Mason & Dorling On the case

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“Dispatch says to get there fast, Mason.” Dorling flicked the siren/lights switch as her partner gunned the engine to full revs, dropped the clutch and set the tires screaming in protest. The patrol car screamed across the pavement as it arrowed to its destination. Dorling grabbed at the crotch of her uniform pants and heaved the hidden panties out of her kitty.

 “Hang on, Dorling,” yelled Mason above the cacophony of engine, road and wind noise. “Don’t get ‘em wet yet, we ain’t barely started the shift.”

 “Fuck it Mason, ya knows I gets wet when ya drive like a loony,” she grinned and slapped her partner’s arm.
 Dorling had not only gotten used to Mason’s aggressive driving but also his other aggressive habits soon after joining him as his partner. That the two were still on the Force was down to incredible luck; luck at not getting caught at some of the antics they had got up to.

 Mason took a left across traffic and again Dorling heaved on the panties as the vehicle tail-slid across to the curb, barely missing a hydrant. “I told ya already, Dorling ya nut, leave off those stupid frilly undies and wear decent cottons.” Mason had a ‘thing’ about white cotton panties, particularly as she was wearing them on their first day on patrol together.

 “Yeah, and who is it that dared me to wear split-crotch at the bowling alley, huh?”

 “Ok, ok, but I meant when we were out with the boys, not when ya were on duty, that guy at the Bowl was never convinced that a skirt was regulation dress.” Mason threw the wheel over taking the patrol car out of the way of an oncoming truck.

 “Ya know that we got full co-operation from him though, and I sent just one ball down.”

 She breathed on her nails and shone them on her tunic in a symbolic gesture. Mason guffawed as he remembered that he swung it so that they had the place to themselves and fucked themselves silly in just about every area on every lane. “You remember that every time I thrust in ya, you moved up the lane?”

 Dorling remembered, having to wipe the tears of laughter from her eyes.  “Ya got the king pin that day,” boasted Mason.

 Here! Here!” yelled Dorling, “This is the address.”  

Mason threw the car into a spin, which took them neatly if noisily to the sidewalk. “What did dispatch say was the situation here Dorling?”

 “Burglary. Forensic have done here, we just have to secure the place.”  

“So what was the goddamn rush to get here then?” spat out Mason.  Dorling looked at him as if he were losing his faculties.

“How else do I get my kicks dumbo?” She scooted into the house to avoid the smack that would come from Mason’s up-held hand.

“Woohoo, what a fucking mess, they really did this place over,” she yelled.

 Mason said that he had seen a few places turned over but this took the biscuit. They kicked their way around the building checking each room for any wily intruder taking advantage of an empty place. 

“Mason! You have got to see this! You are gonna shit your pants!” Dorling appeared in a doorway.

“Git ya ass in here on the double.” If there was one thing that turned him on it was Dorling talking in that commanding way. Not that he was ever going to admit it to her or anyone else.

“What the fuck is puckering your lil ass up now, seen a spider again?” He hoped so, for that had got them down and dirty when he had to act the hero and kill one for her. She was at a closet door rifling through its contents, she held up a dark object.

 “Try to beat that one mister.” It was a monster dildo, complete with balls and as she squeezed the sac, liquid spurted from the end of the phallus. Dorling was impressed.
“Hey lemme squeeze ya balls and make ya cum big boy!” she screamed with laughter.
“Lemme ram that up ya ass, officer, then scrape ya eyes off the wall,” he countered.
Dorling screwed her face in mock pain. “Ya perv! I have enough trouble taking the pitiful lil thing ya calls a dick!” She held up a little finger crooked downwards and cackled to herself.
Mason secured the building while Dorling busied herself with something or other. He searched the kitchen for a drink and found a few beers in the fridge. “Hey! Beer!” he yelled.
Dorling reappeared adjusting her pants. “Pee time,” she confirmed grabbing at the proffered beer.
“TV?” he enquired.
“All gone, hi-fi, PC’s, the lot,” Dorling confirmed. “Long night, huh?” 

 “What the hell are two officers to do in such a situation but to…” he began.

 “Fuck!” they finished in unison.

 Dorling pulled out an array of toys that she had commandeered from the closet. Mason backed off a step. “These have been cleaned and are for my pleasure buster so don’t you put any of them near that big ass of yours.” He breathed a sigh of relief at her statement.  The cops pulled hard at their beers and soon cans were gathering in a pile.
“What do we eat?” enquired Dorling rather naïvely referring to the emptiness of her stomach. One glance at the leer that Mason gave her was enough to tell her that his thoughts were, as usual, in his pants.

“Yeah, ok, later,” she agreed, “but I need to fill my stomach before you fill my kitty.”

“Dorling, as you always swallow I have enough to fill that tiny stomach.” Mason rubbed the front of his pants.
 “I’m gonna take the vehicle and get a take-out, there is a place close by.” She snapped her fingers. “Gimme a ten.” As usual Mason was totally absorbed with inspecting “evidence” when money was mentioned. “Tight-wad,” she spat out.  

