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The feel of a cold gaze upon her body caused her to shiver unwillingly. Lifting her green eyes to the blue ones, she caught her lower plump lip between her lips and trembled at the soul seeing blue eyes. Can he tell that she wanted him? The man caused her body to react involuntary. It was surprising and unsure of the reaction. His lips twitched into a roguish smile and that cause her to heat more. Oh God! What was it about him? Blue eyes darken as he stared at her and she turned her flushed face away from him. Enough, Time for her to leave, she wrapped her fingers around the bottle of beer and brought the brown bottle to her lips. From the corner of her eyes, she looked at where he stood, but saw that he was gone. Just her imagination running wild thinking that he wanted her. Snorting, she tossed the rest of her beer back and sighed as she placed the glass on the bar top. Twenty-five and single. Pathetic. Another night with Mr. Feel so Good Purple. A special name she gave her vibrator. Reaching into the small purse, she pulled out a ten and tossed it onto the bar while giving the bartender a sly smile. “Well I am off David. See you in the morning,”

The man nodded and flashed her small smile before going back to his work. Sliding off the stool, her hands moved to the hem of her black dress and pulled it down so they world didn’t see her black and red thing with the words “Bite Me” at the top of her rounded ass. Not like she cared. Sighing, she slides the strap of her purse of the soft curve of her shoulder and walked out of the bar. The sound of her heel tapping as she walked away and her lighting humming was all she heard as she left the bar. Once outside, she sighed at the cool breeze that caressed her face and laughed. Off to her boring life at her apartment again.

She headed to her car that was parked down the block only to have a hand gripped her wrist tightly. Fear shot up her arm and her mouth open for scream only to spin around and firm lips pressed against her soft ones. The need to scream vanished as the lips slanted on her and cared her mouth with a skilled wet tongue. Small moan trickled out of her mouth while being pushed back into the alley way near the bar. Why wasn’t she screaming? Could it be the fact that the being in front of her was a hell of a kisser? The more he worked his tongue over her mouth the more her body hummed in pleasure. Her back met the brick wall and his hands skimmed the side of her hips. Oh god yes! Pulling her mouth and face away from him, she lifted her green gaze and her eyes widen to be clashed with the blue eyes that had been teasing her all night long. His lips twitched again into a smile and revealing straight white teeth.

“You?” That sounded stupid. Did she honestly just say that?

“Me.” He laughed deeply and leaned forward. His lips brushed against her and whispered warmly against her ripe mouth. “I’m Jake.”

“Jake,” she said breathlessly. Leaning forward as he moved away. Damn he was making hard to touch that talented mouth with hers. Sighing softly, she leaned against the wall and narrowed her green eyes at the teasing man. “Mia.”

“Well hello Mia. Can I tell you for the past couple of hours, I have been staring at you wondering what you look like under that tight black dress?”

Mia nearly grinned at the knowledge that he wanted her as much as she wanted him. “Oh. What has you been wondering?”

The man laughed softly and moved his hands do that he can cup her shoulder and drag her close so the front of her body was against his. Mia’s ripe mouth parted in a stuttered sigh as she closed her eyes and savor the feel of lean muscular body against her soft one. Erotic feel of a hard body cause her body to rise in heat. Small pink tongue slipped out and moistens her ripe lips. The woman waited to hear his gruff deep voice again.

“I wonder how soft your skin is….” He trailed his lips on the side of her jaw line and skimmed it down the arch of her neck. “To feel the weight of your breasts in my hands…” His tongue slid out and licked the flesh above the beating pulse. “I wonder if that pussy is shaved completely waiting for a tongue to taste your desire.” His breath hot against her white cause her knees shake with desire.

Oh the man was going to drive her nuts with just his words. It amazed her of the reaction that she was having with him. The feel of his strong hands gripped her thighs and slid softly up to the curve of her ass. Pushing the tight black dress to the slim waist that her body possessed, he carress her hips that caused a slight purr of pleasure trickled out of her throat as she pressed her body closer to him. Wrapping her slender arms around his neck and aching her back so that he can trail his lips more down her flesh.

“Like a cat in heat you want me. Make that purring noise again baby. You have no idea how much it turns me on.” Jake said warmly against the top of her breasts.

Delicate fingers moved to the back of his neck and slide up into his shaggy black hair. Strands of her own brown hair tangled around her face as she closed her eyes and surrendered to his touch. So much better than going to her apartment and pulling out the purple vibrator that makes her come more than the average man. Though the man in front of her was not average. Just his words cause her to get hot and ready for him. Something about him just called her to him and she liked it. Oh she liked it a lot. He peeled the straps of her dress of her shoulder and dragged his lips across her skin. His mouth moved lower and suddenly her breath sucked in at the cold breeze that caressed her bare breasts that was finally exposed. He smirked and that caused her to knock her knees together. He moved his head lower and brushed his lips against her tighten nipple, a warm wet tongue slipped out form his sculpted lips and flicked over her aching nipple.

