Hot Sex with my co-worker

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I was Helen’s supervisor at work but I also enjoyed her outside the workplace. I was married and she was dating the same guy for a few years. We took pride in the fact that though we would talk about sex that we would never think about it when it came to us. I wasn’t quite honest about it with her because I often though what it would be like to have sex with her. It was difficult to listen to her tales of sucking cock and cumming without arousing me. I used to get super horny listening to her tales of passion. One day I found a better job and left the company Helen & I worked for. Helen was really upset but knew our friendship would remain in tact. I called Helen a couple of weeks after I settled into the new job. She said they had no replacement for me at my old job and wondered if I could come by and help her configure her new laptop. She offered to throw in a dinner with it too. Always willing to help and loving a good cooked meal, I accepted without hesistation. When I arrived at her house, she was wearing the hottest outfit I ever saw her wear. I was always used to seeing her in business attire so this was a shock to me. Helen had a really nice cleavage and she looked great. It took all of five minutes to configure her computer, which shocked her. We began talking about our days together at work when she commended me for always behaving like such a gentleman, even during our hottest chats. I told her that besides being married that I was her boss and felt it would be wrong to say or do anything inappropriate. I felt the heat start to rise in the room and it wasn’t due to the air temperature. I told her that if not for a wife and a job title that I held that things might have have worked out differently. She said that was so sweet and bent over to give me what I thought was just a thank you peck. Our lips touched slightly and she gazed into my eyes and our lips touched again. I couldn’t help myself and at that point I took her in my arms and reallly gave a passionate kiss that curled both our toes. She responded by getting real close and sitting on my lap, gently rubbing her very nice ass against my cock. We kept kissing and she took my hands and started rubbing them against her surprising firm and large tits. She took her blouse and bra off and there in front of me were the nice tits I ever saw. They had to be implants because they were perfect. “Are you okay with this?” she asked me. I was so horny and so ready to fuck her that I almost yelled YES! I wanted to fuck you since we got drunk at the last Christmas party she said. If your wife wasn’t there I would have fucked you that night. She was a great kisser and she used her ass like an exotic lap dancer. She took my hand and we went to her bedroom where a king sized bed awaited us. We hurried up and took off our clothes. As we got into bed she mounted me instantly and shoved my cock into what was the juiciest pussy I had come across in recent years. She began to kiss me hard and fuck me at a feverish rate. I cupped my hands around her very sweet ass and we were fucking each other really hard. She began to moan and started whispering that she felt like cumming. She moved in a rhythym that made my whole body shake. Cum with me she asked. The build up was huge. She played with my dick as she grinded her groin into it. She really knew what she was doing. I’m gonna cum she screamed. As she began her ascent into the loudest and moanful orgasm I ever heard, I started to cum like a runanway train. It felt like it lasted forever. As soon as we completed our incredible cum session, she collapsed on my chest and lied there still for about what felt like 5 minutes. Neither of us could talk, partly from cumming so incredibly so hard and partly because we kind of felt embarrassed. She said to me that we could never do this again. She said she was so embarrassed by it all. I agreed but we both admitted that it was the best sex we had in a long time. She wanted to get dressed but I asked her to stay naked. I said if this was truly our one and only time together that I wanted to just look at her body and feel it for as long as time permits. She smiled and said that if she didn’t have a boyfriend that things would be different. She felt that fucking me once was good for both of us but something that hot could lead to trouble. I agreed. We got dressed and I left her house about 15 minutes later. She called me on my cell later that night and thanked me for the best time she ever had but told me that she felt so guilty that she told her boyfriend. We never spoke ever again.

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