As Dorling headed for the car Mason yelled after her, “And get sump’n good for the, ah… dessert.” He put a particular emphasis on the last word. Dorling shook her head and grinned; she knew exactly what her partner had in mind.

Officer Mason was engrossed in a pornographic magazine when Dorling bustled in with the food. “Jeeze, these people had a broad spectrum of sexual interest,” he held up a handful of mags. “Straight, groups, gay guy, lesbian, SM, and the sickos are into animals too. Huh?” He showed Dorling a photograph of guy with double-ended dildo buried in his ass.  

“Tsk.” Dorling clicked her tongue and shook her head. An idea came into her head, an idea as to what could make dessert interesting. “You had better not been sticking those pages together officer, or fouling the furniture.”

Dorling looked around for tell-tale splashes.

“Swivel.”  Mason held up his hand with all but the middle finger folded into the palm.

 The purchases were soon consumed and the pair sat back, their bellies full of food and beer. Dorling disappeared into another room but quickly returned and sat down; Mason open one eye then closed it. “So…” he drawled.  

“So…” she returned. “What did ya get for dessert?”

 “Oh yeah, ahmmm…donuts and ya favourite sauce, OK?”

 Mason opened an eye and looked her “And…?”

 “Me? Oh, just Ice cubes,” she stifled a giggle.

Mason sat up and looked at her incredulously “Don’t jerk me off officer, what did ya get?”

 “Ice… cubes, ok?” Dorling emphasised. Dorling got up from the chair and waved to her partner “See ya, gonna suck on a cube.”  

She disappeared into the bedroom. Mason waited for her to bring his donuts but she didn’t reappear so he made for the kitchen. As he was about to pass one of the bedrooms he saw her lying naked on the bed eating a donut. 

“Hey! That my dessert?” he snapped. Whatever Dorling replied was muffled by the food in her mouth. “The hell it is too!” Mason yelled.

 Dorling swallowed the food in her mouth. “I’m ya dessert, ya nut, come and eat me.” She laughed loudly. 

“Where are ya iced cubes?” demanded her partner. She pointed to her crotch. He stared at where she indicated; he could see nothing but her already well-advanced state of arousal. Dorling reached into a glass bowl close to the bed and noisily stirred around in it. Raising her hand she showed Mason a cube of ice then, with exaggerated movements lowered her hand to her pussy. Using fingers of the other hand to spread her labia she pressed the ice to the entrance of her vulva. With a grin at her partner she pushed the cube into her pussy. Mason just stared in disbelief; Dorling was forever surprising him but this took the biscuit; or would that be ice-cube?

 Oh my, oh fuck, ooooh, jeeeze, that is so good,” enthused Dorling. “One of these up ya ass officer and you would forget all ya worries.” Her eyes closed tight as she moaned louder. “Get ya kit off Mason, I need attention or are ya totally insensitive to a girl’s needs?”

 “If you want me to pleasure you, take that stupid cube out of ya coochie,” he demanded. 

“Ya don’t think I’m hot enough to melt it in a flash?” she asked indignantly. Mason stripped off his uniform and Dorling admired his physique: slim and muscular. “Woohoo Mason, seems I got ya turned on, what a stonking great hardon ya got there.”  

He posed so as to highlight the object of her desire to its best advantage; moving his hips to make it nod and sway from side to side.

“Come on! No foreplay, just ram the hardness in me,” Dorling demanded.

Mason fell to his knees on the bed, positioned himself between her wide open thighs and did as he was bid. As soon as his prick was positioned at her entrance he pushed hard and deep. The hard rod sank deep into her pussy and the familiar heat and moisture and…
“What the fuck?” His bulbous head suddenly encountered the hardness and icy cold of the previously implanted cube of frozen water. If he thought about withdrawing it was of no consequence for Dorling had wrapped her legs around his back and at once not only locked him deep inside her but drove his cock deeper onto the ice.
“Just fuck me ya nut, don’t be a wimp.”
Mason could not feel the end of his cock and with difficulty forced Dorling’s legs apart and withdrew. He rubbed at the frozen knob in desperation.

