A ride that changed my world

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It was a beautiful Spring evening and I was planning to do nothing exciting that night. It was a tranquil night with a warm breeze permeating the air. It was the kind of night that could have been a paitning. Lisa called me and asked me if I felt like taking a nice ride upstate that night. I figured it was better than just doing nothing so I eagerly accepted her offer. She told me she was bored too and that she was alone that night because her husband was away on business. She told me she would pick me up in a half hour and she was right on time. We jumped into my car, a convertible, and headed north. Lisa was adorable and a good friend of mine forever. We never did anything sexually together and I think that was why our friendship was so strong.

When getting on the highway I accelerated ra[idly and Lisa’s skirt literally flew up into her face, revealing to me that she wasn’t wearing undies and that she tans quite a bit. She giggled and said she didn’t know I could get cheap thrills that way. She asked me if I saw anything I shouldn’t have and I replied by asking her what shouldn’t I have seen. Realizng I did see her private parts, she told me I owe her a peek now but I thought she was joking. I found out later in the night that she wasn’t.

We drove about a half hour before we reached our destination. It was a nice park and it was filled with families just enjoying the Spring evening. I teased Lisa about the little show she gave me in the car and she responded by telling me that I should feel honored that I saw such good stuff in the car. I told her jokingly that I wish I had seen the other side too and she just called me fresh. She asked me if I really wanted to see more and I wasn’t sure if she was teasing me or testing me so I boldy said yes. She took my cell and took an upskirt pic for me. She roared and told me that she never did anything like that before. The picture came out surprisingly sharp and it embarrassed Lisa. She asked me to erase it after I looked at it. I did but it was a funnt moment. She then asked me to take a pic of my cock with her cell but I told her I had to pee first. She thought she had a better idea since nature was calling. She asked me if she could hold my cock while I peed. Since the night was getting weirder with each minute, I thought that it would be fun. We found a secluded area and tree and when I pulled my cock out to pee, Lisa boldly grabbed hold of it. I was trying to keep a straight face throughput but it was tough. I almost started to laugh when Lisa, instead of just holding it and aining it, started to rub it and stroke it instead. I asked her what in the world she was doing and she honestly said that it was an automatic thing to do what she was doing when she had a cock in her hand. At that point I was almost hard and I had to wait to pee. Lisa took her hands off my cock and smiled as she waited for it to get softer again. When I was ready to pee, Lisa grabbed hold again and smiled as I began to pee but once again she stroked it as I was peeing. When it was over she asked me if she could shake it like men do when they finish peeing. I was really turned on by what she did and told her so. She apologized but said she always wanted to do that and saw that as her chance. I told her that she really got me horny with her actions and she immediately apologized for that too. She told me that she would jerk me off to make up for getting me that aroused. I joked and said that hand jobs were for teens and that only a good roll in the hay would do the trick. She asked me if sleeping with her was what I was implying and I told her I was just being silly. She took a deep breath and said though she was into doing that, she said we had no place to do it anyway in a wide open park. The rest of our stay was very arousing as we thought about the possibilities. I reached down her shirt at one point and used the “anything goes” excuse to do it. She didn’t mind until I started fondling her small but very perky boobs. Finally, after a half hour of both of us trying to turn up the heat, we decided to head back home. On our car ride home Lisa, now feeling braver than ever pulled her skirt up high so that I could see everything. I think I was only half stunned but when she pulled her top and bra off to reveal her boobs, it blew me away. She said she always wanted to feel what it felt like to have her top off in a convertible and this was her chance. She put the shirt back on after a minute but said she loved how it felt. She looked at me and knew I was really horny now. She said she was sorry and reveled how horny she got when her top came off. As we saw a sign for a motel along the road, she almost demanded we stop there. She was really serious. I pulled off into the motel parking lot and rented us a room. It wasn’t even a 1 star motel but it had a bed and a big one at that. I looked at her inside this room and realized what we might do. We both agreed that the worst case scenario would be where we didn’t have intercourse but we could find ways to get each other off. I told her I didn’t have a condom but she said she didn’t care. We both undressed and jumped imto the shower together. We staretd kissing in the shower and Lisa kneeled down and starting giving me what I felt was the best BJ I had ever. She quickly stopped as she must have felt me ready to burst. I played with all her body parts and she was very responsive. She gazed into my eyes and swore that she never cheated on her spouse before but something just overcame her that night.

We hopped on to the bed and snuggled, toying slightly with each other’s bodies. It was kind of foreplay and kind of exploring. The temperature of our bodies rose and we just lied there deciding if intercourse was the answer or should we not go that far. as we talked about it we must have gone past the point where we couldn’t avoid intercourse. We agreed that intercourse would be the last thing we should do if we really need to do it, which sounded funny. For the next 15 minutes we did everything to each other and somehow as I crossed over Lisa’s very hot body, my cock wound up rubbing her pussy just enough to make us both stop and do what we both were dying to do. Without even asking Lisa if it was okay, I slipped my cock into her very inviting and wet pussy. She moaned a sigh of acceptance and we began doing what I never thought I would be doing that night. For the next 15 minutes Lisa took me on the ride of my life and I hoped I did the same for her. She told me she rarely cums from intercourse but when she does, it is so loud and intense that it is something most people could hear about miles away. She said I would know if and when she was having an orgasm. Well, she didn’t fib. Without warning her whole body began to rise up and she got really loud. She was shaking and it grew in intensity with each movement of our bodies. She was clawing my back and her legs wrapped tightly around my torso. Then she started to scream and begged me to cum too. I was ready and in seconds I started pumping my juices into her. That made her go even wilder, if it was even possible. As she felt my juices in her she went crazy and could not contain herself. Her orgasm was as advertised and more.

It took her over 5 minutes to restore her composure and just a little less for me. We couldn’t talk for 5 minutes. When our silence finally broke Lisa cuddled next to me and jokingly blamed what we just did on my convertible. She said had that gust of wind not blown her skirt up, we would have been home a long time ago. I asked her if that bothered her and she just cooed, saying she wished she had that happen a long time ago. We both confessed that our orgasms were both like nothing either of us ever felt. Lisa said she knew as soon as I was in her that she could cum and that is something she never can tell until deep into the act. She said that for some reason my cock fit her like a glove and that was why she could cum so easily.

I looked at Lisa and wanted to know what the future held for us. She laughed and said she was sorry because there could be no future for us. When I asked why she told me that even though doing just once wasn’t nearly enough for her either, she knows us being together would be very addicting and even dangerous. I agreed but told her I think an occasional encounter would be good for us. She said she would need to think about it but I would have to put out of my head anything that would spell regular sex. Comically, after telling me never again, Lisa told me that we could get together whenever her spouse went away on business, which averaged once a month. We hugeed on that agreement and when I tried to seal the deal with one more time, Lisa pushed me away and told me she was totally drained.

I love Lisa nd shd had a great time that night. Her spouse leaves for a trip again in a month. I wonder how serious Lisa was that night.

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