The Play Party

The Play Party

RainbO had only recently become a collared slave to Master Zeke, but she had given herself to him totally. He had taken her to new levels of excitement like no man she had ever known. He had taught her the pleasures of servitude to a loving yet demanding master. She accepted her discipline sessions and punishments without hesitation because she loved her master so much. She would gladly do anything her master asked of her. Tonight was to be an extra special night for RainbO. Her master was taking her to her first play party. She was so excited at the prospect of pleasing her master in front of others. Up until now, all of their activities had been reserved for private places and just between RainbO and Master Zeke. Tonight however, this would all change. Others, complete strangers, would witness and possibly even join in as Zeke carried out punishment scenes with RainbO. She was shaking in anticipation just thinking about what it might be like.
Since pledging herself to her master, RainbO had not ventured out of the house for anything. Zeke picked up all the essentials that were needed in the household. RainbO had no clothing except for her collar. This night Zeke handed RainbO a short shift and instructed her to put it on. It was dark blue and quite short, but it covered enough of RainbO that she could go out in public without getting arrested. Zeke also removed her collar. This saddened RainbO because it was the first thing that her master had given her and she took great pride in wearing it, but Zeke said it was necessary to remove it, at least for a little while. He assured her that she could put it on again soon. Zeke took the collar and put it in a black valise that he kept all his miscellaneous dungeon equipment in, such as wrist and ankle restraints, handcuffs, ropes, whips, etc. Then he led RainbO to the car and told her to get in.
It was a quiet ride to the party. Master Zeke didn’t say a word and RainbO knew better than to speak unless spoken to. RainbO looked around as they drove into an industrial area about 15 miles from where they lived. This was a curious place for a party RainbO thought, but then down at the end of the street she saw an old house with several cars parked nearby. Master Zeke pulled the car to the curb and parked. Without a word, he got out and walked around to open the door for RainbO. Then he went to the trunk and took out his valise and told RainbO to follow him.
They walked up the short flight of steps to the door where two doormen were standing. One of them opened the door and nodded for them to go inside. Just through the door there was a table and a couple of women sitting there. One of them immediately stood up and gave Master Zeke a hug and bid him inside. Zeke introduced his slave to the women and then proceeded past them and led RainbO downstairs to a locker room where he ordered her to remove her shift, which she did immediately. He put her dress into a locker and opened his valise. He removed the wrist and ankle cuffs and placed them on RainbO. He also replaced her collar to its place around her tiny neck and then attached her leash. He then closed the case and tugged on the leash to lead RainbO back up the steps. He ordered RainbO not to look up under any circumstances unless ordered to do so. She obeyed and followed a few steps behind, naked except for the before mentioned items.
Zeke led her into a large room with several people talking and seeming not even to notice that a naked woman was being paraded into the room on a leash!! RainbO caught a quick glimpse of the surroundings and could see that her Master was leading her to a St. Andrews cross directly in front of the entrance to the room. He ordered her to step up to the cross and turn around placing her back against it. Then he secured her wrists and ankles to the cross and stepped back a few feet to admire the picture. He told RainbO that he was going to get a drink and would be back in a short time, then he turned and walked away.
RainbO kept her eyes fixed on the floor as she had been instructed to do, but could feel eyes inspecting her in her totally exposed state. She heard more and more voices coming into the room and was humiliated to think that she was the first thing that all of the people saw as they entered the room. . Master Zeke had disappeared for quite some time, but she could hear his voice talking to others. He left her there, spread out and helpless for at least a half an hour before returning to her and lifting her head to look into her eyes. He said, “I love you RainbO” and gave her a deep kiss. Then he told her to keep her head up and her eyes open so she could see her admirers. He stepped away and opened his valise to take out his riding crop and the cat. RainbO looked around and saw dozens of people. There were men in black leather outfits and women in black leather and high heel boots. There were others in normal street clothes, jeans, dresses, slacks, T-shirts or whatever. She also saw others nude, or semi nude walking around with drinks in their hands or being led around on a leash as she had been. Some didn’t seem to pay any attention to her dilemma, while others were sitting or standing not far away eyeing her from head to toe. RainbO was feeling very uncomfortable and humiliated, but that is what her Master wanted, so she would do it.
