The World Trade Center Experence : part 2

I breathe deep as the outside air hits my face. He takes my hand and pulls me outside. The view is amazing! I can see for miles. Somehow, I don’t really care. All I can think about is this stranger who I want. I want him so bad! I need him.
As the crown gathers and takes pitures of each other with the city in the background, we walk unnoticed around to the less occupied side. He sits down on a bench and pulls me down on his lap. I giggle. I can feel his hard cock and I know I’m going to get fucked today! I rub my ass against him. He holds me tight, then turns me around to face him. I kiss him again, a deep, hot kiss. His hands are under my shirt, squeezing my breasts. I love it. I love the feel of his mouth on mine. I love the taste of his tongue. I love the feel of his hard body against mine. I love the feel of his cock against my pussy. I want this man and he knows it.
He reaches under my skirt and rubs my ass, smiling against my mouth because I’m not wearing panties. “I want to fuck you” he wispers.
A tourist couple walk over to our side of the deck. They don’t seem to care what we are up to. The guard calls that the elevator will be departing in one minute. People rush to catch their ride.
“Looks like just you and me” I tell him. He grins again. I reach down and undo his belt. He likes it. I dip my hand inside and find his huge hard cock. I grin. I like it! “Fuck me” I say. He does.
I lift myself up and he positions himself beneath me. I sit down slowly. Full of him. I moan, he fills me tight. This is what I want. We find a rythm. Me bouncing on him, loving it. I scream. “Yes, baby, yes” He is pounding me with his cock. I am matching each stroke.
The door opens and out steps a guard. He looks around and for a minute I don’t think he sees us. “OH, Hell YES!” I can’t help it. He looks our way, sees us and hussles over to where we are fucking. “EXCUSE ME!!! This is a federal building. That behavior is not permissable.”
I am still riding cock. “Sir, one minute, I just need to cum….YES!!” He doesn’t like my answer and phones for backup. So as to not go to jail, I climb off. Grin at my fuck buddy, take his hand and head toward the elevator. We are met by a group getting off and are the only two going down. He presses me up against the wall and kisses me. He puts his hand on my wet snatch. He’s got two fingers inside of me. FUCCCCKKK!
The doors open into the lobby. He takes my hand and lead me out to the street. We climb into a waiting taxi. I want him. The driver askes where we are going. He tells him to just drive till we say to stop. I climb ontop of him again, picking up where we left off up stairs. This cock is amazing. I ride it. I can feel people watching us. The guy beside us at the light whistles and I ride harder. A few blocks down, the driver catches onto what is going on in his back seat. He is watching in his mirror. I whip off my shirt. This show is for me. He can’t keep his eyes on the road, I know he is watching. I’m getting there. “I’m gonna cum, baby” “Me too”
A huge rush. YES!!!! YES!!!! Oh my gosh! I fall to the seat beside him. He leans over, kisses me. “Thanks”, he said, “my name is Mark” I just grin.

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