Sexy Wife’s reluctant to dress slutty Pt 2

We walked into to Lobby of the Marriott in Mid Town, with my wife wearing her short skirt and bikini top, looking quite the slut, with the scent of her arousal evident to those near her.
The clerk asked if he could help us, but never took his eyes off Cindy’s boobs.
We asked for a room with a view, and the clerk said a view as nice as the one he had was available just for them.
We walked into a suite overlooking the city. We could see the Empire State Building and Times Square from 40 stories above ground.
My titties got us this room didn’t they? Cindy asked
as she untied her top to fully expose her pretty boobs.
Do you love them honey? Are they nice ones?
I suggested we see if the men of Manhattan thought Cindy had a hot body.
Cindy squealed and said she had to change her clothes.
Since it was a warm day, Cindy chose shorts and a halter and a pair of sandals. The shorts showed off Cindy’s toned tanned legs, and were so short the bottom of her ass cheeks peeked out. The halter was backless, and cut low. Cindy’s nipples were clearly visible as she wore no bra, the white thin material was almost translucent.
We were going to get attention.
As we got on the empty elevator Cindy pulled her top aside to show me her boobs. She barely covered them as the doors opened on the 25th floor to ket a couple on.
The man was obviously distracted by Cindy, and she noticed, too.
She pulled out her lipstick and touched her lips up, but dropped the tube as she was putting it away.
Cindy pointed her ass toward our guests and bent over, exposing her ass as she picked up the lipstick.
When she stood up, she somehow managed to bend over at the waist and exposed her chest.
The female was as taken by Cindy as her friend. They both stared open mouthed. Silence was broken when the woman complimented Cindy on her great body.
The doors opened and we were in the lobby.
We walked across the floor nd every eye in the busy hotel were on Cindy.
Her heels clicked loudly which attracted the initial glance, then the same looks and stares.
On the sidewalk we blended in and people were not giving Cindy much attention.
She unbottoned the shorts, folding them open nearly to her clit. How they stay up amazed me. She pulled open the top, exposing more cleavage.
A few people looked, but Cindy was craving stares…
We need to shop honey. This outfit is too tame for New York.
We popped in a few boutiques, not finding the right outfits, before we found a cute shop on 42nd. The moment we entered I knew we would spend some money.
The skirts were so short they could have been belts, thee were mesh tops, and lots of leather.
Cindy found several outfits and tried them on.
She came out in the 1st outfit and walked around the shop. She wore a dress that was a series of straps that criss crossed on her chest…almost concealing her titties. The hem just barely covered her crotch.
She spun around and danced…watching to see if she flashed.
The next outit was a mesh dress that when stretched would reaveal the skin beneath it. It fit well, and covered little…could be
Cindy returned another time in a corset top and a leather mini skirt. Cindy’s boobs were pushed together and were displayed nicely. The skirt was maybe 5 inches of leather, cut low and very short. Both were red.
Cindy had found thigh high boots that matched…this was the outfit.
The clerk rang us up, and clipped the tags off.
As we hit the sidewalk, Cindy looked like a Dominatrix, and got the attention she desired. The 6 inch heels on the boots made her legs so sexy, and she looked so hot. She walked down the street knowing every man and most women wanted her, she was in her glory.
We decided to get a drink and walked into a high class bar. This place was well lit, and very upscale. Cindy wanted the executives, and high society types to drool over her, and she worked the room with great skills. She lead us to spot at the middle of the bar, and sat on the high stool. She spun around to look into the room, her short skirt doing little to conceal her wet pussy. within a minute, we heard several glasses crash. Cindy was the center of attention, and she was loving it.
She got up and walked to the ladies room. On her way back, I noticed she had somehow opened her top up and her nipples were on display.
When she sat down she told me that 4 goys hit on her, and 3 women in the restroom made passes.
I like this outfit, honey she purred.
Let’s go back to our room I need to fuck

We barely got off the elevator and Cindy was stripping off her top. She was naked with just boots on as I fumbled with the room key

We fucked hard and fast, and Cindy came hard and fast and again and again.

We showered together after we made love, and then got ready for a 5 star restaurant, Cindy style.

These restaurants had drss codes, so no shorts, halters, or midrif baring outfits would work…I wondered what Cindy had packed.

She cme into the room, and took my breath away.
She had a long gown, with her hair up, very stunning, but not what I expected. She looked great, it hugged her and showed off her killer figure. Then she turned.
The gown was backless and cut so low cndy could not wear panties…her ass crack showed if she lifted her arm at all. The sides were open a well, and her boobies were very visible…if she leaned forward, they would be totally exposed. This should be interesting…

to be continued…

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