Just then, RainbO saw her Master step back in front of her and show her the “cat”. He put the handle to RainbO’s lips and she kissed it as she always did before it was used on her. RainbO now realized that she was going to be punished in front of this group of strangers. She knew that she had to make her Master proud by taking the punishment well and was determined to please Master Zeke. Master Zeke took a step back and shook out the lashes on the cat. Then he pulled it back and gave it a firm swing. RainbO could hear the whoosh as it rushed through the air and she jerked as it fell upon her belly with a loud smack. The crowd murmured their approval and RainbO could see all of their faces as she took the first blow. It hurt terribly, but RainbO did not utter a sound. She could feel the sting as her nerves sent the signal to her brain that she had been struck. It seemed like an eternity, but it was only a few seconds before she took the second blow from the other side. Again she jolted but did not scream. She could feel her belly heating up. Master Zeke continued to lash her belly, then moved down to her thighs for a few whacks. Then he worked his way back up her belly and approached her breasts. RainbO took each stroke quietly but was breathing rapidly. She shuddered as she realized her tender sensitive breasts would soon be attacked. Master Zeke stopped just under her heaving titties for her to regain a bit of composure, then he let loose first on one breast, then the other, hitting her square across the meat of the breast and her nipples. RainbO could take it no longer, she let out a wail and tears began streaming down her cheeks. The crowd started getting louder in their obvious enjoyment of the scene.
Zeke moved right in front of RainbO and looked into her teary eyes and said, “You may not cry out slave”. To which she replied, “I’m sorry Master”. That angered him even more. “Who said you could speak slut?” and he stepped back and flailed back and forth several more blows across RainbO’s breasts. She tried for all it was worth, but could not help screaming again. Zeke stopped, turned to his valise and produced the ball gag, which he forced into her mouth and fastened tightly. “I and my friends will not listen to this slave. You are not taking your punishment as you should and you will pay for it ten-fold”. RainbO looked into her Masters eyes lovingly and knew that he was right and she deserved to be punished more. Master Zeke stood back and stroked her body relentlessly
from her ankles up t
o her neck until she was covered with red stripes. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and falling on her breasts. The saltiness seemed to intensify the stinging of the whip. This went on for at least five more minutes, but it seemed much longer to RainbO. Her body shook with each stroke of the cat and she was trembling uncontrollably. Her muffled screams still carried across the room and she could see many heads turning to witness what was going on. Master Zeke seemed to relish the attention they were getting. He had never seemed so cruel to RainbO, but just as she was thinking this, he stopped. He approached RainbO and gave her a kiss on the cheek and softly caressed her breasts. His hands felt cool against her flaming hot skin and it soothed her immediately. He whispered “I love you slave, but now it is time to turn you around and do your backside”. RainbO looked at him woefully and nodded.

Master Zeke untied rainbO’s wrists and she would have collapsed if he had not held her firmly in his arms. Her arms hung limply at her sides and he gave her a moment to regain her composure before he undid her ankles. Master Zeke let RainbO get her footing, and then he slowly kissed her red striped body. RainbO threw her head back in ecstasy as she relished the tenderness of his lips and tongue on her hot, almost raw flesh. She felt his hands caress her breasts and stroke her pussy. She moaned slightly then stopped because she knew he might get angry for such a display. Zeke looked into rainbO’s eyes and said softly, “I love you slave”. She wanted so for him to kiss her lips, but with the ball gag, that was impossible. Then he turned and reached into his bag and brought out a sign that he showed to rainbO. It said, “Whip this slut”. He fastened it above the cross so it could be seen by all that entered the room. Then he pulled out the blindfold, which he placed over rainbO’s eyes, thus blacking out the room and taking away her ability to see her surroundings. Zeke turned rainbO around to face the cross and spread her out again with her wrists and ankles bound to the corners. He made quite sure she was secure and whispered in her ear, “My slut, you will remain here until I decide you have had enough. I may whip you or spank you myself, or I may not. Anyone that desires will use their implement on you as they wish. No matter what, you will accept your punishment. I will never be out of sight my pet. If I feel someone is getting too harsh with you, I will intervene. Now, you belong to the rest of the guests.” Then he stepped away.
