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Funding her in Him

I am the wife of a cross dresser and have read the stories told on here and have found it so sad what you ladies have had to go through. I have been with my husband for 23 years. I found out about his cross dressing about 16 years ago. I was pissed off but not for the reasons you would think. I was pissed because he hadn’t been honest with me from the start. Then as we talked about it I understood and felt sad and I feel the same way when I read the stories you people tell about having to hide something that makes you feel so good and who you really are.

My husband was a police officer and I was an ER nurse. We met when he would bring a prisoner to the ER to get checked out before taking them to jail. I had heard his stories and only saw the hard side of him. He was a decorated officer as well as a combat veteran so I had no idea of his feminine side. He retired 3 years before I did so he had all kinds of free time to do his dressing in private. I was working a 3 to 11 shift and it was a very unusually quiet night so the charge nurse asked if anyone wanted to leave early and I volunteered so I would be able to surprise my husband with extra time together. I stopped and bought some wine. As I pulled into the driveway I could hear loud music coming from the back yard so I entered through the gate instead of the house. I came around to the back yard and saw my husband was swimming in the pool. He looked surprised to see me and thinking back it was a look of panic. I stripped naked and walked into the pool and to him and hugged and kissed him. The kiss was different and that is when I felt the swim suit top. I pulled back and saw he was wearing one of my bikinis. I stood back and looked at him and asked what was going on. He started to cry. Something I had never seen him do and my heart started to break

He told me how he enjoyed wearing women’s cloths and he had been doing it for years and his first wife had divorced him because of it.. I took his hand a lead him to the patio table and we sat. I opened the wine and we didn’t get any glasses but just started passing it back and forth. I held his hand and told him I wasn’t going anywhere. He told me he had been dressing since about age 15. As he told the story I will admit my anger showed and I told him why I was pissed off and it wasn’t because he wanted to wear women’s cloths but because he hadn’t told me but I also added I understood. I had him stand and turn around to see what he looked like and right off I liked what I saw and told him I did. I asked what other of my cloths he was wearing and he told me none because he had a box of his own. I had him get them and show me. He had 5 pair pf panties a nighty and a bra. I had him model all for me. He was still shaking and I didn’t know if he was still scared or excited.. I realized that seeing him in lingerie was actually turning me on and I told him so and them we made love right there on the patio

After I let him know I wanted to go shopping and get him more cloths. At that hour the only thing open was a 24 hour Walmart. I had him wear panties and bra under his cloths. He followed me around Walmart like a puppy as I kept finding cloths to throw in the basket. I let him know that as soon as we got home he would have to model every peace for me and he was happy to do it. We got him a dozen pair of panties and 3 bras and skirts and blouses and 3 nighties and a couple dresses.I also let him know that tomorrow we would get him a wig and makeup. The happiness I saw in his eyes made me fall more in love with him.

It didnt take me long to realize that when he was dressed he was no longer the tuff guy I married but a softer kinder and more relaxed person that I loved just as much. He now spends about 80% of the time dressed as a woman but when I want my man he is right there for me but its very nice having my special girlfriend. My son and his daughter have learned about it and laughingly his daughter admitted she had known since she was about 12. Several of our friends also know and are fine with it and one of the ladies I work with admitted her husband was a cross dresser. Her and I talking about it helped her accept it because she wasn’t sure about it. He know is comfortable going in public dressed. I have talked to many wives of CDs and tried to tell them that the CD is the same man she married but is even more. A few have listened but most dont and for that I am truely sorry

I am in Arizona now after most of my life in Wyoming

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