A hidden secret

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I’d known Tara for several months now and we hung out all the time. We weren’t really dating, per se – just hanging out with each other when we didn’t have dates, as neither one of us had been dating anyone seriously since we’d known each other. Other than a quick peck goodnight nothing had happened between us even though we usually sat close to each other and snuggled as we watched movies together. We had the “friends” talk early on and we were both up for it.

She was one of the cutest girls I’d ever met. She worked as an aerobics instructor and it really showed. She had a hardbody with an
ass that wouldn’t quit. She also had a nice set of C cup tits that fit her frame perfectly. I didn’t think I’d ever seen a better body on a girl and she was gorgeous to boot with a set of full, pouty lips and jet black shoulder length hair.

Tara had a date that night and I had some work to do so I didn’t expect her to come by or call as we were supposed to meet early for
coffee at a local outdoor cafe. I was engrossed in my work and was startled by a loud pounding on my door. I ran to the door to see Tara soaked to the skin and crying. I ushered her inside and held her closely. “What in the world happened?!?”

Between sobs she choked out that Dan, the guy she went out with, had reached over and started fondling her breasts in the car after dinner. When she told him to stop, he got angry and put her out of the car in a driving rainstorm, but not until after he had driven down the road to a point where there was no close shelter for her to run to. She had
trouble getting a cab and by the time she got here she was absolutely soaked.

By this time I was furious. “He better not let me catch him. I’ll pinch his head off…”, I said between clenched teeth. “We need to get you to your apartment so you can get out of those wet clothes.”

She agreed and we ran over to her building across the parking lot. Of course now I was soaked but I wasn’t worried about that. “I’m so sorry to trouble you – you’re the best…”, she said softly after we got inside.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. I opened the door to see a sheepish looking guy with a drenched overcoat in his hands. “Hey Tara”, he said as he glanced over my shoulder at her.

She stood silently glaring at him for a moment before I asked him, “Well, we had a little temper tantrum tonight, huh?”

“Hey, this is between me and her, pal. What… are you two dating or something?”

“Nope. Just a friend. And right now I’m an angry friend. What do you want, anyway?”

“I brought her coat if it’s any of your business.”

“I’m making it my business – you’re not setting foot in here, that’s for sure. Right Tara?”

She nodded firmly, never taking her eyes off of him.

“I’m coming in and clearing this crap up right now,” he said as he started to walk by me through the doorway.

I reached over with my left arm and blocked his way in. “I just don’t think you get it, man. Get out of here and give me that coat.”

He threw the coat at Tara’s feet and took a step back as he exclaimed, “What? Do you wanna piece of me??”

I crossed my arms and stepped directly in front of him defiantly. I could more than hold my own and didn’t plan on him attempting a punch much less having to throw one myself. All of a sudden, he stepped back and threw a right hook at my chin. I blocked it and followed with a quick right of my own that landed on his chin. Stunned, he swung
wildly with his left and missed badly. I countered with two quick punches to his stomach and he lay on the ground gasping for air.

“You better do two things, pal,” I said as I kneeled down beside him. “You better apologize to Tara right now…” He muttered a barely audible “I’m sorry” and then laid his head on the ground. “Good boy. And number two, you better stay away from her. And I mean from this place and where she works and wherever you met. I mean before you go anywhere, you’d better figure out if she might be there and if there’s any chance
you’ll run into her there, stay home. Got that?”

He nodded in agreement and muttered another apology before staggering off to his car and driving away. I watched him leave to make sure he was sticking around for more punishment and then shut the door. Tara
had sat down on the couch and was sobbing silently. I walked over and put my arm around her, pulling her close to me. “It’s OK. Everything is fine… Don’t worry about that loser.”

She looked up at me with those innocent eyes. “Why are some guys like that?”, she asked.

“Who knows? Why worry about jerks like that and what makes them tick. I mean, there are girls who are pretty bad but I can’t worry about them. Who cares? You deserve so much better than some doofus like that. I mean, look at you. You’re smart… you’re funny… You’re… beautiful.”

She smiled a little and glanced up at me. “Well, I’m a wet rat right now. I’m sure not beautiful.”

“Wanna bet? You’re better looking right now than anyone I know on their best day. Give me a break…” I followed up with my best
Austin Powers impression – “You’re gorgeous. You’re switched on. You make me randy, baby – Yeah!”

She laughed out loud and squeezed me tightly. “You always know just what to do or say to make me feel special. How do you do that?”

“Who knows? If I could bottle my mojo I’d sell it for millions, baby!”, I continued in my terrible English accent.

She rolled her eyes and pushed me away. “Give me a break – I shouldn’t have said anything. Now you’re getting a big head…”

“Oh, behave… You’re making me horny, baby! Yeah!”, I said as I stood up and posed like Austin as best I could.

“Not THAT kind of big head!”, she said, exasperated. “You’re too much sometimes”, she said as she looked me up and down.

