’ll be able to watch and hear what is going on……………..Barbie doesn’t know about it……….so she’ll think what goes on in that room with us is private…so she’ll most likely be a little more uninhibited, several of my friends here like to watch, especially that couple over there. They like to get it on watching a live sex show. I looked over to Ron’s right. A middle aged couple stood caressing each other. She was a little overweight and dressed in a skirt a little short for her age, but she must have been a pretty good looker 20 years earlier. Her husband was a mousy looking guy with balding hair ( an accountant type, I thought). You’re welcome to watch along with the others from the adjoining room…….or not, it’s up to you”. With that Ron attached the leash to my wife’s collar and led her away. He motioned to Barbie’s “new friends” and marched them down the hall toward the room Ron had mentioned. I sat at the bar frozen in place. I couldn’t believe this was happening……….my wife, all tarted up and acting, hell being a slut in front of me and acting li
ke it was no big deal. Well I gu
ess it was a big deal, a big cash deal……….but she didn’t have to act like she liked it so much! Yeah, I was jealous, jealous that some strangers with big, hard dicks were going to fuck the hell out of my beautiful wife…well what the hell, I could sit there and fume or go watch, maybe I’d even be able to join in…………..Ron promised me at some point I could do that, I might as well be around when the offer was made. The idea of fucking my wife in front of strangers after she had been used by them excited me and I started getting a boner……….I walked off down the hall looking for the adjoining room.

I entered the room and saw that there were perhaps a dozen people in room. The middle aged couple with the mousy looking husband were in the corner. She was partly undressed and she was giving him a blow job while he fingered her pussy. Another couple was near the back seemingly oblivious at what was going on in the room next door, completely wrapped up in each other. The rest were guys, some already had their cocks out, stroking off. There were 3 rows of theater style seats arranged in front of the viewing window, I walked down and chose an unoccupied seat in the front row. The room Ron had taken Barbie into was well lit and I could hear Barbie moaning thru the speakers. There was a big round bed in the center of the room. Ron had Barbie pushed up against the wall, her little miniskirt pushed up over her hips and her top was pulled up over her breasts. Ron was on his knees alternately licking her smooth pussy and working a couple of fingers knuckle deep in and out of her sodden pussy. Barbie had her head back and her eyes closed and the 2 black guys were standing on each side of her. One was making out with her, tonguing her hard while the other dude was sucking on her nipples. She had a cock in each hand and was stroking their big black meat sticks. While the guys were completely naked Herman, the limo driver was curiously still dressed and sitting on a chair taking in the scene.

After a few minutes, Ron had Barbie kneel down right next to the viewing window and commanded her to suck their dicks. She alternated between Ron and the 2 black dudes that stood on either side of him. She had their dicks standing at attention in a few minutes. I guess I was under the impression as everyone else that black guys have huge dicks, but the 2 dudes Barbie administering her oral talents to weren’t that bigger than Ron. Maybe 8 inches, but they were much bigger around than Ron’s cock.

Now Ron helped her up and told her to go lie down on the bed. She did so without hesitation and laid down facing the viewing window. Ron pulled her to edge of the bed and then buried his face in her pussy, tonguing away. The black guys got on the bed with her and fed her their cocks to suck on while Ron continued eating her out. They switched positions so that each of them had a taste of her pussy. Barbie moaning each time one of them brushed her clit with his tongue.

This went on for a few minutes when suddenly the door of the room opened and in walked a leather clad mistress. She was completely outfitted in leather. She had on a leather body suit, the only openings were small holes for the nipples of her tits to peak out and a slit that exposed her pussy and ass. She had on black leather platform high heeled spike boots with 6 inch heels and even without the heels she probably stood 6 foot tall. She was wearing a leather hood, with opening for her eyes, nose and mouth and leather elbow gloves. She was carrying a small duffle bag which she put down on the bed. I saw Barbie’s eyes go wide and I could only imagine what was running thru her mind. “This is Mistress Helga”, Ron said to Barbie. You will do EXACTLY what she tells you to do or you will suffer the consequences…….do you understand?” Barbie started to reply and Mistress Helga swatted Barbie on the ass with the leather riding crop she was holding. “you will speak to ME and only when I tell you to, Mistress Helga hissed, understand?! I saw Barbie’s green eyes flash and I was sure this was all going to come to an abrupt end. Barbie doesn’t like being told what to do, much less by another woman. But to my surprise Barbie nodded her head and meekly croaked……..”yes Mistress”. “That’s better”, Mistress Helga replied. “Now, you will do exactly as I say………understood?” Again, Barbie nodded and weakly answered, “yes Mistress”. “Good”, Mistress Helga replied, “now get on your knees on the bed with your ass facing the wall (which was the viewing window). Barbie meekly complied. Ron and the 2 black dudes came around the front of the circular bed and Mistress Helga commanded Barbie to continue sucking their dicks. Mistress Helga positioned herself behind Barbie and starting licking her pussy and then her ass hole. After a few minutes Barbie started to moan every time Mistress Helga tongued her ass. Mistress Helga got up and said, “that’s a good fuck slave”. “Now I’m going to show you how to be a good little fuck slut”. With that, she pulled out a couple of dildos from the duffle bag and took one and pushed it in Barbie’s sopping wet pussy. Herman, the limo driver, who had until been silently sitting on a chair came over and took the dildo from Mistress Helga and starting reaming Barbie’s pussy with it. Mistress Helga meanwhile, took the other dildo, a big fat long black one and lubed it generously with a bottle of lubricant that she pulled from the duffle bag. Mistress Helga then commanded Barbie to reach behind herself and spread her ass cheeks. When Barbie hesitated she was rewarded with a stinging slap on the ass from Mistress Helga’s riding crop. Barbie did as she was told. She reach behind with both hands and spread her ass cheeks. Mistress Helga proceeded to work the big black dildo slowly into Barbie’s ass. As she did so, Barbie let out a gasp and quit sucking Ron’s cock and was rewarded with another stinging swat from her riding crop. “I didn’t tell you stop sucking cock, slave……….Mistress Helga shouted……..keep sucking, you bitch!” Barbie went back to sucking Ron’s cock with renewed gusto while Mistress Helga worked the big black dildo in and out of Barbie’s ass while Herman fucked her pussy relentlessly with the other dildo.

