Sexy Wifes reluctent to dress slutty

My wife is still extremely sexy. She works out, and eats right, and it shows.
I love it when she shows off her legs in a short dress and high heels. She always thinks she’s too old or too fat…beither of which was remotely true
We were attending an out of town wedding and would be away from our kids for 3 nights in Manhattan.
This was a chance to get her to really let loose.
At the airport Cindy changed into a short skirt and a bikini top. I guessed my wildest dreams were coming true when she sat down across from me and opened her legs to show me she was sans panties.
Honey do you think my tits look ok in this top? She said loud enough the whole gate area heard, and several answered. The attention at first made her blush, but then her facial expression changed to confident and lust filled.
Suddenly she knew she was a true milf.
She must of gotten up and sat down a dozen times, and while seated, was putting on a show for the row across from her0 including me.
By the time we boarded, she had the whole plane’s attention…and was loving it!
On the plane Cindy strutted up and down the aisle several times. She had my hand buried in her sopping pussy the whole way, and had several not so quiet orgasms over Pennsylvania.
We hopped into our “Limo” and headed for the big apple.
Cindy decided to give the driver a show. She hiked up her skirt, pulled both of her boobs out of the skimpy top, and started masturbating. He quickly adjusted his mirrors.
She reached into her carry on and pulled out a huge phallic shaped vibrator. When she shoved it in, and turned it on the whole car vibrated. Armando was having a hard time, until a New York traffic jamb stopped us at a tunnel.
Cindy decided that she should show off her talents by sucking my cock while she pointed her upturned ass as the driver. She was pounding that big dick into her and deep throating me with abandon I had never witnessed. She erupted into a screaming squirting climax, triggering me to gush a big load into her mouth.

We started moving as we regained senses…this was the wildest day of my life…And we handed gotten to our hotel yet.
Stay tuned for part 2

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