“Give it here for gawd sake man, I’ll warm it for ya.” Dorling hauled it towards her mouth; Mason eagerly moved up the bed. As she happily sucked his tool into her mouth she pointed to the bowl of ice-cubes ” Pffft amuvvrr wumb imm mmmm pooffee.” She was once again trying to talk with a full mouth, but Mason took it that she wanted him to push another cube in to follow the first. Taking hold of a cube he allowed it to drip onto Dorling’s belly and she jumped. “Hey, that’s cold,” she laughingly complained. The cube escaped Mason’s grip and slithered over her body to nestle for an instant in her navel before disappearing onto the bed.
Mason grabbed another and making no mistake this time pressed it on to Dorling’s hooded clit. With her mouth once again full of his cock she merely pressed her mound up to meet the frozen cube. After a slow excursion over her labia the cube was directed into the place that she wanted it, her cervix. The icy shock caused Dorling’s mouth to grip tightly onto the flesh filling her mouth and he wondered for a second if he was to lose it. Mason set about pushing the object deep inside her and to enjoy fingering the heat and moisture of her pussy walls. He turned to the soixante-neuf position so as to leave Dorling chewing and sucking on his cock while returned the favour by trying to reach the ice deep inside her with his tongue. When her finger explored the rim of his anus he wasn’t too bothered; she had introduced him to anal stimulation a while ago and, after initial reluctance had to admit that he enjoyed her finger buried to the knuckles.

 What shocked Mason was the intense cold that suddenly stabbed at his anus and he was torn between leaping off the bed and her, or continuing to tongue and finger fuck this tasty, hot pussy, which seemed to want to suck him inside it.

 “What the fuck, Dorling!” he took his mouth off her just long enough to yell.

 “Be a big boy and not a baby, it’s just the same as you have pushed deep inside my coochie and are trying to suck out again,” soothed Dorling.

 He grunted and continued his quest to get as much of his head inside her as was possible. Her finger pressed into his ass and he wriggled it comfortably. There was less initial discomfort than normal and he guessed it was the effect of the cold ice cube. Dorling’s finger slowly and gently fucked at his ass and the familiar glow of pleasure became apparent to him although now dispatched to the back of his mind as he concentrated on pleasuring his tongue and fingers. He did note at one stage that her finger seemed to probe much deeper than ever before but again he thought it was the effect of the cube.

Without warning he orgasmed shooting his cum down Dorling’s throat with such force that even she was taken by surprise and caused her to gag.
“What the fucking hell…” he yelled. Quickly Dorling calmed him and explained that she had found his so called “G” spot; something she had read about in a training manual. Briefly he mused over what police manual that could have been but was intent on bringing her to a climax and enjoying her manipulations.
“Ok hun, I want you to reach around to ya ass and not freak out at what ya find there.” Dorling’s voice took on that commanding tone he loved. She guided his hand but held it tightly. Mason at first had no idea of what it was that his fingers touched; it seemed like a kind of firm gel. She allowed his fingers to explore further to find the double-ended gel dildo that she had so cleverly inserted into his ass. Taking his mouth from her pussy he calmly turned his head to look at her, she grinned like a Cheshire cat and blew a kiss. “Like it?” she inquired.
He could only see the bulbous end of the gel phallus and his eyes almost popped out of his head. “That is what is shoved my ass?” he demanded.
“No hun, I wouldn’t do that to ya, it’s a smaller one, this is for my ass if you fancy fucking two of my holes at once, what ya say, huh?”
Since that first day that she had become his partner Mason never failed to be amazed at Dorling’s sexual appetite and ingenuity; he had gone along with everything she had suggested or insisted upon as he had not only a sexual appetite to match hers but was as kinky as she; they were well matched.
“That ain’t gonna work… is it?” He was already turning around and the question seemed to be purely rhetorical. This was the first time that Dorling had dared to even think of pushing anything up a guy’s ass and now that she had actually done it she found it an incredible turn on. Mason continued to satisfy himself at Dorling’s fount of liquid honey then he turned his head to look at her. “So ya gonna take that outta my ass or do ya wanna see me like a dog with a pink tail?” he grinned.
“Honey, I took my life in my hands getting that in ya ass, I ain’t about to take it out or let go, do ya best to turn around and get that stiff prick inside me.” Dorling grabbed his cock to assist him. “Wow, woweee, that is so fucking hard officer, the hardest ever!” she squealed.
Dorling manipulated her end of the double-headed dildo so that by the time Mason was ready to guide his cock into her pussy she had the gel positioned at her ass. “When I say, Mason, you push slowly into my kitty, OK?”
In synchronicity the two cops pushed; he, his cock to bury it in her kitty and she, to bury the free end of the pink gel in her ass. “Geeze, that is sump’in else,” exclaimed Mason as the dildo fed both his ass and her ass at the same time as he penetrated a love tube so wet and hot it positively sucked him off. Dorling grinned like the Cheshire cat at his reaction; she was feeling almost the same sensations as him.
“Don’t I just come up with the best ideas?  Huh, officer?”
He had to agree, this was the mother of all ways to fuck. And fuck they did. Dorling wondered how Mason was able to recover from one ejaculation after another so fast; her “manual” would supply the answer she was sure. For now she was grateful to have found a true partner, having scared her husband to file for divorce on the grounds of unreasonable sexual demands, and guys who were never seen again after their first date. On that dark night if any criminal had thoughts of entering the property then they would, for sure, have blanched and run from the animal sounds that permeated the shadows and buildings; residents locked their doors and huddled in fear – Mason and Dorling were on the case!

© Jenni Gee

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