Ride in Your Car To Navaro By the Sea 3

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shelly’s sexy story 3 Proptery of Shelly L. Stonebraker

Detacated to:A wonderful man i treasure………….NO..Names…


The Ride in Your Car To Navaro By the Sea

We had been planning to go for our first drive in your car once all the repairs were complete.You had been working on your
dream car for years.And now with all the work done you were very excited about tuning it all up the way you wanted it to run.
The engine had to be just right.A Viper Blue 1968 GTX with a 440hg and roll bar you installed yourself.

You get in and start it up,the sound rumbles as it fires and you get an instant hard on cause your car is now fully operational.
Your smiling like a kid in a toy store at 5 years old.You dad getting his car done and now a few years later yours is done.You
back your car out of the garage,the sun beaming down, so all the colors light up and you smile again.Your dad and you stand there
looking at both cars together side by side looking like two sexy ladies.All you two do is stare for a minute smiling.Then you look at
eachother and you both run for the drivers seats to fire them up together to see how they pur.

They both fire up the engines sounding like two caged lions and you and your dad are rebbing both engines.And then with you both smiling
you both shut them down getting out and smile with pride in your two beautiful ladies.

Heading into the house and grabing all the stuff you knew we would need and text me your on your way to get me.You grab some tools
out of the garage and hop in your GTX and out the driveway you go heading to my house.Stopping along the way to get me a red
rose to celibrate your car being up an running.

Arriveing at my house and of course i hear your car and run out to you excited.You hand me the rose and i light up like little
girl then we embrace eachother and kiss gently.
Both of us smilen gracefully and you telling me about all things that you have to do still.You are so happy,it’s wonderful to
see the one you care about so iggilerated(M) and prode of something so special as his favorite car done and all his.

You tell me to go get what i need so we can get on the road.So i head into the house.A few minutes later i come out wearing
a short flowy blue summer dress low cut, and you notice it matches the color of your car.I put all my stuff in the huge back seat
and climb in.You start the engine and it roars to life and we back out of the yard and take off down the road.

Wanting to go somewhere special and private to brake in the back seat unspoiled yet cause it’s brand new.You ask me where
i want to go,and for a second i think then i ask,”anywhere”? And you say”yes,there’s a full tank of gas”.So i smile cause you
know what i’m gonna say.”I want to go to Mendocino” i say so you agree and we head towards Hwy 20 and to the coast.We stop at the
store to get nibbles and drinks for the road then head out.You smileing everytime you start the engine.The drive is about 4
hours so we turn the radio station to where we want it and i scoot over next to you and off we go.

Hitting Clearlake i tell you about the history of what i learned living in that area so long and you take it all in.Me excited
cause i’m close to home.You look over at me and see how happy i am.Then place you hand slowly on my leg and tell me”i’m taking
you home baby”, and i smile and kiss you the road under us as we go.As we reach Hwy 101 i suggest a new road to you i know very
well Ore Springs road thro Compche.So i direct you where to go.When we hit the road you smile cause you have to get on it climbing
the moutain to where you can open it up.Flying up the road fast i have no fears cause i trust your driving.At the sides of
us are the steep cliff moving by.Once we reach the top it becomes flat for you hit the gas.Then i tell you “ok honey, the winding
part is coming up.So you slow down and to not go off the road.It flating out down the winiding road them we pass the hot springs so
i tell you about it as you drive along.Then we get to one of my favorite places,Montgomery Woods.A protected grove of huge redwood
trees that make peolpe look like ants next to them.In Compche we stop at the store to pick up wood from this dude there selling
it for our fire later in the night.

We keep going cause i want to get to Navaro by the Sea before dark to get our camp site.Rolling along thro all the trees your
happy to hit flat land and i lean in and tell you “ok baby open it up,and you put the peddle down and the carb opens with a grawl
and we take off even faster then before.Before we know it we pull out at Mendcino and take a left towards the beach.As we come up
around a curve i tell you”wait til you see this,” and there before us is the ocean as wide as the eye can see.You look and tell me
“Wow! babe hella pretty”, then the trees bock the view.We go around the curve again and down the snake like road to the bottom
by the river, take a right onto the Hwy 1-128 split.And take another right to the road to the beach.

