my brother-in-laws van part deux

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part two

him calling me a dirty little bitch got me even more hot and i loved it! he could tell too….
he moved himself and sat on the floor “now it’s your turn” i looked at him and he started lifting my skirt and pulling down my panties in one swift movement “take off your top sarah, let me see those little tits” i removed my top my nipples were harder and more erect than i’d ever seen, he reached up and pinched one hard and twisted it a little, it hurt but the pain was covered by the pleasure of seeing my brother-in-law staring at my pussy and groping my chest i was getting wetter by the second.
“do you want me to touch you now sarah?” i nodded i couldn’t speak i was so turned on
he lifted me towards him slightly and perched me right on the edge of the sofa, he glanced up at me then
ran his finger inbetween my pussy lips slowly it sent a shock through my body and i moaned he smiled and told me to lay back, i did as i was instructed and he spread my legs wide and probed my virgin pussy with a finger, he placed it deep inside and commented on how wet i was.
he began moving his finger round inside my pussy and it felt fantastic i raised my hips to allow him deeper, he entered another finger then another his three fingers inside me felt a bit uncomfortable he started moving them in and out fast and hard “ohh Russ that feels soooo good!” i moaned he picked up speed and started ramming them in harder and i felt a rush through my body i shook all over and my pussy was spasming around his hand “my dirty little bitch likes me finger fucking her eh?” “mmmmmm” i moan he slowed his speed and i could hear his hand slushing in my juices.
he sat up and placed each of my legs over his shoulders and i could feels his breath on my wet pussy, he
began licking my hole lapping up all the wetness he had just caused but it was no good my body soon replaced it all and i was just as wet from his licking, he moved up and introduced his tongue on my clit and began flicking it and running it in circles around it it felt incredible i could feel the pressure in my body building again as he ate me fast and roughly i couldn’t keep still i was arching my back to meet his mouth and then it happened again “ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Russ” i cried out he lapped me clean then
sat up and let my body fall limp on the sofa. ” i told you there was fun to be had, sarah”
i knew this would not be the last time that we came up here into the silence of the hills, and i could not wait until we came again!

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