Mistress Helga handed the dildo she had been reaming Barbie’s ass with and told Herman to continue fucking both her holes. Mistress Helga then reached into the duffle back and pulled out a strap on harness and fitted another black dildo into it and strapped it on. “Now”, Mistress Helga said. I am going to fuck you ……..you want my cock in you don’t you bitch?” Barbie was a little late to answer and again she felt the sting of Helga’s riding crop. “Tell me you want it you filthy fucking whore, tell me you want me to fuck you with my big cock”, Helga screamed. Barbie was quicker to reply this time and moaned….”yes, Mistress, I want your cock in me, fuck me, fuck me now!”.

Herman pulled the dildos from Barbie pussy and ass and Mistress Helga moved in behind Barbie and pushed the big fake black cock into her pussy from behind. She started fucking her hard and she asked Barbie if she wanted more……..Barbie moaned, “yes Mistress, I want more…………more cock….every hole……..I want more cock!” Helga thrust savagely in and out of Barbie’s pussy with the strap on dildo and at one point jerked Barbie’s head back with the leash that was still attached to her collar leaning forward and hissing into her ear…….”take it all you fucking Bitch”! Barbie responded by spreading her cheeks with her hands and then fingering her clit. While Helga continued fucking Barbie doggy style, Herman undressed, his big black cock hung flaccidly down halfway to his knees. Christ he was huge! He must have been a good 12 inches and he wasn’t even hard yet. “O.K. you little slut, remember you asked for it!, Helga hissed. With that rolled onto the bed and pulled Barbie on top of her. Barbie sunk her pussy onto Helga’s “cock” and Herman moved around in front. He offered his cock to Barbie and her eyes lit
up and then went wide wi
th shock………that was surely the biggest cock she had ever seen. While Helga continued fucking Barbie from underneath, she said…….”yeah, I know it’s big and it’s gonna get bigger and then he’s going to fuck you with it……..now suck his cock you fucking bitch”. Barbie did as she was commanded and Herman fed his cock into her mouth. Barbie could hardly get her lips around it and only maybe a third of it down her throat. Herman’s cock grew in size started becoming erect and Helga continued pounding away at Barbie’s pussy and sucking on her nipples. After a few minutes, Helga said Barbie was ready and told Herman to move around behind Barbie. I thought she’d pull her “cock” from Barbie and let Herman take over, but instead she stayed where she was, fucking Barbie from underneath and said…….Now, Herman fuck her in the ass with your big cock! Barbie’s face went wide with shock………..how was she ever going to take his big cock in her ass? And with Helga’s “cock” up her pussy at the same time. To her credit, she reached around behind herself and spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could. Herman took the bottle of lubricant and slathered up his cock and then with his cock in hand put the tip between Barbie’s ass cheeks. Helga quit pumping Barbie’s pussy but kept in buried deep in her pussy and held her tight and Herman eased his cock inch by into Barbie’s tight ass.

