4th anniversary

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It was their 4th dating anniversary on october 29.
They’re so deeply in love.
They entered Hajan’s room.
“Happy anniversary, babe” said Hajan.
Ruon smiled at him,”I love u” she said.

He stepped over to her and looked into her eyes.Then, he started kissing her.She responded with ultimate passion.

He slipped his hand inside her shirt.”I’ve waited too long,” he said.

“I want u,” Ruon said,as he played with her nipples,”Oh God, i want u.”

He tucked her shirt aside & unstrapped her bra. he started sucking her nipples while she fumbled with his jeans zipper. She touched the bulge their and stroked it. They both were moaning. He discarded her pants and panties and pushed her onto the bed after taking his own pants and underwear off.

“It’s okay,babe,” Hajan said.”I won’t hurt u, I just want u to remember that i love u even if it’ll hurt a bit.” He slowly entered her tight pussy since she was still a virgin. He kissed her while she uttered a cry. She could feel a trickle of blood from her pussy.

“It’s all right baby, it’s over,” Hajan said and kissed her again.

She discarded his shirt and slid down to his cock. She started stroking his erection and then started to lick it. She moved up and down sucking the head and playing with his balls.

“Oh god, more! Moooore!” Hajan groaned. After a few minutes, he shouted “I’m cumming, ooooooh, i’m cumming!”

“In my pussy baby, enter my pussy!Oh god, hurry up!” Ruon said. He entered her and she felt his cum fill her body. “Oh Hajan! Oooooooh! I love u! I love u!”

He slipped his head between her legs and started licking her cunt. She came and he licked her honey.

They made love 3 more times and drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms: His head on her breasts with his cock in her hands.

Then, his brother entered the room…

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