Whoa! What was that look? That wasn’t a “Hey – let’s be friends and hang out” kind of look. That was a “I want to rip your clothes off” kind of a look. I had gotten a couple of hints from her over the course of the last month and certainly had taken notice of them. I never got the impression that our relationship was changing or even that she wanted it to change.

Of course, it was hard to not think about things like that when I looked at her. She was amazing and we seemed to fit together like we had known each other forever.

“I’m gonna jump in the shower and get out of these wet clothes. Hang out here and I’ll be out in a few minutes”, she said interupting my thoughts.

“OK… I’ll dig through the movies and see what you’ve got.”

She smiled and nodded as she let out a big sigh and turned around towards her bedroom. I smiled and sat back on the couch as I watched her walk away from me. She was wearing some tight white pants and I could see her thong easily through them as wet as they were. I knew she liked to dress in sexy clothes when she went out and she liked to wear very small bikinis at the beach and show off that amazing body of hers. I wasn’t a surprise that she was wearing a thong – but she had no idea how much I loved them.

She didn’t know just how much I loved sexy clothes and costumes. It was a secret I hid from pretty much everyone. I loved to daydream about beautiful women in french maid outfits or sexy lingerie and heels. It was a weakness of mine so when I saw her wearing that thong, I couldn’t help but imagine her in a pair of heels and that thong. My mind
quickly moved to view her in a lacy bra and thong set with a silk robe over her and a pair of towering black heels. My cock twitched slightly as I began to see her model them for me in my mind.

All of a sudden, I noticed that her bedroom door was open and that the hall was in plain view from where I was sitting. She hadn’t gone into the bathroom yet to shower and the bathroom was across the hall. Like a dream, she suddenly walked from her bedroom through the hall carrying a towel and as naked as the day she was born. I don’t think she remembered that I was in the living room and that I was getting quite a show. Her body was simply perfect with her tight ass and delectable large, wobbly tits.

The bathroom door closed and I heard the water turn on in the shower. “Whew…”, I thought to myself as I sat back on the couch. “I don’t think the night can get better than this”

I grinned as I thought about my luck in seeing her and kneeled down to begin sifting through the videotapes she had in the bottom of her TV stand. Caddyshack… Free Willy… Jewel of the Nile… There were so many there that I didn’t feel like even choosing. I decided to play a joke on her and throw in Free Willy, which she knew I hated. We’d laugh and then she could pick out what she wanted to watch. It was only fair after the evening she had been through.

I took the tape out of its box and put it in the VCR. It had a handwritten label on it that looked like it was written hastily. “Must have copied it from somewhere”, I thought to myself as I walked back over to
the couch. I grabbed the remote and pressed stop so I could start it after she came out and switched the channel to ESPN to wait for her. The movie wasn’t rewound to the beginning so it would start in the middle
anyway. She would laugh and we’d pick something else out. Maybe I would watch this one since she had such a bad day that day.

I nearly dozed off until I heard the bathroom door open and the soft padding of footsteps coming down the hall toward me. I looked up and Tara was wearing a long, black, silk robe that was tied around her waist. “Sorry it took so long, but I got caught up relaxing under the hot water. I wish we had a hot tub here.”

She looked absolutely stunning in that robe. Was she wearing a hint of makeup? I didn’t understand but replied, “Yeah. I’d be in there every night.”

“Mmmm… me too”, she purred softly and she nestled down beside me. She sighed heavily as she asked, “So… what movie are we watching?”

“Wouldn’t *you* like to know, girly?” I asked playfully.

“Knowing you, Austin, some cheesy porno movie, baby!”, she said in her best British accent between giggles.

We laughed at how silly we’d gotten and she snuggled up against me and rested her head on my shoulder. I laughed and smiled widely as I loved her being so close to me. Was that perfume? I looked at her cheek and noticed that I was right – she was wearing makeup. I didn’t know what was going on but I was beginning to think that she may be planning something. I gently shrugged my shoulders and sighed as I pressed play on the VCR
remote. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw next.

“Oh, baby! Give it to me! Fuck me! Fuck me HARDER you fucking stallion!!”

My eyes snapped wide open as the image of a huge-breasted blonde getting reamed by a ponytailed young stud flashed on the screen. “What is that!?!”

“AAAAAAAGGGHHHH!”, Tara screamed as she grabbed the remote and raced to the TV and frantically tried to turn it off. She finally was able to fumble around and turn the TV off. She ejected the tape and turned around to face me with a stunned look on her face.

I swallowed hard and sat back hard on the sofa. After what seemed like an eternity I broke the silence by saying the only thing that came to mind. “Well… that wasn’t Free Willy was it?”

Tara just stood there and looked at me. Slowly a smile crept over her face and she busted out laughing. I began to grin and chortle as I tried not to laugh. Finally I could take it no more and began to laugh out loud as I put my face in my hands and let the tears stream down my face. “Actually I guess it *could* technically be called Free Willy, huh?” I said through the tears of laughter.

By now Tara was bright red and apologetic. “I’m so sorry. I just…”

“It’s OK, precious. But what in the WORLD is that doing here?”

