During My Road Exam

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This was my fourth road test and I must be honest that I wasn’t a very good driver, but I really needed to get my driver’s license before my vacation trip to Bahamas.

I had already been tested by all of the driver license examiner and they were mean. They wouldn’t talk to me during my road exam. I’m the type of person that gets very nervous taking any type of exams and so not to be able to speak with the person who was in the same car with me while I was driving was very difficult.

So I got to the DMV station and went in to let them know I was there and as I walked up to the counter there was this guy who helped me while there at the counter. He was an older gentlemen maybe in his late thirties or early forties, and pretty good looking for his age.

He spoke with a very pleasant voice that made me feel very comfortable. So he gave me back my paper work and took my permit and placed it on the road test sheet. As I walked to the bench where I would have to wait for the examiner I wandered if he was going to take me on my road test.

As I was sitting on the bench with my friend and I told her “Do you think that guy is an examiner?’ She said “I would think so because I saw him grab his folder and clip your permit on his folder”. She said “Why”? I told her that he was very nice to me at the counter. My friend said well you better be really nice to him if he takes you on your road exam. And I said but you know how I get when I’m taking any type of exam and now I find him very attractive I might freak out even before I start moving the car.

And sure enough the guy is my examiner. He calls out my name and I say here. He walks over to me and tells me if I’m ready to go. And I said I’m all yours and you can take me where ever you want. My friend is in shock because of what I said. I leaned over to my friend and tell her im going to get my license today. She gives me this smile.

As we’re on our road test I notice that he is looking at me and noticing what I am wearing. It was summer time and it was very hot that day. I had A/C in the car but the examiner rolled his window down so I couldn’t turn it on.
But while on the road test I could feel the sweat running down my neck and on to my chest down my huge breast exposing my nipples through my white tank top. But even the examiner was sweating. He asked me if we could turn the A/C on and I told him he could do ever he wanted. So he turned it on to high.

My nipples started to get hard because it was now cold in the car. And I could see the shape of his dick through his pants and it was already hard. I know he was trying his best not to look at what I was wearing, but I knew he couldn’t resist.

We finally got to the Parallel parking test and he told me to let me know when I was through parking the car. So I started to reverse the car in and I swung my right arm back to place it behind the passenger car seat where is was sitting and I hit him in the face. I stopped the car and began to apologize for hitting him in the face. I even touched his face with my hands and began apologizing again. He said just park the car because your car is still on the road. So I parked the car and put it in Park.
Again I told him I was sorry for doing that and I started crying. He leaned over to me and said that it was okay and I told him I was so nervous, but during this exam I wasn’t nervous until I hit him in the face. I grabbed his hand and asked him if I could get a hug. He said sure and we hugged and as he was pulling away from me I kept on hugging him and my hand started rubbing his crotch and I could feel his hard on. I said to him is that okay? He said this is your exam you can do whatever you want as long it has nothing to do with driving.

So I proceeded to unzip his pants to expose his dick. Wow was his dick hard. He leaned back into his seat to prepare himself for the moment. So I pulled out his dick and notice how it was clean and shaved that made me even hornier for him. So I went down on him and grabbed the lever to lean his chair back. I sucked him so hard making sure that I get his entire dick into my mouth. He grabbed my hair and began stroking it and moving my head up and down as if he was fucking my mouth. Oh gosh his dick felt so good going into my mouth. I wanted his dick so bad.

He started fondling my breast but his hands were cold and my nipples gotten even harder. He said that we only had twenty minutes and people are going to wander what’s taking so long. But I wanted him to cum in my mouth so bad that I started increasing my motion even faster and longer. I grabbed his ass and brought his entire dick into my mouth as far as it could go. He must have put cologne down by his crotch because it smelled good. He said I’m going to cum in your mouth is that okay? And I motioned with my head yes and I was going down on him even faster, longer and steady strokes. I knew he was about to cum because I could feel him tense up and all of a sudden he gave out a big moan and came into my mouth. He held my head very still with his dick in my mouth while he released his entire self into my mouth. Gosh I wanted more of him. I swallowed all of him and I even opened my mouth to show him I swallowed it all.

I grabbed some baby wipes that my friend had on the backseat of her car and wiped his dick and wipe my mouth. He zippered up his zipper and I straightened out my tank top, started the car. I made sure I signaled before entering the roadway.

We finally got back to the station. Turned off the car and he gave me my score. He said congratulations you passed. I was so happy and leaned over and gave him a big hug and a kiss. He said “You know you were already passing before we did what we did”. And I told him “Even if you didn’t pass me I still wanted you.” He said Okay you FAIL and I said What? Why?. And he said because I want you back next week and let’s do this again. We started laughing and he said he was just kidding. The examiner said that he owed me one and I said yep you do and I gave him my number.

Well I got my license and I still stay in touch with him. So girls if you want your license really bad maybe you need to give the license examiner a good fucking blow job so you can pass your road test.


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    This is a Great story, I hope there is a next one!?

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