Now I had fucked her a few times anally, but Barbie was not a big fan of anal sex and she had never to my knowledge had a “dp” before. Now her she was being DP’d with a “dildo cock” up her pussy and a black cock up her ass!. Barbie let out a scream and then she started blabbering……”Oh god, Oh god, fuck me, both of you fuck me!” Herman and Helga found a rhythm and were soon fucking the living shit out of her. Before long Barbie started screaming………

OH…….! YOU’RE SO FUCKING HUGE……OH MY GOD! FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG BLACK MEAT STICK…….GOD GIVE IT TO ME! HARDER! HARDER! OH DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP……….OH RIGHT THERE……………RIGHT THERE! FUCK ME IN THE ASS! OH GOD, I’M CUUUUUUUUMING, I’M CUMMING! When Barbie comes she starts shaking uncontrollably before going rigid and then all but passing out. That’s exactly what Barbie did, so I know she wasn’t faking. She started shaking all over and then went rigid, unh, unh, uuuuuuuuuuuuunh….she moaned and then went completely limp. I knew she had just had a huge orgasm. Herman pulled out of her and jacked off a huge load of cum all over her ass. The sight of my tarted up wife in black high heeled thigh boots being brought to orgasm by a huge black cock made my cock spring to life, I sat there stroking off and closed my eyes reveling in the sight of the live sex show I had just witnessed when suddenly I felt a warm moist pair of lips wrap around the head of my cock……….it was the wife of the mousy looking guy wrapping her lips around my cock.
She looked up at me and smiled and went back to sucking my cock. Herman meanwhile moved off to the side and the other two black dudes went to work on my wife’s ass, she was lying limply on top of Helga…….Helga’s “cock” still buried in her pussy. I couldn’t stand it……the sight of my wife being DP’d and the warm moist lips on my cock……I shot the biggest load of my life down her throat. The 2 black guys each fucked Barbie in the ass and pulled out and shot their loads on her. Then it was Ron’s turn, he entered her from behind and began fucking my wife’s gaping ass……..pulling completely out from time to time with Helga pulling Barbie’s ass cheeks wide so that those of us in the next room got a good view of my wife’s gaping asshole. Barbie was completely out of it, blabbering incoherently “fuck………..shit, make me……..cum again, fuck…….harder, harder you bastards!” Ron was getting ready to cum and he pulled out of Barbie and moved towards Helga. She rolled Barbie off to the side and stuck her tongue out of the leather slit in her face mask. Ron unloaded a huge load and she rolled the cum around in her mouth. Then Ron moved over to Barbie and whispered in her ear. Barbie weekly nodded and then Helga moved over her. She put her hand down by Barbie’s pussy and jammed in 3 leather bound fingers and while she finger fucked her Barbie opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. Helga unloaded Ron’s cum from her mouth into Barbie’s in the most erotic cum swap I had ever seen. (well, to be honest I never seen women swapping cum….but it was the most erotic scene I had ever witnessed). Helga then Rolled Barbie over pulling her on top of her and Barbie unloaded the cum back into Helga’s waiting slit of a mouth, the cum dribbling down Helga’s black leather mask and down her front. Barbie began licking up the cum and it took several minutes for Barbie to clean Helga of cum with her tongue. Then Helga and the guys filed out of the room leaving my wife alone on the bed thoroughly fucked and cum spattered. A couple of women came in later and threw Barbie and towel and helped clean her up and escorted her to the ladies room. I wandered out to the bar and found Ron and his buddies and when Ron saw me approach he said…….”well she’s quite a fuck”, you’re a lucky man!” Now how doea a guy respond to that, after seeing his wife fucked and abused like that. I said the first thing that came to mind……..”yeah, I guess I am”.

It was now approaching 1 a.m. and Ron said the place closed at 3 so what was Barbie in for next? Ron answered that question when he said……”well Barbie’s taken a well deserved break…she’ll be back in abut 30 minutes and is going to perform in the Orgy room…….everyone is welcome to join in, you too Bob. Let’s see Barbie had sucked off over a dozen guys in Gloyhole, she had spend the last hour getting the shit fucked out of her by 4 guys and Mistress Helga and now she was going to take on the rest of the crowd?! Well, I had to admit, she had staying power…if she pulled this off she was going to be $10,000 richer. Knowing Barbie and how stubborn she is, she’d probably make it…….but she probably wouldn’t able to walk for a week!

About 30 minutes later Barbie walked into the bar, she had cleaned up with the help of the 2 women and her makeup had been touched up. She walked stiftly to the bar and ordered a gin and tonic. I had to admire her staying power. She came over to me and gave me a wink and a smile and kissed me. I swear I could taste the cum on her breath. I said, well how was it? She replied…..”oh fuck, that was fantastic you wouldn’t believe it if I told you”! I didn’t have the heart to tell her at that point I had witnessed every minute of her discusting, kinky performance. I said, “well you think you are up for the rest of it?’ She replied…..”oh yeah, just watch………you’re going to see the performance of your life, and Ron told me you get to participate!” I thought to myself………how was she going to top the performance of an hour ago? Ron came over and said to Barbie.”well are you ready?”, she winked at me at said, “you bet…..bring ‘em on!” Ron snapped the leash to her collar and led her across the dance floor to the Orgy room, nearly everyone in the place trailing in their wake. I gulped the last of my drink and followed the crowd that had gone to watch Barbie perform.

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