She looked away and stammered, “Well. It was… Ummm… I guess it…”

I sat there incredulously. “Do you mean to tell me that you *knew* it was there???”


I couldn’t believe it. “Don’t tell me you’re a porno adict!”, I said as I laughed nervously.

“No! I mean… I’m not a… I mean… OK! Yes, I like that movie. Are you happy now?”

“Hey, whatever… I don’t care. If you want to watch that junk, go ahead…”

She squinted her eyes and snarled, “Oh, but I’m SURE that YOU never watch it, right? Don’t get all pious on me…”

“Ummm… I never said that. I mean. Hey. Let’s be honest, huh?”

She thought for a moment and then nodded her approval.

“OK. I like that stuff. I admit it. I have some… weaknesses.”

She took a step towards me. “What do you mean weaknesses?”

I took a deep breath. “Well. I’ve never told anyone this, so…” I started before I clammed up. I looked down and felt the lump in my throat growing as I felt the weight of a thousand lifetimes on my soul. There was no way I could admit my secret. My deep, dark secret. Not even to Tara – my… my best friend.

Tara had a smirk on her face as she slithered over to me. “Come on… out with it sailor. I know when something is up!”

“I can’t – I mean. I just can’t. It’s… you shouldn’t…”

“OUT with it! I mean, come on… you’ve seen one of my secrets, right?”

“What do you MEAN *one* of your secrets??”

“You first!”, Tara said sternly.

I took stock of the situation and realized that the potential of hearing what Tara meant by “other” secrets was too good to pass up. I swallowed hard and began.

“Well. I guess it all boils down to what I… like. I mean. I have some certain tastes, I guess, in what I like about women. Not women, I guess, but, ummm… what they wear, I guess.”

Tara smirked as she sat down beside me. “Well, go ahead. Bare that soul.”

I sighed and continued. “I like certain things. I have a taste for sexy lingerie and costumes and high heels. I like really lacy things and the sluttier looking the better. Thongs and things showing a lot of cleavage
get me going. But nothing like heels and stockings – I mean, they get me so hot. And… I guess more than anything I’m a breast and leg man. So showing off like that makes me go crazy… And especially costumes like maid outfits and fantasies like that. I like role-playing and just pretending.”

Tara sat next to me with her mouth slightly agape. “Wow. I was just expecting you to tell me about your Playboy collection or something. So you’re into some wicked stuff, huh?”

I backpeddled and said, “Wait a minute – is that so wicked? I mean – I’m turned on by certain things. Hey, you like your porno and I like… well, I like porn too but I love fantasies and girls dressing up for me. So
sue me!”

“Wait a minute – there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean, I like dressing up for a man, too. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. I… I kind of get off on that, too.”

I screamed for joy inside as I replied, “Really? I love to see you in your bikini or dressed up to go out but I thought you just like to tease a little. I never thought you liked doing it that much.”

She sat back on the couch and crossed her legs. “Well, I can’t help it if I like that sort of thing, too.” She let out a huge sigh and breathed, “Now what? What do we do now?”

“I don’t know. I mean – this is wierd. We both kind of get off on this stuff. I mean, what you’re wearing right now is…”

She slowly stood up. “Wait just a minute…”, she said softly as she turned
away and walked back towards her bedroom. My mind raced along with my heart as I thought of the possibilities before me. I couldn’t believe what was happening – I never imagined that my quiet evening at home would have
turned into this.

After what seemed like an eternity of agonizing I heard the bedroom door swing open and then the distinct clicking of high heels as she slunk into the living room to take my breath away. She had put on a sizzling
pair of 4″ black heels and a pair of black silk thigh highs. She walked over to me and pushed me back on the couch. She slowly straddled me and slid forward until she sat squarely on my growing member.

I slowly untied her robe and pulled it open to reveal a see-through lacy black bra and a tiny black thong. “Wow”, I exclaimed. “I didn’t think you could look any better than you looked at that Christmas party in that
red dress. But… wow. You are stunning. And for you to put on…”

She pressed her finger to my lips. “Shhh… I guess you should know something. I put on the stockings and heels but I was wearing the
bra and thong under the robe all along. See… I love to wear things like this around the house and kind of lounge around in them. Especially when I watch my… well, my movies.”

She took my hands and held them behind my head with her left hand and slowly ran her long, red fingernails up and down her chest between her gorgeous breasts. “When you punched that loser tonight, I knew I wanted you. I have been fighting this for a long time, but when I saw you do that tonight
I felt a tingle deep inside me in a place I never knew existed.”

My cock stiffened as she began to rub my crotch with her free hand. I leaned forward and met her waiting lips with mine. The sweetest kiss I’d ever known began with our tentative lips caressing each other and
ended with our bodies entangled and melting into each other. She was everything I’d ever wanted and the very thing I had always needed. Her magnificent body was only outshone by her glistening smile. I was
lost. Lost in her. Lost in lust. Lost in love…

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  1. Stormangel

    Well done and well written. An excellent romance with none of the tired cliche lines. This is what erotica should be…

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    I cant wait for the next one!!!

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