Your New Toy Machine 12

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Shelly’s Sexy Storys 12 Property of:Shelly L.Stonebraker

Detacated to:A great day fishing…..

Your New Toy Machine

You had always wanted a huge truck with big tires to play in the mud with.So when tax time came you decided it was the time
to make another dream come true.You looked around on the internet for a few days cause you wanted the perfect trunk,an older
one you could work on yourself.And after cleaning out the two car garage we had plenty of room for you to fix anything.And
dad had any tools you might need.Taking a day off from your job,as a contracting manager,to go look at some you might want to get.
I had to work so you just texted me the pictures and told me about five you looked at.But none of them had that spark you

I got home and hadn’t heard from you in a while so i texted you to see if you were ok and or had found one you liked,when from
around the bend in our front yard you come flying.I thought smiling “hot dam he got one”.You slide in and come to a stop.Hopping
out of a 1969 black Ford Bronco sitting on 34 inch super swampers and a roll cage inside.It stood almost to tall for the garage.
But it did fit very well.After about a month you had all the engine problems fixed.And with the little things done you were happy
as hell cause soon we could take it out to play in the mud.

The paint job was the only thing you had left to get done,and when the day came you took it in,when done they did a great job.
You kept it black but now the shine was breathetaking.You pulled in after i got home and i heard you so i stepped outside.As you hop
out the almost the biggest smile i’ve seen.Your biggest was the night with Kitty that time in Vages on a vacation we took.You
come up to me and wrap your arms around me and kiss me deeply.Then tell me,”i love you my woman”, and i say back looking in
your smiling eyes,”and i love you my man”.Then you say “come on let’s take a ride”.So i say,”ok” and go in the house to grab
a few things and we drive out the long dirt road from our house,to the hills and head strait for the mud pits to play.The
mud pits were close to our house so it didn’t take long to get there.And with the tires you have we wouldn’t get stuck which
was awesome.

Pulling up we see a few friends of ours there already so we head towards them.They hadn’t seen the new truck yet so when we hoped
out they all came over to check out your new toy.Your talking to them and the smiling eyes all the way so excited and happy to
be able to show your baby off to our friends.I’m the type to watch mostly when the boys play so i pull out my lawn chair and the
ice chest i packed and sit down and relax as you hop back in and head out to the mud,with your buddies 1976 chevy behind you.

As you do i get out a cold beer and crack it and watch as you hit a huge whole filled with water,muddy water flies when you hit it,
throwiong mud high in the air.And you know after my third beer i would join you.Then i wouldn’t get too freaked out and be able
to really have fun.So after a while of plying you wonder how many beers i’ve had so you stop and text me and ask,cause you waqnt
me out there with you.And i had had about two an a half so you headed towards me to pick me up.Sliding up to where i was i hop in
and we are off bouncing down the trail.

Coming around a bend we slide in the mud and almost roll but with your tires we just slide up on two wheels,so you stop and it
falls back on all fours and you hit the gas throwing mud again into the air,and off we go.The mud pits were huge and had dozens of
of little places to play.So you get the idea of braking in the new truck in the mud.Not telling me about it and wanting it to be
a surprise.You see the perfect spot and pull in.Me wondering whats going on then it clicks and i smile big cause i’m buzzen on
beer and about be get down and dirty with my husband in our new truck in the mud.You turn the thruck off and move over next to me
and grab me hard and kiss me aggesively.Cause you know i like it kinda rough when i’ve had a few to drink.When our lips touch
i suck on your bottom lip an bite softly,and you know i’m at that perfect level of buzzen there this is gonna be fun.

I then push you back and move down and start to undo your belt and jeans,pulling you out and putting my mouth over the head
and sliding in,so warm you fully exstended and me just going at it.You have to hold the roll cage to keep from moving on the seat.
You like it when i get down on you,but not all the time.But with the day you were completley needing it.Then after a few i want
you inside me so i stand up so my ass is in the air,me holding on to the roll cage.You slip up behind me and stick your dick
deep inside me as i let out a moan and small wimper.You grab the back of my neck and bend me over more and start to pound me
with out mirsey.Me loven it i tell you “yeah baby”,”get that shit”!You love it when i get hot enough to talk dirty to you so you
keep thrusting and i keep moaning,panting and breatheing heavy.The roll cage was strong cause we were rocking the hell out of the
truck.When i get weak in the knees you lay me back on the seat and begin to play with my clit.My hole tightens as you play,finguring
me at the same time.My body jumping with spasms of pleasure you know you got me now.You lean up and start to kiss me softly
and them pop into me again like and animal.

I know your about close after a while so i push you up and you grab the roll cage,i put you back into my mouth and bare down on
rougher then normal,to where you have to brace yourself on the seat.Your cock slippen through my lips so soft and me using my tongue
sucking hard.The blood pumping in your chest,you swell and cum all over my titties.Me looking up all you with an evil grin.
And us now having broken in the truck,we get dressed and roll back out to th pits to play somemore.After a while the was starting
to go down so we decided to head home.

Arriveing at home we go into the house,and after showers we both go out to see all the mud all over the truck in the yard.
Getting outside,you wanted to show me the back seat again so we crawled back in the truck.Getting in the back seat again and
you wanting to play with me this time,grab me close.You remove my dress and lay me back on seat.What was so wonderful in sneaky
you slipped the bear skin rug on the seat for me to feel on my skin when you layed me back.You smell my body wash and instantly
you were arroused,so you grow again.But this time you wanted me to sqirm and beg you to stop.Or for more either way was what you
wanted.To please your wife,and know make me feel good.

You open my legs,the only light is from the moon hanging high and full in the night sky.Useing your hand you circle my clit
and with the other hand you slip you fingure in deep and start to play with my pussy as only you can.I start to cum again,
tight and pulsing you keep going,i get really wet from your playing and you know now that i’m in heaven from your touch.This
gets you off inside thats why you like to do it so much.Then i try and sit up to grab you and you pin my hands to the roll cage
and say”no,no baby”!It’s my turn.But i wasn’t haven it.We wrestle in the back seat for a minute and me removing your clothes.Then
i pin you down and wisper in your ear “don’t move”.Me on top of you,you kinda can’t move so you give in and let me slide your rock
hard cock deep into my hot wet pussy again.Me using the roll cage as a brace and you now holding on for dear life.I start to grind
hard on you.But even though i’m big i still made it gentle.Keeping lite by useing the cage.Penatrating so deep and not painfull for
you.As my hips move your cock goes in and out and you know at that moment why you love me so much.Cause through thick an thin
our love takes us to a new level.One of complete balence, and pleasure in all things we do tegether.Our bodies now in perfect
synce with eachohter.With your heart full and your cock hard you get the feeling again and shoot hard and deep inside me.I
lean down over you and kiss you gently,my titties laying on your chest you grab them and suck on both nipples at once.Then look
up at me smiling,say”dam Bitch i love it when you do that shit”!

We get dressed and head into the house holding eachother.Tired from the day we go starit to bed. Holding eachother like we do every
night.Happy with our day together and the fun we had.Wanting to do it again soon.

The End……

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