RainbO strained to hear his steps of his voice in order to know where or how far away he was, but with the rest of the noise at the party, she was unable to discern anything. All she knew is that she had never felt so all alone, but at the same time she felt proud that she could do this for her master. She had just taken a deep breath when she felt the crack of a heavy flogger on her backside. She shook all over from the pain for just a moment, then that strike was followed by another and another, first on her asscheeks then up her back. Tears began to well up in her eyes immediately, but the blindfold soaked them up. The pain was intense. Her Master had never hit her this hard. How could he let a stranger do this to her? Her assailant plummeted her body from her shoulders to her ankles. Her entire backside was aflame. She had all but forgotten the pain that her frontside had suffered. With each blow, rainbO’s hips lunged into the cross and she was perspiring profusely. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, the flogging stopped. A pair of hands rubbed her buttox and slid softly over the rest of her body. The hands seemed very soft and not as large as her Masters. Could these hands belong to a woman? RainbO began breathing heavily at the thought of another woman touching her like this. The hands moved between her legs and a finger slipped into her moist cunt. A slight moan escaped through rainbO’s gag. She heard a woman’s voice say “Ooooh, she is very wet! She really does enjoy this!” The crowd reacted with some laughs and sounds of approval. Then rainbO heard a man’s voice say “Let me have a go at her”.
RainbO didn’t like the sound of this man. His voice was not as gentle as her Master’s. He had an angry tone about him. RainbO wondered what was in store. She braced herself and winced as a new, very sharp pain streaked across her back. It was a different type of implement than she was accustomed. Whatever this was hurt more than the flogger, but in a more concentrated area. She heard someone muttering something about the “single tail”. RainbO knew what that was. Her Master had shown his to her, but he had never yet used it. He said that it would take practice to do it well and that he only knew of a few people that were truly experts. This man was surely and expert because he struck quickly and accurately all up and down her body. Each stroke brought burning pain to rainbO’s already sensitive skin. She was crying uncontrollably. She wondered if it was leaving marks. RainbO didn’t know how much more she could endure without passing out, but since she was totally at the mercy of anyone that wanted to use her, she had no choice but to take the punishments. RainbO was praying that her Master was watching and approved of his slave. She loved him and would do anything he wanted. She wanted nothing in her life but to please her Master and lived to do so. She was also secretly hoping that he would see her distress and intervene as he had promised. But it was not yet to happen.
Then the man with the whip stopped for a minute. RainbO had a short time to catch her breath, when she felt him bury his finger deep into her pussy. “Oh God, that is dripping wet. You are a true pain slut! Well, now we will see how your pussy likes my single tail”. “Oh no”, thought rainbO, “not my most sensitive part”. He was about to strike her spread and vulnerable cunt. She did not have to wait long. She felt a sharp sting right on her clit. RainbO screamed so loud, everyone in the room had to have heard it through the gag. She shook her hips trying to avoid the next hit, but to no avail. She jumped again and once again screamed. This pain was just too much for poor rainbO to take. She now felt the tears running down her cheeks from under the blindfold. It must have been soaked through. The man hit her spot at least five more times when she heard her Masters voice. “That’s enough Vince. She has done well. Thank you for showing us your technique. I have learned much from watching you and cannot wait to try this on my rainbO at a later date, but now she needs a rest”. The crowd was quiet for a minute as Master Zeke moved up to rainbO and unfastened her ankles then her wrists. He took her in his arms and removed the blindfold. Then the crowd burst out in cheers and applause. RainbO looked around at the faces of at least twenty onlookers and smiled, then looked at her Master and saw him smiling too. That was all rainbO needed to see. She knew that she had pleased her Master. He took her by the hand and led her to the bar a few feet away and gave her a drink. Master Zeke gave rainbO a soft kiss on the lips and whispered, “How do you like the party so far rainbO?”

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