The Realtor Part Two

I started with some slow, long light licks from her clit back as far as I could. On some occasions during the trips back and forth I would thrust inside and surround her inner walls with my tongue. As I began to move at a faster pace she started to move her body back and forth over my face, periodically pushing down as though she was playfully trying to crush me, except her motion made it clear that she was just enjoying my wet tongue against her wet lips. The whole time I could feel her belly stretched out across my chest and, although I couldn’t see, I could feel that her arms had reached out and she was grabbing her own breasts, squeezing them and pulling them close, moaning as she swayed back and forth across my face.

All of the sudden she reached her hands down and grabbed my dick tightly and started to stroke it as I dug my tongue deeper in between her lips with the slightest of clenching and pulling every time I found her clit, slightly sucking but mostly massaging and flicking my tongue against it with rapid speed. This was clearly having an effect on her as she bent forward and again surrounded my entire penis with her mouth, her large hard nipples now being pressed against my stomach and her belly pushing even further out across my chest. I reached out and grabbed her hips, pulling her closer to my face as my tongue worked at lightning speed to please her increasingly moist vagina. I continued to get harder and harder as she moved her mouth up and down, her boobs ever so slightly lifting up each time and her firm nipples pressing into me as she went back down. The more she sucked the more I focused on pleasing her with my tongue as best as I could, pushing it deep inside her each time I passed back and forth until one time as I slid my tongue down, back and inside she jumped up.

She barely even had her head turned around and was still on top of me but looking back to say, “Yeah, I’m gonna need you to get inside me right now!”

I thought she was just going to turn around and sit on top of me but apparently she had other plans. She walked over to the windowsill and proceeded to put her hands forward onto it while pushing her ass back, her belly hanging down, jiggling slightly as she got into position. I walked over to her with my dick pointing firmly at the sky, bent down and slid it up through the now extremely moist area and into her vagina. As I began to thrust, her belly started to jiggle even more, almost uncontrollably it wavered back and forth all over the place and I reached forward and grabbed a big chunk of it and squeezed it as hard as I could while jiggling it myself. Her fat tits we’re plopped down on the windowsill so with the same amount of force I reached forward and lifted them up and squeezed them tight as I could, feeling her large areolas encompassing my entire palms. I then took my hands and rubbed them down her sides as I continued to thrust, pushing myself up and into her with each stroke. I kept sliding my hands up and down her sides, periodically grabbing her breasts and belly as I felt as much of her smooth, soft body as I could. Her hips got some squeezes too while her large behind continued to pop against my stomach. At one point I grabbed her belly and squeezed it and jiggled it with purpose a few times and she proceeded to push me back and off of her and then she turned around and leaned back against the windowsill.

“Well, don’t just stand there,” she said, “come fuck this belly.”

I happily obeyed and as I stepped forward to put my dick right into her belly button she too moved forward, grabbed the sides of her belly and squeezed it together so as to completely surround my penis inside of her belly fat. As I pushed my dick in and out of her big fat belly rolls she continued to squeeze the sides of her belly together so that I could feel all of her jiggly smooth belly completely overtake my rock hard cock. I reached out and pressed her breasts together, sticking my face in between them and then pulling back and grabbing each one at a time, massaging before I went in to lightly suck, lick and pull on her extremely large hard nipples, my dick still pressed deep inside of her belly. I then reached down and cupped the big pouch of fat underneath her belly that was hiding her pussy and stuck a finger deep underneath it and inside of her at which point she pushed me back and ordered me to get back on the floor on my back. She then walked towards me, her fat belly and breasts swaying back and forth and with her belly hanging, her big flappy apron belly hanging, she proceeded to get on top of me as I laid on my back and she put me inside of her.

She bounced up and down on top of me, her breasts heaving and slapping against her as she moved, her fat belly bouncing all over my chest while she rode me. I could feel how wet she was as my entire genital area was being completely soaked in her juices. I reached up and grabbed her belly with both hands and shook it will she grabbed her breasts and pulled them up. I then let go of her belly and reached up for her breasts as well, squeezing them and pulling hard on the nipples as I laid back and arched up as she continued to sway back and forth on top of me. I don’t know if she saw me cringe at all but she must have read my mind because when she stopped the first words out of her mouth were, “That hardwood must not feel good against your back; here, why don’t you let me get down there since I have a little more cushion.”

She got up off of me and got back down on her back. As she laid down both her breasts flopped right off to the sides and her belly did a sort of circle circular jiggly motion for a few seconds before it settled. I got up on top of her and proceeded to get inside of her, her belly pushed firmly against me. As I kept thrusting in and out of her I reached down and grabbed the fat with both hands and took one of the rolls and started jiggling it, her breasts moved up and down and all around as her whole body shook while I stuck my dick deep inside of her, pushing as hard as I could with the steadiest of motions as it was coming close for me to cum and I wanted to make sure she would be all set as well. I continue to push harder and harder, squeezing tighter and tighter on her belly roll and all of the sudden her entire body began to shake and she let out a muffled yet deep long moan which gave me the impression that she had reached completion.

Knowing that I was as close as I could get I pulled myself out and looked at her. “Well baby, where do you want it to go?” she asked, and before I could even fix my mouth to give her an answer I felt it coming and I stuck my dick right back into her belly button. She immediately grabbed both sides of her belly and pushed it up and together so that my dick would be again surrounded entirely by her fat belly as I emptied myself deep into her belly button. I sat back with satisfaction and looked at her for a second then grabbed my shirt from next to me put it down under me and proceeded to slide back and dive my face deep into her soaking wet pussy.

She was so wet I felt like I was going to drown myself as my entire face up to my nose and down to my chin was getting covered in her pussy juices, but I couldn’t help it. This woman had the body of a goddess and had just allowed me to not only fuck her belly but shoot a heavy load of cum deep inside of her belly button and so there was nothing I wanted more than to treat her to some dessert as I pressed my face firmly into her vagina and again slowly licked up and down, thrusting my tongue inside then lightly massaging, sucking and pulling on her clit until she once again begin to shake uncontrollably and let out that same slightly muffled yet clearly obvious moan. I now feel truly satisfied as I knew that without question I had made her cum. I pulled my soaking wet face back, wiped it with my hand and looked at her as she sighed with relief and sat up, her breasts sagging down to rest on top of her fat belly. I felt my dick getting hard again underneath me and had to quickly get up from the ground.

We both started putting our clothes back on and heading toward the front. As she moved to the door I said I still had to pack up but that perhaps I could get her information to add her to my mailing list.  “Absolutely,” she said, “I’ll have to start looking out for your open houses,” and I chuckled as I told her that I’d be in touch.

As she opened the door to leave she turned back once more to say, “Just make sure you let me know whenever you have a vacant home for sale.”


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