First In Person Encounter from a Chatroom

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After months of chatting with Amanda on the romance chat room, I finally convinced here to fly into Dallas to meet me. Although we had never cybered or had phone sex, we had talked on the phone many times and exchanged pictures, and I knew that I was going to find her very attractive in person.
I met her at the gate of the airport, and she did not disappoint me. She is about 5’6″, slender, but with very shapely legs and the kind of ass that I love, small but firm. I greeted her, took her hand with one of my hands, and grabbed her bags with the other and led her to the limo that I had waiting outside for us. She was quite impressed with that, and we exchanged small talk as we both got in the backseat.
I offered her a drink, then closed the blacked out window between us and the driver, and opened the moonroof. It was a nice warm starry nite, just perfect. She sat very close to me, and I could tell she was thinking the same thing that I was. I gently grabbed her waist, and motioned for her to stand up so that her head and shoulders were in the nice warm air, and then I stood directly behind her. She leaned back into me and I whispered to her to shut her eyes, which she did. She put the glass to her lips, and as she did, I took an ice cube from the bucket and started tracing the cube along the exposed flesh of her neck. She leaned her head so that I could press it harder into her, and started to move the ice closer and closer to her lips. I took the glass from her, and just as the cube touched her mouth, l let my lips start to lick the droplets of water off of her neck. She first started to suck only on the cube, then on my fingers holding the cube in place. She leaned her body into me, and I used my other hand to untuck the blouse she was wearing from her skirt. She moaned a bit and I just whispered to her to keep her eyes shut and enjoy this. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse from the bottom upwards until only one button was left right between her breasts and I could see her nipples were now nice and erect and poking thru the fabric of her blouse. I moved the ice from her lips, and took it to her waist, then slowly up the side of her body, to the underside of her left breast. She let her blouse fall from her body as I massaged the ice into her breast, getting it nice, wet and cold without yet touching her nipple. She grinded her ass up against my now raging hardon as I bit into the flesh of her neck. I then told her to stay still, and I kept the ice along her breast, as I sat on the seat of the limo, so that her fine ass was now right in front of my face. I removed her skirt to find her wearing a nice black thong, and her ass now even looked more inviting than I had imagined. Just when she thought I would finally touch her erect nipple with the ice, I took one of her ankels and lifted up one of her feet so that one foot was on the seat, and the other on the floorboard of the limo. I moved the ice to her raised up knee, then slowly up her leg, as I kneeled beneath her. She grabbed my head with her hands to balance herself as I smelled the scent of her fill the limo. I quickly tore off her thong, and could immediately see how truly wet and moist she was. The cube got very close to her pussy, and I once again started to lick the droplets of water off her leg, starting at her knee and working my way upwards. Just before the cube touched her slit, I moved it to her other leg, so that the ice was going up one leg while my tongue was going up her other leg. I grabbed her waist, laid her down on the seat, and placed each of her legs on top of my shoulders so that my face was right between her thighs. Her fingernails dug into the back of my head and pulled my face up to her slit. I took each of her wrists with my hands, and told her to spread her lips for me, which she eagerly did, exposing her very erect clit. I let the tip of my tongue graze against it as I let one finger slide into her wetness, not stroking her yet, but just pulsating on and off a spot that I could tell was driving her wild. I then gripped her button with my lips as I flicked it with my tongue faster and faster, and finally started stroking her very very wet pussy. She used her hands to push my head downward, so I let go of her clit, and starting going to town all over her lips. Damn she tasted good. I gripped her ass with both of my hands and lifted her ass up off the seat to get a better angel into her. She started to grind against my mouth, and I decided to let one of my now very wet fingertips graze against her asshole. She really started moaning and breathing heavier as I did this so I fingered it slowly but surely until my kunckle was grinding against her little hole. My cock was so ready to go by now that I said enough of this to myself, and while keeping my finger in her ass I grabbed her body, and tured her over, so that she was on all fours on the seat, waiting for me. I leaned over the back of her so that my mouth was right by her ear, grabbed each of her nipples with my hands, and tweaked and pulled them back and forth. The harder I did it, the more she liked it. The head of my cock was right between her ass and pussy, and she reached between her legs, took it with her hand, and started to stroke it, not gently, but very hard and fast right away. She took her hand off of it for a second, licked and spit on the palm of her hand, then started to stroke it again. I then saw her put her head into the seat, and with her other hand, she used her fingers to open up her ass to me. I knew what she wanted, and was more than willig to oblige, as I removed my totally wet finger from her backdoor. I then moved the head of my cock up against her ass, and started to work it and rub it against her rim. She moved back into me, but she was so tight, that I let her do the work to finally open her up enough to let the head of my cock inside of her. She then slowly, and I do mean slowly, worked it inside of her, inch by inch, damn it seemed to take forever, but she finally got me all the way inside, so that my balls were up against her pussy. She then finally yelled to fuck her hard and fast, and I felt her dig her fingers into her pussy and occasionally grab my balls as I started to pound that fine ass of hers. It was not slow, it was not romantic, but neither of us at this point gave a fuck, she wanted to cum as bad as I did. I then grabbed her breasts forcefully with my hands, pushed all the way into her, and let it pulsate into her, not stroking her, but letting it vibrate on its own inside of her ass. I could feel her grip it tighter, and as I finally started to shoot my load into her, she screamed and let out an orgasm with a scream that I am sure the driver of the limo, and everyone just outside the limo for that matter, were sure to hear. After shooting my last load into her, I just laid on top of her, still inside of her, and brushed back the hair from her neck, and softly blew against her neck, as we were both now very sweaty. She looked at me and said, I think this is going to be a good week, and I smiled and said, you damn right.

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