Well there’s no one there so we grab the site closest to the bath room.The sun will be setting in about an hour so we set up our
campsite and i start the fire with the wood we got in Compche.Then when the sun gets low we walk out to the beach.Me with a
blanket and our water bottles.WE get out on the sand holding hands cause thats what lovers do at the beach.There’s
this spot i see next to a huge old waterlogged pine tree where know one could see us if they wanted too.You put the banket out
and we sit down.We talk for a few and i tell you all the stories i learned about the beach as the sun drifts lower.

As the sun starts to touch the sea you look over at me in the light of the sun setting and see that i have a tear in my eye.
So you take your hand and wipe it away and tell me “it’s ok baby, your home”,And i smile and tell you “i know” and we sit
together and watch the sun set til it’s dark as the ocean air chills us.You put your jacket around me,kiss my hand and we
then walk back to the car and campsite.

With the sun set,it gets really cold so we bundle up and pull a few beers out of the ice chest and huddle together by
the fire.Telling stories about years past.After about a 6 pack we no long feel the cold so bad.Still, know one else at the
camp but us still.And it’s too,late for the ranger to come check us in,so we get to talking about your car again.Then we look at
eachother and relise we are alone.So at that moment we both hop up with the same idea.

We brought a bunch of blankets so we open the trunk and pull them all out and you slide into the back seat as i hand you
them.Then i run over and get out a two more beers from the ice chest and crawl in with you.The blankets all spead out,you
take my hand and help me in and i sit back in the seat and hand you your beer.We can only see flicker of light from the fire
and the moon shining hung high in the night sky, full and it light on the water.The sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

You ask me “are you ready” and i gladly say “yes”.We move towards eachother and begin to remove our clothes under a huge
comforter.We pull the blanket over our heads, both of us naked and warming eachother up as the cold air seeps in from the
night air.The windows of the car start to fog up from our breathes.Us making out like two teenagers,touching and feeling each
other all over.Then you ask so do you like the ride so far”? And i say with an smirk” are you trying to tell me something”?
You look at me and say”i love you my woman”,and i say back “i love you my man”And i reach up and grab the roll cage bars
and move to slide you into me deep. I start to slip you in and out.And with the cage roll bars it’s the perfect position
to where you can’t barely feel me there except for the deep penatration it’s getting.All the blankets around blocking out
the windows now,almost no light creeping in.You reach up and grab my waist and slam into me,me holding on and you bringing
it like a monster.Ravaging me the way i love it.Me cumming hard with every push.

Then i begin to want to rest alittle,you grab the roll bars and i start licking your chest and abs taking little bites
here and there like you like.Scratching my nails down your back and ass to your legs and down your legs and back up to
where i grab your dick softly and use my lips on the tip.The heat from my breathe tickleing and sending goose bumps up
your spine.Making your cock even harder.I take all of you over and over that feeling swelling in your chest as it moves
down to where your have trouble holding yourself up,so you brace yourself on the seat and when you do you use one hand
and grab the back of my head,by my hair and look down at me and you blow hard, your knees get weak and you let out that
breathe from the bottom of your guts.

Then with a quick but careful motion you lay me down and ask me if i want my beer now.I say”yes” so you crack them.
Laying there together smiling and giggleing cause now the backseat is broke in.We finish our beers and and pass out
all snuggled in our blankets warm and toasty…..

The next morning we wake up early and i make us coffee on the fire i made from the coals the night before.And we spend
the beginning part of the day enjoying eachothers company and you tinkering on your car.While you do i load the trunk.
Then as we are about to leave the ranger pulls up.So we pay for the night and head out to go back to where we have made
a new home…

The End…….

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