“Oh god!” She groaned. Her fingers moved his shoulder and her nails sank into the breadth of his shoulders. Her eyes fluttered as she gasped again at the feel of his warm tongue caressing her pink nipple. Oh yes, she was happy that she was doing this. His hands became wicked as he teased the thong against her heated womanhood that begged to be touch. Green eyes darken as he skimmed his finger along the line of her underwear. Opening his mouth, he wrapped his tongue over the nipple and dragged it into his mouth. Jake began to suck on her nipples hard that caused a small cry from hips before she clamped her mouth shut and whimpered. Mia didn’t want to draw attention that will cause their wicked encounter in the alley way. Mia closed her eyes and just surrenders herself to the feel of his mouth on her breasts and the fingers that teased her against the soft material of her underwear.

“Damn it. Stop teasing me, damn you!” She growled at him.

He pulled away from her and chuckled at her growl of demand. “Persistent wild cat aren’t you.”

“Not as much as I should be.” Unweaving herself from, she dragged her hands down his chest and stopped at the button of black jeans. A wicked smile formed on her lips as she moved down his body and unbuttoned it. Leaning close, she slipped her tongue against the zipper of his pants to drag into her mouth. Clenching the zipper between her white teeth, she slow dragged it down as her green eyes stayed fixated on his face. Once she brought it all the way down she leaned back and reached into his pants and boxer to reveal his hard cock. Once it revealed herself, her eyes narrow into slits of want as she leaned forward and pressed her lips against the head of the long shaft. Her small pink tongue slipped out and caressed the plum shaped head of his manhood and taste his musky flavor. Oh he tasted good. Slowly she ran her tongue down the length of his cock. Wrapping her slim fingers around the thick shaft she moved her hand up the length as she opened her mouth and took his warm flesh into her wet mouth.

The sound of his groan caressed her ears as she took him deeper into her hot mouth. The feel of his thick fingers in her curly hair caused her to go faster with her motion. Her head bobbed as her deep throat the length of his dick. Oh she wanted him. Her hand slide down the front of her dress and slipped underneath her dress. She caressed her wet lips against the underwear. Causing the friction of her thong to rub against her. She moans at the slight wave of pleasure she received from her touch as she blew him. The vibration of her moan caused him to jerk and groan again. His deep voice caught her attention and she liked it. Mia withdrew from his dick and paused at the head so she can run her tongue through the slit of his cock. The hint of his saltiness invaded her taste buds.

“Fuck.” He reached down and snaked his fingers around her arm and lifted her up. Jake tore her underwear and lifted her up. He slammed her back against the brick wall and grabbed his dick to rub up and down her slit.

“Still playing around with me?”

“Of course,” he laughed. He slowly thrust his long hard shaft into her and she tossed her head back at the feel of his cock stretching her tight hole. The warm shaft filled her completely as he slowly moved in. Torturing her with his slow-paced tempo. His hands moved from her arms to her hips, gripping them tightly as he slammed all the way in her. A silent pleasurable scream came from her mouth as she wrapped her long toned legs around his narrow waist. Jake pulled out and slammed back in, her body heated more and more as she trembled underneath his slow rhythm. Moving her green eyes back to his dilated ones, she watched as he stared at her with eyes that were near black then blue. The sex was like high for them, it felt so good and scandalous as he thrust into her in the middle of the alleyway.

Mia rocked her hip, meeting each thrust of his cock that caused her pussy become wet with desire and want. Her face flushed at the heated passion that rose in her. The sound of his heavy breathing and her ragged breath mingled in the alleyway. Closing her mouth, she moaned as he picked up the pace. The length of his shaft sliding in and out of her moist womanhood faster made her voice heighten in pitch before turning into moaning purrs of wants and demands. Green watched as he lowered his head and touched other nipple that he ignored before with his lips. His warm wet tongue touched the sensitive nipple in slowly agonizing circles before sucking the pink areola into his mouth completely. Another purr noise came from her lips as she leaned down and touched her lips to the side of his neck. Snaking the wet organ against his flesh, tasting his warm skin.

He angled his hips and slammed into her hard and hissed at her when she bit his collarbone from the rough thrust of him. Jake continued to go hard, sliding out and slamming back in and her teeth tighten on his flesh. The action caused him to be rougher, liking the way her teeth bit and nibbled against his shoulder. Mia felt she was going to come, flames of pleasure licked at her lions and climbed up her body. The climax was close to her; she bit her lower lip and whimpered once more. Jake paused when he slide all the way back, she leaned back and looked into his blue eyes with a questioning arch of a brow.

Jake smirked at her and laughed softly tormented by her warm heated pussy that was seconds from climax. “Still teasing you.”

Emerald eyes widen at the words and she let her eyes curl into a sly smile. The smile vanished when he slammed into her all the way. Mia erupted into an orgasm. Her body trembled as she tightened her legs around his waist and arched her back to give into the earth shattering orgasm. He slammed into her once, twice, and three times before groaning his release. The feel of his cock pulsing within her curled her lips into a wicked grin.

“Tomorrow is my turn to tease you.”

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